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Description stimulator of interferon response cGAMP interactor 1
Also known as tmem173
Species Danio rerio
Entrez ID 101243556

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
62037NET23 pEGFP-N2 (1174)NET23 (Homo sapiens) Schirmer
102586pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STINGSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102587pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STINGHAQ STING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102588pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING-342STOPSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102589pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING-354STOPSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102590pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING 368STOPSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102591pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING V155MSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102592pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STINGHAQ V155MSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102593pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING-V155M S366ASTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102594pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING V155M 342STOPSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102595pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING V155M 354STOPSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102596pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A STING V155M 368STOPSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102598pMSCV-hygro-STINGSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102599pMSCV-hygro-STING V155MSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102600pMSCV-hygro-STING HAQSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102601pMSCV-hygro-STING HAQ+V155MSTING (Homo sapiens) Manel
102608pMSCV-hygro-STING R232STING (Homo sapiens) Manel
124262STING-V1TMEM173 (Homo sapiens) Schirmer
124263V1-STINGTMEM173 (Homo sapiens) Schirmer
124264STING-V2TMEM173 (Homo sapiens) Schirmer
124265V2-STINGTMEM173 (Homo sapiens) Schirmer
127640pLentiCRISPRv2-STING_gRNA3STING (Homo sapiens) Manel
127647pLKO.1-puro-STING-sh5STING shRNA (Homo sapiens) Manel
127697pTRIPZ shSTING-MmushSTING Mmu (Mus musculus) Demaria
128158pTRIPZ shSTING-HsashSTING Hsa (Homo sapiens) Demaria
196625pLentiCRISPRv2_mSTING_gRNA_1mSTING gRNA 1 (Mus musculus) Manel
196626pLentiCRISPRv2_mSTING_gRNA_2mSTING gRNA 2 (Mus musculus) Manel
196633pTRIP-SFFV-mtagBFP-2A-ZebrafishSTINGZebrafishSTING (Danio rerio) Manel
198186pcmv3-STING-C64S,C65S-FLAGTMEM173 (Mus musculus) Zhao
198187pcmv3-STING-C88S-FLAGTMEM173 (Mus musculus) Zhao
198188pcmv3-STING-C1471S-FLAGTMEM173 (Mus musculus) Zhao
200940STING-miRFP680STING (Homo sapiens), miRFP680 Hacohen
204713pTRIP-hPGK-Blast-2A-STING-TurboIDSTING1 (Homo sapiens) Hacohen
208386Lenti-sgRNA-Cre-GpNLuc-sgmSTINGsgSTING (Mus musculus) Gupta
214148pMRX-mSTING-EGFPSTING (Mus musculus) Yan
214149pMRX-hSTING-EGFPSTING (Homo sapiens) Yan
214150pMRX-hSTING (N154S)-EGFPSTING (Homo sapiens) Yan
214151pMRX-HA-hSTING (S366A)STING (S366A) (Homo sapiens) Yan
214152pcDNA3.1-hSTING (R232)STING (Homo sapiens) Yan
214155pcDNA3.1-hSTING (S366A)STING (S366A) (Homo sapiens) Yan
214156pcDNA3.1-mSTINGSTING (Mus musculus) Yan
214157pcDNA3.1-HA-mSTINGSTING (Mus musculus) Yan
214158pcDNA3.1-HA-mSTING (N153S)STING (N153S) (Mus musculus) Yan
214159pcDNA3.1-HA-mSTING (V154M)STING (V154M) (Mus musculus) Yan
214160pcDNA3.1-hSTING (N154S)STING (N154S) (Homo sapiens) Yan
214161pcDNA3.1-hSTING (V155M)STING (V155M) (Homo sapiens) Yan
214162pMRX-hSTING (R232)STING (Homo sapiens) Yan
214163pMRX-hSTING (S366A)STING (S366A) (Homo sapiens) Yan
214164pMRX-hSTING-dCTTSTING (dCTT) (Homo sapiens) Yan
221240pMSCV-FKBP-STING(pLxIS)STING CTT (Mus musculus) Kagan
221241pMSCV-FKBP-STING(pLxIS) S365ASTING CTT (Mus musculus) Kagan
221242pMSCV-FKBP-STING(pLxIS) L373ASTING CTT (Mus musculus) Kagan
221243pMSCV-FKBP-STING(FL)STING without transmembrane domain (Mus musculus) Kagan
221266pMSCV-TASL-PLPLRfusion of TASL with STING PLPLR (Mus musculus) Kagan
221281pMSCV-FKBP-IRSp53 with STING pLxISfusion of FKBP-IRSp53 with STING pLxIS (NLV265RLL) (Mus musculus) Kagan
221282pMSCV-FKBP-STING with IRSp53 pLxISfusion of FKBP-STING with IRSp53 pLxIS (RLL361NLV) (Mus musculus) Kagan
221283pMSCV-FKBP-STING L373A with IRSp53 pLxISfusion of FKBP-STING (L373A) with IRSp53 pLxIS (RLL361NLV) (Mus musculus) Kagan
221333pET28a-FKBP-STING(pLxIS)STING CTT (Mus musculus) Kagan