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PI(3,4,5)P3 Engagement Restricts Akt Activity to Cellular Membranes.
Ebner M, Lucic I, Leonard TA, Yudushkin I
Mol Cell. 2017 Feb 2;65(3):416-431.e6. doi: 10.1016/j.molcel.2016.12.028.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
86561pFBD-Akt1(WT)Expresses human full-length Akt1(WT)
86562pFBD-Akt1(K14A)Expresses human full-length Akt1(K14A) mutant
86563pFBD-Akt1(E17K)Expresses human full-length Akt1(E17K) mutant
86576pFBD-Akt13C(WT)Expresses cleavable human full-length Akt1(WT)
86577pFBD-Akt13C(S473D)Expresses cleavable human full-length Akt1(S473D) phosphomimetic
86578pFBD-Akt1(T308A/S473A)Expresses human full-length Akt1(T308A/S473A) phosphomutant
86591pFBD-Btk(PH)Akt1(KD)Expresses chimeric fusion of PH domain of Btk and kinase domain of Akt1
86592pFBD-Akt1(D323A/D325A)Expresses human full-length Akt1(D323A/D325A) mutant
86593pEGFP-Akt2Expresses eGFP-tagged human Akt2(WT)
86594pTagBFP-Akt1Expresses TagBFP-tagged human Akt1(WT)
86595pEGFP-Akt2(K14A/R25E)Expresses eGFP-tagged human Akt2(K14A/R25E) membrane-binding mutant
86596pmCherry-PH(Akt2)Expresses mCherry-tagged PH(WT) domain of human Akt2
86597pFKBPmCherry-Akt2(K14A)Expresses recruitable mCherry-tagged human Akt2(K14A) membrane-binding mutant
86598pFKBPmCherry-Akt2(KD)Expresses recruitable mCherry-tagged kinase domain of human Akt2(WT)
86599pEGFP-PH1(WT)Expresses eGFP-tagged PH(WT) domain of human Akt1
86600pmCherry-PH1(K14A)Expresses mCherry-tagged PH(K14A) domain of human Akt1
86623pmCherry-Akt2(WT)Expresses mCherry-tagged human Akt2(WT)
86624pmCherry-Akt2(K14A)Expresses mCherry-tagged human Akt2(K14A) membrane binding mutant
86625pEGFP-Akt2(T309A)Expresses eGFP-tagged human Akt2(T309A) phosphomutant
86626pHaloTag-PSExpresses Akt pseudosubstrate tagged with a HaloTag
86627pHaloTag-PS(RA)Expresses Akt pseudosubstrate (P-3 RA) mutant tagged with a HaloTag
86628pmCherry-PSExpresses Akt pseudosubstrate tagged with mCherry
86629pHaloTag-EGFPExpresses HaloTag-eGFP tandem (cytosolic)
86630pEGFP-Akt1(D323A/D325A)Expresses eGFP-tagged human Akt1(D323A/D325A) mutant
86631pmCherry-Akt1(WT)Expresses mCherry-tagged human Akt1(WT)
86632pEGFP-Akt2(K14A/R25E)-Halo-PSExpresses eGFP-Akt2-HaloTag-PS fusion (cytosolic tandem)
86633pHR-FKBP:mCherry-KRas4Bc30Expresses mCherry-tagged membrane recruiter construct
86634pHR-FRB:Akt1(D274A)Expresses FRB-tagged human Akt1(D274A) kinase-inactive mutant
86635pEGFP-PH(Btk)Expresses eGFP-taggd PH domain of Btk
86636pmCherry-PH(Btk)KD(Akt1)Expresses mCherry-tagged chimeric fusion of Btk PH domain with the kinase domain of human Akt1
86637pEGFP-Akt1(WT)Expresses eGFP-tagged human Akt1(WT)
86638pHR-FKBP:mCherry-Rab7aExpresses mCherry-tagged Rab7a
86639pmCherry-EGFPExpresses mCherry-eGFP tandem (cytoplasmic)

Antibodies from Article