Lentiviral vectors and protocols for creation of stable hESC lines for fluorescent tracking and drug resistance selection of cardiomyocytes.

Kita-Matsuo H, Barcova M, Prigozhina N, Salomonis N, Wei K, Jacot JG, Nelson B, Spiering S, Haverslag R, Kim C, Talantova M, Bajpai R, Calzolari D, Terskikh A, McCulloch AD, Price JH, Conklin BR, Chen HS, Mercola M

PLoS ONE. 2009 . 4(4):e5046. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
21063 Brachyury-eGFP Add to Cart
21210 PGK-H2BeGFP Add to Cart
21217 PGK-H2BmCherry Add to Cart
21222 T/Brachyury-eGFP Rex Neo Add to Cart
21228 aMHC-mCherry-Rex-Blasticidin Add to Cart
21229 aMHC-eGFP-Rex-Neo Add to Cart
21230 aMHC-puro rex-neo Add to Cart
21231 aMHC-Puro Rex-Blast Add to Cart