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UbiGate: a synthetic biology toolbox to analyse ubiquitination.
Kowarschik K, Hoehenwarter W, Marillonnet S, Trujillo M
New Phytol. 2018 Mar;217(4):1749-1763. doi: 10.1111/nph.14900. Epub 2017 Nov 30.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
104635pUG-124Level 2 construct
104636pUG-125Level 2 construct
104637pUG-153Level 2 construct
104638pUG-412Level 2 construct
104639pUG-413Level 2 construct
104640pUG-417Level 2 construct
104641pUG-41308Level 0 cloning vector
104642pUG-1287Level 0 cloning vector
104643pUG-P1Level 1 cloning vector
104644pUG-P2Level 1 cloning vector
104645pUG-P3Level 1 cloning vector
104646pUG-P4Level 1 cloning vector
104647pUG-P5Level 1 cloning vector
104648pUG-P6Level 1 cloning vector
104649pUG-TP1Level 1 cloning vector
104650pUG-TP2Level 1 cloning vector
104651pUG-TP3Level 1 cloning vector
104652pUG-TP4Level 1 cloning vector
104653pUG-TP5Level 1 cloning vector
104654pUG-TP6Level 1 cloning vector
104655pET-28GGLevel 2 cloning vector
104656pUG-225Cloning Module
104657pAGM18012Cloning Module
104658pAGT861Cloning Module
104659pUG41722Cloning Module
104660pUG41744Cloning Module
104661pUG41766Cloning Module
104662pUG41780Cloning Module
104663pUG41800Cloning Module
104664pUG41822Cloning Module
104665pUG-UBA1Cloning Module
104666pUG-UBC1Cloning Module
104667pUG-UBC2Cloning Module
104668pUG-UBC4Cloning Module
104669pUG-UBC3Cloning Module
104670pUG-UBC5Cloning Module
104671pUG-UBC6Cloning Module
104672pUG-UBC7Cloning Module
104673pUG-UBC8Cloning Module
104674pUG-UBC9Cloning Module
104675pUG-UBC10Cloning Module
104676pUG-UBC11Cloning Module
104677pUG-UBC12Cloning Module
104678pUG-UBC13Cloning Module
104679pUG-UBC14Cloning Module
104680pUG-UBC15Cloning Module
104681pUG-UBC16Cloning Module
104682pUG-UBC17Cloning Module
104683pUG-UBC18Cloning Module
104684pUG-UBC19Cloning Module
104685pUG-UBC20Cloning Module
104686pUG-UBC21Cloning Module
104687pUG-UBC22Cloning Module
104688pUG-UBC23Cloning Module
104689pUG-UBC24Cloning Module
104690pUG-UBC25Cloning Module
104691pUG-UBC26Cloning Module
104692pUG-UBC27Cloning Module
104693pUG-UBC28Cloning Module
104694pUG-UBC29Cloning Module
104695pUG-UBC30Cloning Module
104696pUG-UBC31Cloning Module
104697pUG-UBC32Cloning Module
104698pUG-UBC33Cloning Module
104699pUG-UBC34Cloning Module
104700pUG-UBC35Cloning Module
104701pUG-UBC36Cloning Module
104702pUG-UBC37Cloning Module
104703pUG-135Cloning Module
104704pUG-136Cloning Module
104705pUG-137Cloning Module
104706pUG-138Cloning Module
104707pUG-21Cloning Module
104708pUG-22Cloning Module
104709pUG-248Cloning Module
104710pUG-233Cloning Module
104711pUG-234Cloning Module
104712pUG-146Cloning Module
104713pUG-131Cloning Module
104714pUG-57Cloning Module
104715pUG-489Cloning Module
104716pUG-65Cloning Module
104717pUG-349Cloning Module
104718pUG-350Cloning Module
104719pUG-351Cloning Module
104720pUG-419Cloning Module
104722pUG-293Level 2 construct
104723pUG-294Level 2 construct
104724pUG-296Level 2 construct
104725pUG-295Level 2 construct
104726pUG-297Level 2 construct
104727pUG-298Level 2 construct
104728pUG-299Level 2 construct
104729pUG-300Level 2 construct
104730pUG-301Level 2 construct
104731pUG-302Level 2 construct
104732pUG-303Level 2 construct
104733pUG-304Level 2 construct
104734pUG-305Level 2 construct
104735pUG-306Level 2 construct
104736pUG-307Level 2 construct
104737pUG-308Level 2 construct
104738pUG-309Level 2 construct
104739pUG-310Level 2 construct
104740pUG-311Level 2 construct
104741pUG-312Level 2 construct
104742pUG-313Level 2 construct
104743pUG-314Level 2 construct
104744pUG-315Level 2 construct
104745pUG-316Level 2 construct
104746pUG-317Level 2 construct
104747pUG-318Level 2 construct
104748pUG-319Level 2 construct
104749pUG-320Level 2 construct
104750pUG-321Level 2 construct
104751pUG-322Level 2 construct
104752pUG-323Level 2 construct
104753pUG-324Level 2 construct
104754pUG-325Level 2 construct
104755pUG-326Level 2 construct
104756pUG-331Level 2 construct
104757pUG-332Level 2 construct
104758pUG-333Level 2 construct
104759pUG-334Level 2 construct
104760pUG-335Level 2 construct
104761pUG-336Level 2 construct
104762pUG-337Level 2 construct
104763pUG-338Level 2 construct
104764pUG-352Level 2 construct

Antibodies from Article