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MoChlo: A versatile modular cloning toolbox for chloroplast biotechnology.
Occhialini A, Piatek A, Pfotenhauer AC, Frazier TP, Stewart CN, Lenaghan S
Plant Physiol. 2019 Jan 24. pii: pp.18.01220. doi: 10.1104/pp.18.01220.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
123464pMK-PaccD (-82 to +23)MoChlo kit
123465pMK-PaccD (functional)MoChlo kit
123466pMK-PatpB (NEP functional PEP disabled)MoChlo kit
123467pMK-PatpB (NEP)MoChlo kit
123468pMK-PatpB (PEP and NEP functional)MoChlo kit
123469pMK-PatpB (PEP functional NEP disabled)MoChlo kit
123470pMK-PatpB (PEP)MoChlo kit
123471pMK-PatpHMoChlo kit
123472pMK-PatpI (NEP)MoChlo kit
123473pMK-PatpI (PEP Hypothetical)MoChlo kit
123474pMK-PclpPMoChlo kit
123475pMK-PclpP (PEP)MoChlo kit
123476pMK-IEEMoChlo kit
123477pMK-Prrn (-64 to +17)MoChlo kit
123478pMK-mPrrn (5-fold decrease transcription)MoChlo kit
123479pMK-PpsbAMoChlo kit
123480pMK-PpsbA (-42 to +9)MoChlo kit
123481pMK-PpsbBMoChlo kit
123482pMK-PpsbD-leaderMoChlo kit
123483pMK-PpsbD-PGTbxMoChlo kit
123484pMK-PpsbDMoChlo kit
123485pMK-PrbcLMoChlo kit
123486pMK-PrbcL (core -35 to +9)MoChlo kit
123487pMK-PrbcL (-110 to +9)MoChlo kit
123488pMK-PrpoBMoChlo kit
123489pMK-Prrn16MoChlo kit
123490pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum)MoChlo kit
123491pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn1MoChlo kit
123492pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn2MoChlo kit
123493pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn3MoChlo kit
123494pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn4MoChlo kit
123495pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn5MoChlo kit
123496pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn6MoChlo kit
123497pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn7MoChlo kit
123498pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn8MoChlo kit
123499pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn9MoChlo kit
123500pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) APrrn10MoChlo kit
123501pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn12MoChlo kit
123502pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn13MoChlo kit
123503pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn14MoChlo kit
123504pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn15MoChlo kit
123505pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn16MoChlo kit
123506pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn17MoChlo kit
123507pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn18MoChlo kit
123508pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn19MoChlo kit
123509pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn20MoChlo kit
123510pMK-Prrn (N. tabacum) BPrrn21MoChlo kit
123511pMK-Zm PclpP::5'UTRMoChlo kit
123512pMK-Zm PclpP::Gg10 leaderMoChlo kit
123513pMK-PaccD::5'UTRMoChlo kit
123514pMK-mPrrn::RBS (3.9%)MoChlo kit
123515pOK-mPrrn::RBS (20%)MoChlo kit
123516pMK-mPrrn::RBS (46%)MoChlo kit
123517pMK-mPrrn::RBS (60%)MoChlo kit
123518pMK-mPrrn::RBS (61%)MoChlo kit
123519pMK-Prrn::RBSMoChlo kit
123520pMK-atpB 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123521pMK-atpB 5'UTR +10 (functional)MoChlo kit
123522pMK-atpB 5'UTR +10 processed -90 (functional)MoChlo kit
123523pMK-atpB 5'UTR TCR processed -90 (functional)MoChlo kit
123524pMK-atpH 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123525pMK-atpH 5'UTR processed -45MoChlo kit
123526pMK-atpI 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123527pMK-psbN 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123528pMK-psbN 5'UTR processed -39MoChlo kit
123529pMK-psbB 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123530pMK-psbB 5'UTR processed -54MoChlo kit
123531pMK-ndhD 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123532pMK-rps2 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123533pMK-rps2 5'UTR mAAGAMoChlo kit
123534pMK-rps2 5'UTR mCCUCMoChlo kit
123535pMK-rps2 5'UTR mAAGA (-20 to -10 deletion)MoChlo kit
123536pMK-rps2 5'UTR mCCUC (-20 to -10 deletion)MoChlo kit
123537pMK-psbH 5'UTR + start codon + 1AAMoChlo kit
123538pMK-psbA 5'UTR (SNM)MoChlo kit
123539pMK-psbA 5'UTR (SEM)MoChlo kit
123540pMK-psbA 5'UTR (delta SL)MoChlo kit
123541pMK-psbA 5'UTR (delta 5'SL)MoChlo kit
123542pMK-psbA-rbcL chimeric 5'UTR (R delta 5'SL)MoChlo kit
123543pMK-psbA-rbcL chimeric 5'UTR (R'SLWT)MoChlo kit
123544pMK-rps14 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123545pMK-rbcL 5'UTR (full)MoChlo kit
123546pMK-rbcL 5'UTR (processed)MoChlo kit
123547pMK-rbcL 5'UTR + 14 AAMoChlo kit
123548pMK-T7G10 leaderMoChlo kit
123549pMK-rrn16 5'UTR (native)MoChlo kit
123550pMK-rrn16 5'UTR (+37)MoChlo kit
123551pMK-psbA 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123552pMK-Synthetic RBSMoChlo kit
123553pMK-psbC 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123554pMK-accD 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123555pMK-clpP 5'UTRMoChlo kit
123556pMK-mEmeraldMoChlo kit
123557pMK-pporRFPMoChlo kit
123558pMK-aadAMoChlo kit
123559pMK-aphA6MoChlo kit
123560pMK-nptIIMoChlo kit
123561pMK-Myc aadA-GFPMoChlo kit
123562pMK-FLARE16-S aadA-GFPMoChlo kit
123563pMK-Lux-C codon opt. Nt chloroplastsMoChlo kit
123564pMK-Lux-D codon opt. Nt chloroplastsMoChlo kit
123565pMK-Lux-A codon opt. Nt chloroplastsMoChlo kit
123566pMK-Lux-B codon opt. Nt chloroplastsMoChlo kit
123567pMK-Lux-E codon opt. Nt chloroplastsMoChlo kit
123568pMK-Lux-G codon opt. Nt chloroplastsMoChlo kit
123569pMK-psbA 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123570pMK-rbcL 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123571pMK-petD 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123572pMK-rpoA 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123573pMK-E.coli rrnB 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123574pMK-psaC 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123575pMK-TMV 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123576pMK-TYMV 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123577pMK-BMV 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123578pMK-ALMV 3'UTRMoChlo kit
123579pMK-N. tabacum trnI/trnAMoChlo kit
123580pMK-N. tabacum trnG/trnfMMoChlo kit
123581pMK-N. tabacum trnV/3'rps12MoChlo kit
123582pMK-N. tabacum atpB/accDMoChlo kit
123583pMK-S. tuberosum trnI/trnAMoChlo kit
123584pMK-S. tuberosum trnG/trnfMMoChlo kit
123585pMK-S. tuberosum trnV/3'rps12MoChlo kit

Antibodies from Article