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Quantitative assessment of near-infrared fluorescent proteins.
Zhang H, Papadaki S, Sun X, Wang X, Drobizhev M, Yao L, Rehbock M, Koster RW, Wu L, Namikawa K, Piatkevich KD
Nat Methods. 2023 Sep 4. doi: 10.1038/s41592-023-01975-z.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
197151pAAV-CAG-smURFP-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of smURFP-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197152pAAV-CAG-mRhubarb719-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of mRhubarb719-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197153pAAV-CAG-iRFP682-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of iRFP682-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197154pAAV-CAG-BDFP1.6-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of BDFP1.6-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197155pAAV-CAG-miRFP2-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of miRFP2-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197156pAAV-CAG-mNeptune2.5-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of mNeptune2.5-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197157pAAV-CAG-SNIFP-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of SNIFP-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197158pAAV-CAG-emiRFP703-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of emiRFP703-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197159pAAV-CAG-mRhubarb720-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of mRhubarb720-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197160pAAV-CAG-emiRFP670-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of emiRFP670-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197161pAAV-CAG-IFP2-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of IFP2-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197162pAAV-CAG-E2-Crimson-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of E2-Crimson-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197163pAAV-CAG-miRFP713-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of miRFP713-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197164pAAV-CAG-miRFP680-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of miRFP680-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197165pAAV-CAG-miRFP720-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of miRFP720-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197166pAAV-CAG-iRFP713-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of iRFP713-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197167pAAV-CAG-mCardinal-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of mCardinal-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197168pAAV-CAG-mIFP-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of mIFP-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197169pAAV-CAG-iRFP670-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of iRFP670-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197170pAAV-CAG-miRFP670-2-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of miRFP670-2-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197171pAAV-CAG-BDFP1.8-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of BDFP1.8-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197172pAAV-CAG-mRhubarb713-P2A-GFPExpresses the protein of mRhubarb713-P2A-GFP in mammalian cells
197173pCytERM-miRFP2-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-miRFP2 in mammalian cells
197174pCytERM-iRFP713-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-iRFP713 in mammalian cells
197175pCytERM-miRFP720-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-miRFP720 in mammalian cells
197176pCytERM-mCardinal-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-mCardinal in mammalian cells
197177pCytERM-E2-Crimson-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-E2-Crimson in mammalian cells
197178pCytERM-smURFP-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-smURFP in mammalian cells
197179pCytERM-BDFP1.6-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-BDFP1.6 in mammalian cells
197180pCytERM-emiRFP670-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-emiRFP670 in mammalian cells
197181pCytERM-miRFP670-2-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-miRFP670-2 in mammalian cells
197182pCytERM-iRFP670-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-iRFP670 in mammalian cells
197183pCytERM-miRFP680-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-miRFP680 in mammalian cells
197184pCytERM-iRFP682-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-iRFP682 in mammalian cells
197185pCytERM-emiRFP703-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-emiRFP703 in mammalian cells
197186pCytERM-BDFP1.8-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-BDFP1.8 in mammalian cells
197187pCytERM-mRhubarb713-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-mRhubarb713 in mammalian cells
197188pCytERM-miRFP713-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-miRFP713 in mammalian cells
197189pCytERM-SNIFP-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-SNIFP in mammalian cells
197190pCytERM-mRhubarb719-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-mRhubarb719 in mammalian cells
197191pCytERM-mRhubarb720-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-mRhubarb720 in mammalian cells
197192pCytERM-mIFP-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-mIFP in mammalian cells
197193pCytERM-IFP2-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-IFP2 in mammalian cells
197194pCytERM-mNeptune2.5-N1Expresses the fusion protein of CytERM-mNeptune2.5 in mammalian cells
197195pAAV-CAG-mCardinalExpresses the protein of mCardinal in mammalian cells
197196pAAV-CAG-E2-CrimsonExpresses the protein of E2-Crimson in mammalian cells
197197pAAV-CAG-mNeptune2.5Expresses the protein of mNeptune2.5 in mammalian cells
197198pAAV-CAG-smURFPExpresses the protein of smURFP in mammalian cells
197199pAAV-CAG-BDFP1.6Expresses the protein of BDFP1.6 in mammalian cells
197200pAAV-CAG-emiRFP670Expresses the protein of emiRFP670 in mammalian cells
197201pAAV-CAG-miRFP670-2Expresses the protein of miRFP670-2 in mammalian cells
197202pAAV-CAG-iRFP670Expresses the protein of iRFP670 in mammalian cells
197203pAAV-CAG-miRFP680Expresses the protein of miRFP680 in mammalian cells
197204pAAV-CAG-iRFP682Expresses the protein of iRFP682 in mammalian cells
197205pAAV-CAG-emiRFP703Expresses the protein of emiRFP703 in mammalian cells
197206pAAV-CAG-BDFP1.8Expresses the protein of BDFP1.8 in mammalian cells
197207pAAV-CAG-mRhubarb713Expresses the protein of mRhubarb713 in mammalian cells
197208pAAV-CAG-miRFP713Expresses the protein of miRFP713 in mammalian cells
197209pAAV-CAG-iRFP713Expresses the protein of iRFP713 in mammalian cells
197210pAAV-CAG-SNIFPExpresses the protein of SNIFP in mammalian cells
197211pAAV-CAG-mRhubarb719Expresses the protein of mRhubarb719 in mammalian cells
197212pCAG-mRhubarb720Expresses the protein of mRhubarb720 in mammalian cells
197213pAAV-CAG-miRFP720Expresses the protein of miRFP720 in mammalian cells
197214pAAV-CAG-mIFPExpresses the protein of mIFP in mammalian cells
197215pAAV-CAG-IFP2Expresses the protein of IFP2 in mammalian cells
197216pAAV-CAG-miRFP2Expresses the protein of miRFP2 in mammalian cells
197217piRFP670-Actin-C-18Expresses the fusion protein of iRFP670-Actin-C-18 in mammalian cells
197218pmiRFP670-2-Actin-C-18Expresses the fusion protein of miRFP670-2-Actin-C-18 in mammalian cells
197219pmiRFP680-Actin-C-18Expresses the fusion protein of miRFP680-Actin-C-18 in mammalian cells
197220pmiRFP713-Actin-C-18Expresses the fusion protein of miRFP713-Actin-C-18 in mammalian cells
197221pmiRFP720-Actin-C-18Expresses the fusion protein of miRFP720-Actin-C-18 in mammalian cells
197222pCx43-7-iRFP670-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Cx43-7-iRFP670 in mammalian cells
197223pCx43-7-miRFP670-2-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Cx43-7-miRFP670-2 in mammalian cells
197224pCx43-7-miRFP680-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Cx43-7-miRFP680 in mammalian cells
197225pCx43-7-miRFP713-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Cx43-7-miRFP713 in mammalian cells
197226pCx43-7-miRFP720-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Cx43-7-miRFP720 in mammalian cells
197227pH2B-iRFP670-N1Expresses the fusion protein of H2B-iRFP670 in mammalian cells
197228pH2B-miRFP670-2-N1Expresses the fusion protein of H2B-miRFP670-2 in mammalian cells
197229pH2B-miRFP680-N1Expresses the fusion protein of H2B-miRFP680 in mammalian cells
197230pH2B-miRFP713-N1Expresses the fusion protein of H2B-miRFP713 in mammalian cells
197231pH2B-miRFP720-N1Expresses the fusion protein of H2B-miRFP720 in mammalian cells
197232pKeratin-iRFP670-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Keratin-iRFP670 in mammalian cells
197233pKeratin-miRFP670-2-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Keratin-miRFP670-2 in mammalian cells
197234pKeratin-miRFP680-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Keratin-miRFP680 in mammalian cells
197235pKeratin-miRFP713-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Keratin-miRFP713 in mammalian cells
197236pKeratin-miRFP720-N1Expresses the fusion protein of Keratin-miRFP720 in mammalian cells
197237pTubulin-iRFP670Expresses the fusion protein of Tubulin-iRFP670 in mammalian cells
197238pTubulin-miRFP670-2Expresses the fusion protein of Tubulin-miRFP670-2 in mammalian cells
197239pTubulin-miRFP680Expresses the fusion protein of Tubulin-miRFP680 in mammalian cells
197240pTubulin-miRFP713Expresses the fusion protein of Tubulin-miRFP713 in mammalian cells
197241pTubulin-miRFP720Expresses the fusion protein of Tubulin-miRFP720 in mammalian cells
197242pSF11-wmNeonGreenExpresses the protein of wNeonGreen in neurons of C elegan
197243pSF11-wemiRFP670-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wemiRFP670-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C elegan
197244pSF11-wmiRFP680-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wmiRFP680-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C elegan
197245pSF11-wmRhubarb713-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wmRhubarb713-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C elegan
197246pSF11-wmiRFP713-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wmiRFP713-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C. elegans
197247pSF11-wiRFP713-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wiRFP713-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C. elegans
197248pSF11-wmiRFP720-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wmiRFP720-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C. elegans
197249pSF11-wmCardinal-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wmCardinal-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C. elegans
197250pSF11-wmiRFP670-2-T2A-HO1Expresses the protein of wmiRFP670-2-T2A-HO1 in neurons of C. elegans
197251pSF11-wmCardinalExpresses the protein of wmCardinal in neurons of C. elegans
197252pBAD-HisD-emiRFP670-HO1Expresses the protein of emiRFP670 and HO1 in bacteria
197253pBAD-HisD-miRFP680-HO1Expresses the protein of miRFP680 and HO1 in bacteria
197254pBAD-HisD-mRhubarb713-HO1Expresses the protein of mRhubarb713 and HO1 in bacteria
197255pBAD-HisD-miRFP713-HO1Expresses the protein of miRFP713 and HO1 in bacteria
197256pBAD-HisD-iRFP713-HO1Expresses the protein of iRFP713 and HO1 in bacteria
197257pBAD-HisD-miRFP720-HO1Expresses the protein of miRFP720 and HO1 in bacteria
197258pBAD-HisD-mCardinalExpresses the protein of mCardinal and HO1 in bacteria

Antibodies from Article