Rapid Metabolism of Glucose Detected with FRET Glucose Nanosensors in Epidermal Cells and Intact Roots of Arabidopsis RNA-Silencing Mutants.

Deuschle K, Chaudhuri B, Okumoto S, Lager I, Lalonde S, Frommer WB

Plant Cell. 2006 Sep . 18(9):2314-25. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
12989 pFLIPglu-170nDelta13 Add to Cart
12990 pFLIPglu-2uDelta13 Add to Cart
12991 pFLIPglu-600uDelta13 Add to Cart
12992 pFLIPglu-3.2mDelta13 Add to Cart
13569 pRSET FLIPglu-600uDelta11 Aphrodite Add to Cart
13570 pRSET FLIPglu-600uDelta13 Aphrodite Add to Cart
13571 pRSET FLIPglu-600uDelta11 Ares-Aphrodite Add to Cart
14476 pPZP FLIPmal-25u Add to Cart
14477 pPZP FLIPmal-control Add to Cart