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Description NLR family pyrin domain containing 1
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 22861
MGC ID BC051787

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
163978pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 CARD-FLAG WTNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163979pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG WTNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163980pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG R1386ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163981pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG R1392ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163982pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG E1397RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163983pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG D1401RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163984pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG E1411RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163985pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG E1414RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163986pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG R1427ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163987pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG Y1445ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163988pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG M1457ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163989pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG W1460ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163990pcDNA3.1 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG E1461RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163991pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry WTNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163992pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry R1386ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163993pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry R1392ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163994pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry E1397RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163996pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry E1411RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163997pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry E1414RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163998pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry R1427ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
163999pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry Y1445ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164000pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry M1457ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164001pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry W1460ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164002pcDNA3.1 6B codon-optimized NLRP1 CARD-mCherry E1461RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164003pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 UPA-CARD WTNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164004pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 UPA-CARD Y1445ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164005pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 UPA-CARD M1457ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164006pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 UPA-CARD W1460ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164007pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 UPA-CARD E1461RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164008pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 CARD WTNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164009pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 CARD G1467CNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
164010pDB.His.MBP.3C NLRP1 UPA WTNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166803pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAGNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166804pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG S1213ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166805pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG LL1193EENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166806pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG P1214RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166807pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG H1276GNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166808pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG K1277ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166809pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG E1322RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166810pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG LL1193EE P1214RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166811pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1-FLAG LL1193EE P1214R K1277ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166812pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG H1276GNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166813pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG K1277ENLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166814pcDNA 3.1 LIC 6A NLRP1 UPA-CARD-FLAG E1322RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166815pDONR221 NLRP1 A54TNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166816pDONR221 NLRP1 A59PNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166817pDONR221 NLRP1 A66VNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166818pDONR221 NLRP1 M77TNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166819pDONR221 NLRP1 R726WNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166820pDONR221 NLRP1 T755NNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166821pDONR221 NLRP1 delta787-843NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166822pDONR221 NLRP1 P1214RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166823pDONR221 NLRP1NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166824pDONR221 NLRP1 S1213ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166825dTAG NLRP1NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166826dTAG NLRP1 P1214RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166827pDONR221 Ub-NLRP1 S1213NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166828pDONR221 Ub-NLRP1 L1215NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166829pDONR221 Ub-NLRP1 L1218NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166830pDONR221 Ub-NLRP1 S1213 P1214RNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166831pDONR221 NLRP1 FIIND (F1079M-L1373)NLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166832pDONR221 NLRP1 FIIND (F1079M-L1373) S1213ANLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Bachovchin
166833pcDNA3.1 His-NLRP1 codon-optimizedNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu
166834pcDNA3.1 NLRP1-delPYD-delCARD-TEV-GFP-FLAG codon-optimizedNLRP1 (Homo sapiens) Wu