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Description synuclein alpha
Also known as
Species Rattus norvegicus
Entrez ID 29219
MGC ID BC087682

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
36046pT7-7 asyn WTalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36048pT7-7 asyn S129Aalpha-synuclein S129A (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36049pT7-7 asyn S129Galpha-synuclein S129G (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36050pT7-7 asyn S129Ealpha-synuclein S129E (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36055pAAV asyn WTalpha-synuclein WT (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36056pAAV asyn S87Aalpha-synuclein S87A (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36057pAAV asyn S87Ealpha-synuclein S87E (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36058pT7-7 asyn S87Aalpha-synuclein S87A (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36059pT7-7 asyn S87Ealpha-synuclein S87E (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36061pT7-7 asyn S129Ialpha-synuclein S129I (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36062pT7-7 asyn S129Lalpha-synuclein S129L (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36063pT7-7 asyn S87A/S129Aalpha-synuclein S87A/S129A (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36064pT7-7 asyn S87E/S129Ealpha-synuclein S87E/S129E (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36065pT7-7 asyn S87A/S129Ealpha-synuclein S87A/S129E (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36066pAAV asyn S129Aalpha-synuclein S129A (Homo sapiens) Aebischer
36067pAAV asyn S129Galpha-synuclein S129G (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36068pAAV asyn S129Ealpha-synuclein S129E (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
36069pAAV asyn S129Dalpha-synuclein S129D (Homo sapiens) Aebischer
36070pAAV asyn S87A/S129Aalpha-synuclein S87A/S129A (Homo sapiens) Aebischer
36071pAAV asyn S87D/S129Aalpha-synuclein S87D/S129A (Homo sapiens) Aebischer
40822EGFP-alphasynuclein-WTSNCA (Homo sapiens) Rubinsztein
40823EGFP-alphasynuclein-A53TSNCA (Homo sapiens) Rubinsztein
40824pHM6-alphasynuclein-WTSNCA (Homo sapiens) Rubinsztein
40825pHM6-alphasynuclein-A53TSNCA (Homo sapiens) Rubinsztein
51437human Alpha-synucleinAlpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) MJFF
51486pET21a-alpha-synucleinalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) MJFF
60057pOTTC293 - pAAV EF1a V5-synuclein (WT)alpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Harvey
75437p-AAV-sh[SNCA]snca (Rattus norvegicus) Burton
85845pDONOR-SNCAe2-WTSNCA exon 2 homology arms (Homo sapiens) Schwamborn
85847pDONOR-SNCAe3-WTSNCA exon 3 homology arms (Homo sapiens) Schwamborn
85848pDONOR-SNCAe3-A53TSNCA exon 3 homology arms (Homo sapiens) Schwamborn
89073pD434-SR mouse Alpha-synucleinAlpha-synuclein (Mus musculus) MJFF
89074pD454-SR rat Alpha-synucleinAlpha-synuclein (Rattus norvegicus) MJFF
89075pD454-SR mouse Alpha-synucleinAlpha-synuclein (Mus musculus) MJFF
89076pD434-SR rat Alpha-synucleinAlpha-synuclein (Rattus norvegicus) MJFF
89470VN-alpha SynucleinSNCA (Homo sapiens) Hyman
89471alpha Synuclein-VCSNCA (Homo sapiens) Hyman
92200pINDUCER20-α-SynSNCA (Homo sapiens) Zoghbi
92203pBABE-α-Syn-nYFPSNCA (Homo sapiens) Zoghbi
102361pcDNA3.1-hSNCA-NE synuclein alpha (Homo sapiens) Ho
102364pSIN-PAmCherry-mSNCA-NEPA-mCherry (Synthetic), synuclein alpha (Mus musculus) Ho
102366pSIN-hSNCA-NEsynuclein alpha (Homo sapiens) Ho
105726pT7-7 asyn A30Palpha-synuclein A30P (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105727pT7-7 asyn A53Talpha-synuclein A53T (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105728pT7-7 asyn E46Kalpha-synuclein E46K (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105729pcDNA6 asyn A30Palpha-synuclein A30P (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105730pcDNA6 asyn E46Kalpha-synuclein E46K (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105732pET11a asyn Q79E (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q79E (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105733pET11a asyn Q79N (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q79N (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105734pET11a asyn Q99E (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q99E (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105735pET11a asyn Q109E (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q109E (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105736pET11a asyn Q79N (Q109H) (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q79N (Q109H) (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105737pET11a asyn Q109N (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q109N (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105738pET11a asyn Q79N Q109N (TAC-->TAT)alpha-synuclein Q79N Q109N (TAC-->TAT) (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105739pT7-7 asyn K32Ralpha-synuclein K32R (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105740pT7-7 asyn K34Ralpha-synuclein K34R (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105741pT7-7 asyn K32R/K34Ralpha-synuclein K32R/K34R (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105742pT7-7 asyn K80Ralpha-synuclein K80R (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105743pT7-7 asyn K96Ralpha-synuclein K96R (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105744pT7-7 asyn S129Walpha-synuclein S129W (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105745pT7-7 asyn 1-106AA Mxe Histagalpha-synuclein 1-106AA Mxe Histag (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105746pT7-7 asyn WT1-106 Mxealpha-synuclein 1-106 Mxe (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
105747pT7-7 asyn G51Dalpha-synuclein G51D (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
1072921a. pETM11-SUMO-SNCA-GFPSNCA-GFP (Homo sapiens) Yushchenko
107293s2. pT7-7-SNCA-5AspSNCA-5Asp (Homo sapiens) Yushchenko
107294t2. pT7-7-SNCA-5LysSNCA-5Lys (Homo sapiens) Yushchenko
107295r. pT7-7-SNCA-5AsnSNCA-5Asn (Homo sapiens) Yushchenko
107296r-6. pT7-7-SNCA-2AsnSNCA-2Asn (Homo sapiens) Yushchenko
107297r-22. pT7-7-SNCA-9AsnSNCA-9Asn (Homo sapiens) Yushchenko
107425pcDNA6 asyn WTalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Lashuel
108865pET3a aSyn murinealpha synuclein (Mus musculus) Kaminski Schierle
108866pT7-7 aSyn C141alpha synuclein (Homo sapiens) Kaminski Schierle
110061pDUET-1-alpha-synuclein-mCerulean3-His6alpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Mulvihill
166671pRK172-α-syn-TEV-GFPmouse synuclein (from V. Lee) (Mus musculus) Lindberg
170445pCDH-EF1a-hSNCAhuman SNCA (Homo sapiens) Lee
180016pU6-pegRNA-SNCA-A30PPrime editing pegRNA for SNCA-A30P (Synthetic) Hockemeyer
180018pBPK1520-SNCA-A30P-ngPrime editing ngRNA for SNCA-A30P (Homo sapiens) Hockemeyer
181715pAG426-GAL-Alpha-synucleinAlpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Chavez
181724pAG426-GAL-Alpha-synuclein-H50QAlpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Chavez
181738pU6-pegRNA-SNCA-A53TPrime editing pegRNA for SNCA-A53T (Synthetic) Hockemeyer
181739pBPK1520-SNCA-A53T-ngPrime editing ngRNA for SNCA-A53T (Homo sapiens) Hockemeyer
185714pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-mSNCAsynuclein, alpha (Mus musculus) Ding
185715pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-hSNCAsynuclein, alpha (Homo sapiens) Ding
185716pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-mSNCA(1-95)synuclein, alpha (Mus musculus) Ding
185717pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-hSNCA (A11P/V70P)synuclein, alpha (Homo sapiens) Ding
185718pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-hSNCA (S129A)synuclein, alpha (Homo sapiens) Ding
185719pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-hSNCA (S129D)synuclein, alpha (Homo sapiens) Ding
185720pAAV-hSyn-GFP-IRES-hSNCA (A30P)synuclein, alpha (Homo sapiens) Ding
186802Alpha-Synuclein-HisAlpha-Synuclein-His (Homo sapiens) Deshmukh
194242pAM/SAR-CAG-aSyn(A53T)/HA-WPRE-bGHpAaSynuclein(A53T) (Homo sapiens) MJFF
194244pscAAV-CBh-aSyn-WPRE3-enSV40pAaSynuclein(WT) (Homo sapiens) MJFF
194247pAM/CBA-eGFP-miRaSyn(human)x3-WPRE-bGHpAmiRaSynuclein(human) (Homo sapiens) MJFF
194248pAM/CBA-eGFP-miRaSyn(mouse)x3-WPRE-bGHpAmiRaSynuclein(mouse) (Mus musculus) MJFF
201249pUAST ɑSynWT-EGFPɑ-Synuclein (Homo sapiens) Domingos
205706pCMV-αS-2alpha-synuclein tandem dimer (Homo sapiens) Schekman
205713mNeonGreen-α-synucleinalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Schekman
2057143H-α-synucleinalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Schekman
205715α-synuclein-3Halpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Schekman
209078piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-SNCA(3K)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1120)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209080piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-SNCA(A53T)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1123)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209081piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-SNCA(A53T-DNAC)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1124)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209083pcDNA_FRT_SNCA-Avi_HygR-2A-BirA.dna(TO_deleted). (pEHA1448)SNCA (Homo sapiens), BirA (Other) Khurana
209085piggyBac_rtTA (4th_Gen)_SNCA_IRES_NGN2-2A-PURO_Synapsin-BirA (pEHA1623)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus), BirA (Other) Khurana
209086piggyBac_rtTA (4th_Gen)_SNCA-Avi_IRES_NGN2-2A-PURO_Synapsin-BirA (pEHA1628)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus), BirA (Other) Khurana
214201pAAV-Syn1-DIO-Snca (human A53T)Snca (A53T) (Homo sapiens) Hnasko
215486FUW-hSNCA-NEalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Shalem
215487FUW-hSNCA(D2R)-NEalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Shalem
215488FUW-hSNCA(D2E)-NEalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Shalem
215489FUW-hSNCA-GFPalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Shalem
215490FUW-hSNCA(D2R)-GFPalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Shalem
215491FUW-hSNCA(D2E)-GFPalpha-synuclein (Homo sapiens) Shalem