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Description NK2 homeobox 1
Also known as BCH, BHC, NK-2, NKX2.1, NKX2A, NMTC1, T/EBP, TEBP, TITF1, TTF-1, TTF1
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 7080
MGC ID BC006221

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
15540Nkx2.1Nkx2.1 (Mus musculus) Rubenstein
31271MSCV-Nkx2-1/PuroNkx2-1* (Mus musculus) Jacks
31272MSCV-Nkx2-1*/NeoNkx2-1* (Mus musculus) Jacks
32400pLKO.shNkx2-1shRNA targetting Nkx2-1 (Mus musculus) Jacks
39695KHBD00623CG17594 (Drosophila melanogaster) Deplancke
49989pcDNA3.1(+)-wt-TTF-1TTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
52063pcDNA3.1(+)-TTF-1-HDDThyroid Transcription Factor 1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
67657Puro-TTL-wt-TTF-1Thyroid Transcription Factor 1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
74989Puro-TTL-TTF-1-HDDTTF-1 HDD mutant (Homo sapiens) Mu
74991pMSCV-puro-TTF-1-HDDTTF-1 HDD mutant (Homo sapiens) Mu
75084pMSCV-hygro-TTF-1 Q210K-Y214MTTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
75089pMSCV-Zeo-TTF-1TTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
75264pcDNA3.1(+)-TTF-1-Q50K-Y54MTTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
75265pcDNA3.1(+)-TTF-1-AD1-deletionTTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
75266pcDNA3.1(+)-TTF-1-AD2-deletionTTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
101857lentiCRISPRv2-TTF-1-gRNAgRNA targeting TTF-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
119173pMSCV-Hygromycin-TTF-1NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Mu
141899TFORF2060 NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
141900TFORF2061 NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
167942pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1-EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GTTF1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
193221Lenti-sgNkx2-1#1/CresgNkx2-1#1 (Mus musculus) Sage
193222Lenti-sgNkx2-1#2/CresgNkx2-1#2 (Mus musculus) Sage
204191pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1-R162del-EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
204210pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1-R178∗-EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
204211pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1-Q175∗-EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
204212pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1-I207F -EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GNK2 homeobox 1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
204213pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1-I207M -EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
204214pLenti-tetON-NKX2-1(delDBD)-EF1a-TagRFP-2A-tet3GNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
221483pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_LongNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221484pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221485pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_V205FNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221486pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_W208LNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221487pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_DelNTerm_160-371AANKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221488pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_DelCTerm_1-223AANKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221489pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_HD_160-223AANKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221493pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_CdTag-HANKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221494pLX-hPGK_NKX2-1NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221495pLX-UBC_NKX2-1NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221496pLX-SFFV_NKX2-1NKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221497pLX-EF1a_NKX2-1_Short_V5-GFPNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221498pLX-hPGK_NKX2-1_Short_V5-GFPNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221499pLX-UBC_NKX2-1_Short_V5-GFPNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
221500pLX-SFFV_NKX2-1_Short_V5-GFPNKX2-1 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson