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Description ubiquitin
Also known as YLL039C, SCD2, UB14
Species Saccharomyces cerevisiae S288C
Entrez ID 850620

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
10861p4027 GST-ubiquitinubiquitin (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) Howley
11155pUB-GFPUbiquitin C promoter (Homo sapiens) Cepko
11928GFP-UbUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Dantuma
12647Ubiquitin WTUbiquitin - wild type (Homo sapiens) Klevit
12648Ubiquitin I44AUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Klevit
17602pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K29RUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
17603pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-KOUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
17604pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K48RUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
17605pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K48Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
17606pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K63Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
17607pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K33Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
17608pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-WTUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dawson
18896pET3a-Ub-D77Ubiquitin-D77 (Homo sapiens) Pickart
18897pET3a-Ub-K48CUbiquitin-K48C (Homo sapiens) Pickart
18898pET3a-Ub-K63RUbiquitin-K63R (Homo sapiens) Pickart
20249Ub[9]-mRFP[1]ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Dantuma
22900pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K6Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Weller
22901pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K11Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Weller
22902pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K27Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Weller
22903pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K29Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Weller
27320pENTR5'_ubizebrafish ubiquitin promoter (Danio rerio) Zon
45959pENTR-L4-UBI-L1Rhuman UBI promoter (Homo sapiens) Salmon
61937pET3a-hUbhuman ubiquitin (Homo sapiens) Hill
68456TOPO UBCUbiquitin C Promoter (Homo sapiens) Jacks
69555pET23a-MmUBCUBC (Mus musculus) Azevedo
699675C7M (UBC) (Homo sapiens) Arrowsmith
83232pGEN25-Ub HsUbiqutin (Homo sapiens) Prag
83234pGEN6-Ubc5 ScUbiqutin (Homo sapiens), Ubc 5 (Saccharomyces cerevisiae), Uba 1 (Other) Prag
85219pDG279ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Gray
86583Ubiquitin G76CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
86584Ubiquitin K6C/G76CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
86585Ubiquitin K48C/G76CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
86586Ubiquitin K63C/G76CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
86587Ubiquitin K6CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
86588Ubiquitin K48CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
86589Ubiquitin K63CUbiquitin (Homo sapiens) Rozovsky
1012615VBT (UBC)UBC (Homo sapiens) Arrowsmith
121151pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K6Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Kittler
121152pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K11Ubiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Kittler
121153pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K6RUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Kittler
121154pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K11RUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Kittler
121155pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K27RUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Kittler
121156pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-K27R-K29RUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Kittler
131258pCMV6-AN-HA_UbiquitinUbiquitin C (Homo sapiens) Woodgate
155119pTol2CG2-ubi:QFGal4-SV40pAubi:QFGal4 (Danio rerio) Pearson
188702p3e UbB polyAUbB polyA (Danio rerio) Tobin
195977p3E ubb polyAubb:polyA (Danio rerio) Burger
196991pCI-neo-(HA)3-ubiquitinubiquitin (Homo sapiens) Bonifacino
196999pGBT9-ubiquitinubiquitin (Homo sapiens) Bonifacino
208037TRIPZ-CTID195-GSQ-UBnc-PUROUbnc (Homo sapiens) Barrio
208044TRIPZ-bioGEF-UBnc-PUROUBnc (Homo sapiens) Barrio
208045TRIPZ-bioGEF-UBwt-PUROUb (Homo sapiens) Barrio
216875Ubc-c004Ubiquitin (Homo sapiens) Lehtiö
216876Ubc-c005Ubiquitin (Homo sapiens) Lehtiö