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mVenus C1 Citations (17)

Originally described in: Cerulean, Venus, and VenusY67C FRET reference standards.
Koushik SV, Chen H, Thaler C, Puhl HL, Vogel SS Biophys J. 2006 Dec 15. 91(12):L99-L101.
PubMed Journal

Articles Citing mVenus C1

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Associated Plasmids

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Associated Plasmids

Binary-FRET reveals transient excited-state structure associated with activity-dependent CaMKII - NR2B binding and adaptation. Nguyen TA, Puhl HL 3rd, Hines K, Liput DJ, Vogel SS. Nat Commun. 2022 Oct 25;13(1):6335. doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-33795-8. PubMed

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