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Expanded palette of Nano-lanterns for real-time multicolor luminescence imaging.
Takai A, Nakano M, Saito K, Haruno R, Watanabe TM, Ohyanagi T, Jin T, Okada Y, Nagai T
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2015 Apr 7;112(14):4352-6. doi: 10.1073/pnas.1418468112. Epub 2015 Mar 23.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
65669pYNL-N1_MitoExpresses Mito-YNL in mammalian cells
65670pCNL-N1_MitoExpresses Mito-CNL in mammalian cells
65671pONL-N1_MitoExpresses Mito-ONL in mammalian cells
65672pYNL-N1_3xNLSExpresses NLS-YNL in mammalian cells
65673pCNL-N1_3xNLSExpresses NLS-CNL in mammalian cells
65674pONL-N1_3xNLSExpresses NLS-ONL in mammalian cells
65675pYNL-N1_PTS2Expresses PTS2-YNL in mammalian cells
65676pCNL-N1_PTS2Expresses PTS2-CNL in mammalian cells
65677pONL-N1_PTS2Expresses PTS2-ONL in mammalian cells
65678pYNL-N1_TUBB5Expresses beta-tubulin-YNL in mammalian cells
65679pCNL-N1_TUBB5Expresses beta-tubulin-CNL in mammalian cells
65680pONL-N1_TUBB5Expresses beta-tubulin-ONL in mammalian cells
65681pYNL-N1_zyxinExpresses Zyxin-YNL in mammalian cells
65682pCNL-N1_zyxinExpresses Zyxin-CNL in mammalian cells
65683pONL-N1_zyxinExpresses Zyxin-ONL in mammalian cells
65684pYNL-N1_LAMP1Expresses LAMP1-YNL in mammalian cells
65685pCNL-N1_LAMP1Expresses LAMP1-CNL in mammalian cells
65686pONL-N1_LAMP1Expresses LAMP1-ONL in mammalian cells
65687pYNL-N1_ITPKAExpresses ITPKA-YNL in mammalian cells
65688pCNL-N1_ITPKAExpresses ITPKA-CNL in mammalian cells
65689pONL-N1_ITPKAExpresses ITPKA-ONL in mammalian cells
65690pYNL-N1_vinculinExpresses Vinculin-YNL in mammalian cells
65691pCNL-N1_vinculinExpresses Vinculin-CNL in mammalian cells
65692pONL-N1_vinculinExpresses Vinculin-ONL in mammalian cells
65693pYNL-N1_GolgiExpresses Golgi-YNL in mammalian cells
65694pCNL-N1_GolgiExpresses Golgi-CNL in mammalian cells
65695pONL-N1_GolgiExpresses Golgi-ONL in mammalian cells
65696pYNL-C1_RhoBExpresses YNL-RhoB in mammalian cells
65697pCNL-C1_RhoBExpresses CNL-RhoB in mammalian cells
65698pONL-C1_RhoBExpresses ONL-RhoB in mammalian cells
65699pYNL-C1_PTS1Expresses YNL-PTS1 in mammalian cells
65700pCNL-C1_PTS1Expresses CNL-PTS1 in mammalian cells
65701pONL-C1_PTS1Expresses ONL-PTS1 in mammalian cells
65702pYNL-C1_H2BExpresses YNL-H2B in mammalian cells
65703pCNL-C1_H2BExpresses CNL-H2B in mammalian cells
65704pONL-C1_H2BExpresses ONL-H2B in mammalian cells
65705pYNL-C1_Rab11aExpresses YNL-Rab11a in mammalian cells
65706pCNL-C1_Rab11aExpresses CNL-Rab11a in mammalian cells
65707pONL-C1_Rab11aExpresses ONL-Rab11a in mammalian cells
65708pYNL-C1_fibrillarinExpresses YNL-fibrillarin in mammalian cells
65709pCNL-C1_fibrillarinExpresses CNL-fibrillarin in mammalian cells
65710pONL-C1_fibrillarinExpresses ONL-fibrillarin in mammalian cells
65711pT2-7xTcf-NLS-YNLTol2-based Wnt signal reporter plasmid (expresses NLS-YNL)
65712pT2-7xTcf-NLS-CNLTol2-based Wnt signal reporter plasmid (expresses NLS-CNL)
65713pT2-7xTcf-NLS-ONLTol2-based Wnt signal reporter plasmid (expresses NLS-ONL)
65714pT2-7xTcf-NLS-YNL-CPTol2-based Wnt signal reporter plasmid (expresses NLS-YNL-CP)
65715pT2-7xTcf-NLS-CNL-CPTol2-based Wnt signal reporter plasmid (expresses NLS-CNL-CP)
65716pT2-7xTcf-NLS-ONL-CPTol2-based Wnt signal reporter plasmid (expresses NLS-ONL-CP)
65717pRZ-mNanog-YNLmNanog reporter plasmid (expresses YNL)
65718pRZ-mOct4-CNLmOct4 reporter plasmid (expresses CNL)
65719pGF-mSox2-ONLmSox2 reporter plasmid (expresses ONL)
67658Cyan Nano-lantern/pRSETBcyan luminescent protein for high-speed single-cell and whole body imaging
67659Orange Nano-lantern/pRSETBorange luminescent protein for high-speed single-cell and whole body imaging
67660Cyan Nano-lantern/pcDNA3cyan luminescent protein for high-speed single-cell and whole body imaging
67661Orange Nano-lantern/pcDNA3orange luminescent protein for high-speed single-cell and whole body imaging
71344Cyan Nano-lantern(Ca2+)/pcDNA3Express Cyan Nano-lantern-based luminescent Ca2+ indicator in mammalian cell
71345Mito-Cyan Nano-lantern(Ca2+)/pcDNA3Express Mito-Cyan Nano-lantern-based luminescent Ca2+ indicator in mammalian cel
71346Orange Nano-lantern(Ca2+)/pcDNA3Express Orange Nano-lantern-based luminescent Ca2+ indicator in mammalian cell
71349Nuc-Orange Nano-lantern(Ca2+)/pcDNA3Express Nuc-Orange Nano-lantern-based luminescent Ca2+ indicator in mammalian cel

Antibodies from Article