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CyanoGate: A Modular Cloning Suite for Engineering Cyanobacteria Based on the Plant MoClo Syntax.
Vasudevan R, Gale GAR, Schiavon AA, Puzorjov A, Malin J, Gillespie MD, Vavitsas K, Zulkower V, Wang B, Howe CJ, Lea-Smith DJ, McCormick AJ
Plant Physiol. 2019 May;180(1):39-55. doi: 10.1104/pp.18.01401. Epub 2019 Feb 28.
PubMed Article

A subset of these plasmids is included in the CyanoGate Kit.

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
119555pCAT.011Self replication Level T acceptor vector with LacZ compatible blue/white screening. Modified SEVA vector, RK2 ori vector.
119556pCAT.334Level T acceptor vector for chromosomal integration with lacZ compatible with blue/white screening. Modified pUC19 vector.
119557pCA0.001Level 0 acceptor vector for promoters truncated to transcriptional start site with lacZ compatible with blue/white screening
119558pCAT.015Level T acceptor vector for chromosomal integration with lacZ compatible with blue/white screening. Modified pUC19 vector.
119559pCAT.000Self replication Level T acceptor vector with LacZ compatible blue/white screening. Modified BioBrick vector, RSF1010-derived ori.
119560pCA0.002Level 0 acceptor vector for promoters with lacZ compatible with blue/white screening, low copy number, pSC101 ori.
119561pC0.049Level 0 part. Promoter
119562pC0.034Level 0 part. Promoter
119563pC0.041Level 0 part. Promoter
119564pC.059Level 0 part. Promoter
119565pC0.057Level 0 part. Promoter
119566pC0.055Level 0 part. Promoter
119567pC0.005Level 0 part. Promoter
119568pC0.050Level 0 part. Promoter
119569pC0.051Level 0 part. Promoter
119570pC0.052Level 0 part. Promoter
119571pC0.053Level 0 part. Promoter
119572pC0.054Level 0 part. Promoter
119573pC0.056Level 0 part. Promoter
119574pC0.093Level 0 part. Promoter
119575pC0.030Level 0 part. Promoter
119576pC0.031Level 0 part. Promoter
119577pC0.032Level 0 part. Promoter
119578pC0.033Level 0 part. Promoter
119579pC0.035Level 0 part. Promoter
119580pC0.036Level 0 part. Promoter
119581pC0.037Level 0 part. Promoter
119582pC0.038Level 0 part. Promoter
119583pC0.039Level 0 part. Promoter
119584pC0.040Level 0 part. Promoter
119586pC0.043Level 0 part. Promoter
119587pC0.044Level 0 part. Promoter
119588pC0.045Level 0 part. Promoter
119589pC0.046Level 0 part. Promoter
119590pC0.047Level 0 part. Promoter
119591pC0.048Level 0 part. Promoter
119592pC0.083Level 0 part. Promoter
119593pC0.084Level 0 part. Promoter
119594pC0.085Level 0 part. Promoter
119595pC0.088Level 0 part. Promoter
119596pC0.089Level 0 part. Promoter
119597pC0.090Level 0 part. Promoter
119598pC0.091Level 0 part. Promoter
119599pC0.092Level 0 part. Promoter
119600pC0.285Level 0 part. Promoter
119601pC.264Level 0 part. Promoter
119602pC.060Level 0 part. Promoter
119603pC.061Level 0 part. Promoter
119604pC0.203Level 0 part. TSS promoter
119605pC0.208Level 0 part. TSS promoter
119606pC0.215Level 0 part. TSS promoter
119607pC0.219Level 0 part. TSS promoter
119608pC0.220Level 0 part. TSS promoter
119609pC0.078Level 0 part. Terminator
119610pC0.081Level 0 part. Terminator
119611pC0.082Level 0 part. Terminator
119612pC0.116Level 0 part. Linker
119613pC0.117Level 0 part. Linker
119614pC0.118Level 0 part. Linker
119615pC0.119Level 0 part. Linker
119616pC0.120Level 0 part. Linker
119617pC0.121Level 0 part. Linker
119618pC0.008Level 0 Part. CDS
119619pC0.009Level 0 Part. CDS
119620pC0.161Level 0 Part. CDS
119621pC0.017Level 0 Part. CDS
119622pC0.018Level 0 Part. CDS
119623pC0.026Level 0 Part. CDS
119624pC0.027Level 0 Part. CDS
119625pC0.028Level 0 Part. CDS
119626pC0.029Level 0 Part. CDS
119627pC0.286Level 0 Part. CDS
119628pC0.265Level 0 Part. CDS
119629pC0.122Level 0 Part. CDS
119630pC0.123Level 0 Part. CDS
119631pC0.025Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119632pC0.024Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119633pC0.166Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119634pC0.165Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119635pC0.168Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119636pC0.167Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119637pC0.169Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119638pC0.170Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119639pC0.171Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119640pC0.172Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119641pC0.174Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119642pC0.173Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119643pC0.175Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119644pC0.176Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119645pC0.178Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119646pC0.177Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119647pC0.281Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119648pC0.282Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119649pC0.283Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119650pC0.284Level 0 Part. Insertion site
119651pC0.062Level 0 part. Terminator for luxICDABEG operon from Vibrio fischeri.
119652pC0.070Level 0 part. Terminator, Bi-directional terminator for yciA/tonA genes from E. coli.
119655pC0.064Level 0 part. Terminator from hupB gene from E. coli.
119656pC0.077Level 0 part. Terminator from rpoH gene from E. coli.
119657pC0.072Level 0 part. Terminator from hyaABCDEF operon from E. coli.
119658pC0.068Level 0 part. Terminator for clpPX gene from E. coli.
119659pC0.065Level 0 part. Terminator araBAD operon from E. coli.
119660pC0.073Level 0 part. Terminator from rplJL-rpoBC,rplKAJL-rpoBC,rpoBC gene cluster from E. coli.
119661pC0.069Level 0 part. Terminator from arcA gene from E. coli.
119662pC0.071Level 0 part. Terminator from tatABCD operon from E. coli.
119663pC0.074Level 0 part. Terminator from Cysteine synthase A gene (cysK) from E. coli.
119664pC0.063Level 0 part. Terminator derived from Biobricks plasmid pSB1AK3.
119665pC0.080Level 0 part. Terminator for the cpcG1 gene Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
119666pC0.066Level 0 part. Terminator from pheA gene from E. coli.
119667pC0.079Level 0 part. Terminator for the psbA2 gene Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803.
119669pC0.004Level 0 part. Promoter
119670pC0.006Level 0 part. Promoter, cpc560 promoter, extended spacer region, upstream TFB site region duplicated.
119671pC0.007Level 0 part. Promoter, cpc560 promoter, extended spacer region, downstream TFB site region duplicated.

Antibodies from Article