Constitutive Gs activation using a single-construct tetracycline-inducible expression system in embryonic stem cells and mice

Hsiao EC, Nguyen TD, Ng JK, Scott MJ, Chang WC, Zahed H, Conklin BR.

Stem Cell Res Ther. 2011 Mar 4;2(2):11. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
24414 pEnt L1L3 tTA-2 Add to Cart
24415 pEnt L1L3 EF1a-tTA-3 Add to Cart
24416 pEnt R3L2 TetO(fl)-2 Add to Cart
24417 pEnt R3L2 TetO(sh) mCh-Rs1-2 Add to Cart
24418 pRosa26 R1-ccdB-R2 RexNeo PI-SceI Add to Cart
24419 Exp-Rosa-EF1a-tTA-mCh-Rs1-TetO(sh)-2 Add to Cart
26797 Exp-pcDNA3.2delCMV(EF1α-tTA/TetO-mCh-Rs1) Add to Cart
26798 pEnt L1L3-MCS Add to Cart
26799 pEnt R3L2-MCS Add to Cart
26803 pEnt L1L3 EF1a-tTA-2 Add to Cart
27105 pEnt L1L3 tTA-3 Add to Cart
27106 pEnt L1L3 rtTA-3 Add to Cart
27107 pEnt R3L2 TetO(fl)-3 Add to Cart
29496 pcDNA3.2 GW delCMV Add to Cart