ARID1A, a factor that promotes formation of SWI/SNF-mediated chromatin remodeling, is a tumor suppressor in gynecologic cancers.

Guan B, Wang TL, Shih IeM

Cancer Res. 2011 Nov 1;71(21):6718-27. Epub 2011 Sep 7. PubMed Journal

ID Plasmid
39311 pcDNA6-ARID1A Add to Cart
39475 pcDNA6-ARID1A 1–1758 Add to Cart
39476 pcDNA6-ARID1A 1759-2285 Add to Cart
39477 pLenti-puro-LacZ Add to Cart
39478 pLenti-puro-ARID1A Add to Cart
39479 pGEX-p53 Add to Cart
39480 pGEX-p53 R175H Add to Cart
39481 pLenti-puro Add to Cart