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High-throughput phosphotyrosine profiling using SH2 domains.
Machida K, Thompson CM, Dierck K, Jablonowski K, Karkkainen S, Liu B, Zhang H, Nash PD, Newman DK, Nollau P, Pawson T, Renkema GH, Saksela K, Schiller MR, Shin DG, Mayer BJ
Mol Cell. 2007 Jun 22;26(6):899-915.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
46402pGEX Abl-SH2
46403pGEX Abl-SH2 RK
46404pGEX Aps-SH2
46405pGEX Arg-SH2
46406pGEX Bks-SH2
46407pGEX Blk-SH2
46408pGEX Blnk-SH2
46409pGEX Bmx-SH2
46410pGEX BRDG1-SH2
46411pGEX Brk-SH2
46412pGEX Btk-SH2
46413pGEX CblB-SH2
46414pGEX CblC-SH2
46415pGEX chimerin-SH2
46416pGEX chimerin2-SH2
46417pGEX Cis1-SH2
46418pGEX Crk-SH2
46419pGEX CrkL-SH2
46420pGEX Csk-SH2
46421pGEX Cten-SH2
46422pGEX Dapp1-SH2
46423pGEX Eat2-SH2
46424pGEX Emt-SH2
46425pGEX Fer-SH2
46426pGEX Fes-SH2
46427pGEX Fgr-SH2
46428pAC4 Frk-SH2
46429pGEX FynA-SH2
46430pGEX FynT-SH2
46434pGEX Grap-SH2
46435pGEX Grap2-SH2
46436pGEX Grb10-PIR-SH2
46437pGEX Grb10-SH2
46438pAC4 Grb14-PIRSH2
46439pGEX Grb14-SH2
46440pGEX Grb2-SH2
46441pGEX Grb2-SH2 RK
46442pGEX Grb2 SH2-SH3
46443pGEX Grb7-PIR-SH2
46444pGEX Grb7-SH2
46445pGEX Hck-SH2
46446pGEX HSH2-SH2
46447pGEX Jak1-SH2
46448pGEX Jak2-SH2
46449pGEX Jak3-SH2
46451pGEX Lnk-SH2
46452pGEX Lyn-SH2
46453pGEX Matk-SH2
46454pGEX Mist-SH2
46455pGEX Mist-SH2 RK
46456pGEX Nap4-SH2
46457pGEX Nck-SH2
46458pGEX Nck2-SH2
46459pGEX Nsp1-SH2
46460pGEX Nsp2-SH2
46461pGEX Nsp3-SH2
46462pGEX p55g(NC)-SH2
46463pGEX p85a(C)-SH2
46464pGEX p85a(N)-SH2
46466pGEX p85b(C)-SH2
46467pGEX p85b(N)-SH2
46468pGEX p85b(NC)-SH2
46469pGEX PLCg1(C)-SH2
46470pGEX PLCg1(N)-SH2
46471pGEX PLCg1(NC)-SH2
46472pGEX PLCg2(NC)-SH2
46473pGEX Ptk70-SH2
46474pGEX Rin1-SH2
46475pGEX Rin2-SH2
46476pGEX Rin3-SH2
46477pGEX Sap-SH2
46478pGEX Sck-SH2
46479pGEX SH2-B-SH2
46480pGEX SH2-B-SH2 RA
46481pGEX SH2A-SH2
46482pGEX SH2D4B-SH2
46483pGEX SH2D5-SH2
46484pGEX Sh3bp2-SH2
46485pGEX Shb-SH2
46486pGEX ShcA-SH2
46487pGEX ShcC-SH2
46488pGEX ShcD-SH2
46489pGEX SHD-SH2
46490pGEX SHE-SH2
46491pGEX SHF-SH2
46492pGEX SHIP1-SH2
46493pGEX SHIP2-SH2
46494pGEX SHP-1(C)-SH2
46495pGEX SHP-1(N)-SH2
46496pGEX SHP-1(NC)-SH2
46497pGEX SHP-2(C)-SH2
46498pGEX SHP-2(N)-SH2
46499pGEX SHP-2(NC)-SH2
46500pGEX Slap-SH2
46501pGEX Slap2-SH2
46502pGEX Slnk-SH2
46503pGEX Slp76-SH2
46504pGEX Socs1-SH2
46505pGEX Socs2-SH2
46506pGEX Socs3-SH2
46507pGEX Socs4-SH2
46508pGEX Socs5-SH2
46509pGEX Socs7-SH2
46510pGEX Src-SH2
46511pGEX Stat1-SH2
46512pGEX Stat2-SH2
46513pGEX Stat3-SH2
46514pGEX Stat4-SH2
46515pGEX Stat5A-SH2
46516pGEX Stat5B-SH2
46517pGEX Stat6-SH2
46518pGEX Supt6h-SH2
46519pGEX Syk(C)-SH2
46520pGEX Syk(N)-SH2
46521pGEX Syk(NC)-SH2
46522pGEX Tec-SH2
46523pGEX Tem6-SH2
46524pGEX Tenc1-SH2
46525pGEX tensin-SH2
46526pGEX Txk-SH2
46527pGEX Tyk2-SH2
46528pGEX Vav1-SH2
46529pGEX Vav2-SH2
46530pGEX Vav3-SH2
46531pGEX Vrap-SH2
46532pGEX Yes-SH2
46533pGEX Zap70(C)-SH2
46534pGEX Zap70(N)-SH2
46535pGEX Zap70(NC)-SH2

Antibodies from Article