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The myeloma drug lenalidomide promotes the cereblon-dependent destruction of Ikaros proteins.
Lu G, Middleton RE, Sun H, Naniong M, Ott CJ, Mitsiades CS, Wong KK, Bradner JE, Kaelin WG Jr
Science. 2014 Jan 17;343(6168):305-9. doi: 10.1126/science.1244917. Epub 2013 Nov 29.
PubMed Article

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
69040pLKO-RFP-shCntrlLentiviral expression of control shRNA
69041pLKO-RFP-IKZF1-sh23rd generation lentiviral vector expressing IKZF1 shRNA
69042pLKO-RFP-IKZF1-sh3Lentiviral expression of IKZF1 shRNA
69043pLKO-RFP-IKZF3-sh23rd generation lentiviral vector expressing IKZF3 shRNA
69044pLKO-RFP-IKZF3-sh33rd generation lentiviral vector expressing IKZF3 shRNA
69045pIRIGF-IKZF1-V2expression of IKZF1 fused to firefly luciferase with co-expression of Renilla luciferase, both under IRES control.
69046pIRIGF-IKZF3expression of IKZF3 fused to firefly luciferase with co-expression of Renilla luciferase, both under IRES control.
69047plenti-CAG -IRES-GFPLentiviral backbone for GFP coexpression
69048plenti-CAG-IKZF1-V1-Q146H-FLAG-IRES-GFPlentiviral expression of IKZF1 variant 1 with Q146H mutation and FLAG tag
69049plenti-CAG-IKZF2-V2-FLAG-IRES-GFPlentiviral expression of IKZF2 variant 2 with FLAG tag
69050plenti-CAG-IKZF3-Q147H-FLAG-IRES-GFPlentiviral expression of IKZF3 with Q147H mutation and FLAG tag
69051plenti-UbcP-IKZF1-V2-3xHA-pGK-Purlentiviral expression of IKZF1 with HA tag
69052plenti-UbcP-IKZF2-V2-3xHA-pGK-Purlentiviral expression of IKZF2 variant 2 with HA tag
69053plenti-UbcP-IKZF3-3xHA-pGK-Purlentiviral expression of IKZF3 with HA tag
101139pCMV-IRES-Renilla Luciferase-IRES-Gateway-Firefly Luciferase (pIRIGF)Luciferase reporter plasmid. Note that both renilla luciferase and ORF-firefly luciferase are encoded by a single mRNA and both are translated independently via internal ribosomal binding sites.
107374plenti-UbcP-FLAG-CRBN-pGK-HYGLentiviral expression of FLAG-CRBN
107375plenti-UbcP-FLAG-YWAA-pGK-HYGLentiviral expression of FLAG-YWAA
107376plenti-UbcP-Myc-CRBN-pGK-HYGLentiviral expression of myc-CRBN
107377plenti-UbcP-Myc-YWAA-pGK-HYGLentiviral expression of myc-YWAA
107378plenti-UbcP-HA-CRBN-pGK-HYGLentiviral expression of HA-CRBN
107379plenti-UbcP-HA-YWAA-pGK-HYGLentiviral expression of HA-YWAA
107380pcDNA3-FLAG-CRBN-pGK-HYGMammalian expression of FLAG-CRBN
107381pcDNA3-FLAG -YWAA-pGK-HYGMammalian expression of FLAG-YWAA
107382plenti-px330-CRBN-T1-pGK-PurMammalian expression CRISPR/Cas9
107383plenti-px330-CRBN-T2-pGK-PurMammalian expression CRISPR/Cas9
107384plenti-UBC- IKZF4-3xHA-pGK-PUR Lentiviral expression of IKZF4-3xHA
107385plenti-UBC- IKZF5-3xHA-pGK-PUR Lentiviral expression of IKZF5-3xHA
107386plenti-UBC- IRF4-3xHA-pGK-PUR Lentiviral expression of IRF4-3xHA
107387plenti-CAG-IKZF1-V1-FLAG-IRES-GFPLentiviral expression of IKZF1-V1-FLAG
107388plenti-CAG-IKZF3-FLAG-IRES-GFPLentiviral expression of IKZF3-FLAG
107389plenti-CAG-IRF4-FLAG-IRES-GFPLentiviral expression of IRF4-FLAG
107390pcDNA3-IKZF1-V2-V5Mammalian expression of IKZF1-V2-V5
107391pcDNA3-IKZF2-V2-V5Mammalian expression of IKZF2-V2-V5
107392pCMV-8xHis-UbMammalian expression 8xHis-Ub
107393plenti-UBC-gate-3xHA-pGK-PURLentiviral gateway destination vector
107395plenti-UBC-Myc-gate-pGK-HYGLentiviral gateway destination vector
107396plenti-UBC-HA-gate-pGK-HYGLentiviral gateway destination vector
107397pcDNA3-FLAG- gate-pGK-HYGGateway destination vector
107398plenti-CAG-gate-FLAG-IRES-GFPLentiviral gateway destination vector

Antibodies from Article