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Description Parkinsonism associated deglycase
Also known as DJ-1, DJ1, GATD2, HEL-S-67p
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 11315
MGC ID BC008188

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
29340pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-R98Q-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29341pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-E18N-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29342pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-E18Q-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29343pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-L166P-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29344pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-E64D-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29345pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-D149A-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29346pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-E18D-V5DJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29347pGW1-Myc-DJ1-WTDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29349pGW1-Myc-DJ1-L166P/K130RDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29350pGEX-5X-1-DJ1-WTDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29351pGEX-5X-1-DJ1-D149ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29352pGEX-5X-1-DJ1-E64DDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29353pGEX-5X-1-DJ1-M26IDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29354pCR8-DJ1-WTDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29355pCR8-DJ1-D149ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29356pCR8-DJ1-E64DDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29357pCR8-DJ1-M26IDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29396pRK5-mouse-DJ1-HADJ1 (Mus musculus) Cookson
29403pDEST40-DJ1-E18DDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29404pDEST40-DJ1-E18QDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29406pDEST40-DJ1-D149ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29407pDEST40-DJ1-E18NDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29409pDEST40-DJ1-C106ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29410pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-C53ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29411pcDNA3.1/GS-DJ1-A104TDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29412pLenti6-DJ1-V5-E18NDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29413pLenti6-DJ1-V5-C106DDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29414pLenti6-DJ1-V5-L166PDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29415pLenti6-DJ1-V5-E18DDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29417pLenti6-DJ1-V5-E18QDJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29418pLenti6-DJ1-V5-D149ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
29419pLenti6-DJ1-V5-C53ADJ1 (Homo sapiens) Cookson
51488pET3a-His-DJ1DJ1 (Homo sapiens) MJFF
51489pET3a-DJ1DJ1 (Homo sapiens) MJFF
60677M26I DJ-1 pET15bM26I DJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60678DJ-1 pET15bDJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60679M26L DJ-1 pET15bM26L DJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60680A104T DJ-1 pET15bA104T DJ-1 pET15b (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60685M26I DJ-1 TEV site pET15bM26I DJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60686M26L DJ-1 TEV site pET15bM26L DJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60687DJ-1 TEV site pET15bDJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60688M26V DJ-1 pET15bM26V DJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
60689SpDJ-1 pET15bDJ-1 (Schizosaccharomyces pombe) Wilson
115178pENTR223-PARK7V51GPARK7V51G (Homo sapiens) Babu
115179pENTR223-PARK7C53APARK7C53A (Homo sapiens) Babu
115180pENTR223-PARK7H126APARK7H126A (Homo sapiens) Babu
115181pENTR223-PARK7E163KPARK7E163K (Homo sapiens) Babu
115182pLD-puro-Cc-PARK7WT-VAPARK7WT (Homo sapiens) Babu
115183pLD-puro-Cc-PARK7V51G-VAPARK7V51G (Homo sapiens) Babu
115184pLD-puro-Cc-PARK7C53A-VAPARK7C53A (Homo sapiens) Babu
115185pLD-puro-Cc-PARK7H126A-VAPARK7H126A (Homo sapiens) Babu
115186pLD-puro-Cc-PARK7E163K-VAPARK7E163K (Homo sapiens) Babu
115187pLD-puro-Cc-CR-PARK7WT-VACR (CRISPR/Cas9-resistant)-PARK7WT (Homo sapiens) Babu
115188pLD-puro-Cc-CR-PARK7V51G-VACR (CRISPR/Cas9-resistant)-PARK7V51G (Homo sapiens) Babu
115189pLD-puro-Cc-CR-PARK7C53A-VACR (CRISPR/Cas9-resistant)-PARK7C53A (Homo sapiens) Babu
115190pLD-puro-Cc-CR-PARK7H126A-VACR (CRISPR/Cas9-resistant)-PARK7H126A (Homo sapiens) Babu
115191pLD-puro-Cc-CR-PARK7E163K-VACR (CRISPR/Cas9-resistant)-PARK7E163K (Homo sapiens) Babu
178165PARK7_Halo_C_alleleHalotag (Homo sapiens) Ward
220914CMV DJ-1 C106ADJ-1 (Homo sapiens) Ryan
222870pLKO.1 mTagBFP2 rat DJ-1 shRNADJ-1 shRNA (Rattus norvegicus) Ryan