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Description neurogenin 2
Also known as Atoh4, Math4A, bHLHa8, ngn-2, ngn2
Species Mus musculus
Entrez ID 11924
MGC ID BC055743

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
32928pMXs-Ngn2Ngn2 (Mus musculus) Eggan
34999Ngn2Neurogenin-2 (Mus musculus) Parmar
48708CBIG-Ngn2Neurog2 (Mus musculus) Macklis
52047pTet-O-Ngn2-puroNgn2 (Mus musculus) Wernig
61471pLV_TRET_Ngn2‐2A‐Ngn1Ngn2 (Mus musculus), Neurog1 (Mus musculus) Weiss
61474pLV_TRET_hNgn2_UBC_PuroNgn2 (Homo sapiens), Puro (Other) Weiss
62223Teto Ngn2Neurog2 (Mus musculus) Baldwin
79049pLV-TetO-hNGN2-PurohNGN2-P2A-PuroR (Homo sapiens) Brennand
79823pLV-TetO-hNGN2-eGFP-PurohNGN2-P2A-eGFP-T2A-PuroR (Homo sapiens) Brennand
84777pLVX-TREtight-Ngn2:2A:Ascl1-PGK-Puro (XTP-N2A)Ngn2 and Mash1 with a T2A (Homo sapiens) Gage
90212pLNCX2-NGN2-IRES-GFPNGN2-IRES-GFP (Homo sapiens) Zhang
90213pLNCX2-NGN2-IRES-GFP-T2A-Sox11NGN2-IRES-GFP-T2A-Sox11 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
90214pCSC-NGN2-IRES-GFP-T2A-Sox11NGN2-IRES-GFP-T2A-Sox11 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
99378pLV-TetO-hNGN2-NeohNGN2-P2A-Neo (Homo sapiens) Brennand
99695pAAV-CMV-dSa VP64 Neurog2dCas9 and gRNA targeting Neurog2 (Synthetic) Church
105840pUCM-AAVS1-TO-hNGN2Neurogenin 2 (Homo sapiens), mCherry (Synthetic), rtTA3G (Other) Ward
105841pUCM-CLYBL-hNILNeurogenin 2 (Homo sapiens), ISL LIM Homeobox 1 (Homo sapiens), LIM Homeobox 3 (Homo sapiens), mCherry (Synthetic), rtTA3G (Other) Ward
105842CLYBL-(Ef1a-SBP-LNGFR-T2A-mApple)-(CAG-rtTA)-(TRE-hNIL))Neurogenin 2 (Homo sapiens), ISL LIM Homeobox 1 (Homo sapiens), LIM Homeobox 3 (Homo sapiens), Optimized mApple (Synthetic), rtTA3G (Other), SBP Delta-LNGFR (Other) Ward
110492H52-pUCM-hNGN2-invNeurogenin 2 (Homo sapiens), mcherry (Other), rtTA3G Ward
114280pCWXPGR-pTF-Ngn2Neurogenin 2 (Mus musculus) Salmon
120547EF1a-3NLS-NGN2TALE-GCN4NLS, NGN2 TALE, GCN4 (Synthetic) Wang
124229CLYBL-TO-hNGN2-BSD-mAppleNGN2 (Homo sapiens) Ward
124230CLYBL-TO-hNIL-BSD-mAppleNGN2, ISL1, LHX3 (Homo sapiens) Ward
127288pLVX-UbC-rtTA-Ngn2:2A:EGFPNgn2:2A:Ascl1 (Homo sapiens) Gage
127289pLVX-UbC-rtTA-Ngn2:2A:Ascl1Ngn2:2A:Ascl1 (Homo sapiens), Ngn2:2A:Ascl1 (Homo sapiens) Gage
140764pPB-tetpA-hNEUROG2-iRPTiRFP713 (Other), PuroR (Other), rtTAM2, NEUROG2 (Homo sapiens) Okano
165597pUCM-CLYBL-NGN2-BRN3ANeurogenin 2 (Homo sapiens), BRN3A (Homo sapiens), EGFP, Puromycin N-acetyl transferase, rtTA3G, SBP Delta-LNGFR Bönnemann
171100pX458-Ef1a-Cas9-H2B-mCherry (dual gRNA: Neurog2 x2)hSpCas9 (Mus musculus) Brzezinski
172113PB-TO-hNILhNGN2 (Homo sapiens), hISL1 (Homo sapiens), hLHX3 (Homo sapiens), puroR-T2A-mycNLS-mTagBFP2 Ward
172115PB-TO-hNGN2hNGN2 (Homo sapiens), puroR-T2A-mycNLS-mTagBFP2 Ward
182308PB-TO-hNGN2-BSD-mApplehNGN2 (Homo sapiens), bsd-T2A-mycNLS-mApple Ward
182311PB-TO-NGN2-EMX1 BSD-mApplehNGN2-P2A-EMX1 (Homo sapiens), bsd-T2A-mycNLS-mApple Ward
182312PB-TO-NGN2-EMX1 puro-BFPhNGN2-P2A-EMX1 (Homo sapiens), puro-T2A-mycNLS-mTagBFP2 Ward
182313PB-TO-hNIL BSD-mApplehNGN2 (Homo sapiens), hISL1 (Homo sapiens), hLHX3 (Homo sapiens), bsd-T2A-mycNLS-mApple (Homo sapiens) Ward
192680LentiU6-mNeurog2 gRNA_1-MS2-PuroMouse Neurog2 activating gRNA #1 (Mus musculus) Miner
197089PB-tetO-hNILNGN2-P2A-ISL1-T2A-LHX3 (Homo sapiens) Wainger
197090PB-tetO-NGN2NGN2 (Homo sapiens) Wainger
197092PB-tetO-NBNGN2-T2A-BRN3A (Homo sapiens) Wainger
198397PB-TO-oNGN2NEUROG2 (phospho mutant, codon optimized) (Homo sapiens), puroR-T2A-mycNLS-mTagBFP2 (Homo sapiens), rtTA3G (Homo sapiens) Ward
198754pLV[TetOn]-Puro-TRE3G>mNeurog2Neurogenin-2 (Mus musculus) Nadif Kasri
202761P931_CLYBL-CBX3-Cbh-Zeo-TetO-NAIP2NEUROG2-p2A-ATOH7-p2A-ISL1-p2A-POU4F2 (Homo sapiens) Wahlin
202762P932_CLYBL-CBX3-Cbh-Zeo-TetO-NEUROG2NEUROG2 (Homo sapiens) Wahlin
209077piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-NGN2-2A-PURO-IRES-SNAP (VK_1018)NGN2 (Mus musculus), SNAPtag (Synthetic) Khurana
209078piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-SNCA(3K)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1120)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209079piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1122)sfGFP (Synthetic), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209080piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-SNCA(A53T)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1123)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209081piggyBac-rtTA (4th_Gen)-SNCA(A53T-DNAC)-sfGFP-IRES-NGN2-puro (VK_1124)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus) Khurana
209084piggyBac_rtTA (4th_Gen)_Gateway_IRES_NGN2-2A-PURO_Synapsin-BirA. (pEHA1618)NGN2 (Mus musculus), BirA (Other) Khurana
209085piggyBac_rtTA (4th_Gen)_SNCA_IRES_NGN2-2A-PURO_Synapsin-BirA (pEHA1623)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus), BirA (Other) Khurana
209086piggyBac_rtTA (4th_Gen)_SNCA-Avi_IRES_NGN2-2A-PURO_Synapsin-BirA (pEHA1628)SNCA (Homo sapiens), NGN2 (Mus musculus), BirA (Other) Khurana
215607pGAL4-DBD-NGN2-WTNGN2 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215608pGAL4-DBD-NGN2-AroLITE_ANGN2 AroLITE (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215609pGAL4-DBD-NGN2-AroPERFECTNGN2 AroPERFECT (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215610pPB-TetON-mEGFP-NGN2_WTNGN2 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215611pPB-TetON-mEGFP-NGN2_AroLITE_ANGN2 AroLITE (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215612pPB-TetON-mEGFP-NGN2_AroPERFECTNGN2 AroLITE (Homo sapiens) Hnisz