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Description DNA-binding transcriptional dual regulator AraC
Also known as b0064, ECK0065
Species Escherichia coli str. K-12 substr. MG1655
Entrez ID 944780

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI  
80397pVH003Anti-scaffold - Venus YFP (Synthetic), CusR, AraC Murray Add to Cart
80398pVH015Anti-scaffold-ffGFP-3xFLAG, CusR, AraC Murray Add to Cart
80399pVH0093xFLAG-Venus YFP-AAV, CusR, AraC Murray Add to Cart
80400pVH016ffGFP-3xFLAG, CusR, AraC Murray Add to Cart
80401pVH004CusR, AraC, Anti-scaffold (Synthetic) Murray Add to Cart
82351pVHed05TP901-1 integrase, Bxb1 integrase, AraC, TetR Murray Add to Cart
102453pSG28-J23151-AraCAraC Murray Add to Cart
138167pFP.R265araC (Other), mCherryN(VDA).M86.(SDL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138175pFP.R400araC (Other), mCherryN(GGK).NpuSsp*.(CWN)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138179pFP.R267araC (Other), mCherryN(SGY).gp41-1.(SSS)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138180pFP.R268araC (Other), mCherryN(LNR).gp41-8.(SAV)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138181pFP.R269araC (Other), mCherryN(NPC).NrdJ-1.(SEI)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138219pFP.R270araC (Other), mCherryN(GGG).IMPDH-1.(SIC)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138220pFP.R271araC (Other), mCherryN(IDE).SspDnaX.(CHT)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138221pFP.R272araC (Other), mCherryN(AGG).SspGyrB.(SAK)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138222pFP.R401araC (Other), mCherryN(IGC).TerThyX*.(SFD)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138223pFP.R274araC (Other), mCherryN(GSK).TvoVMA.(TVI)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138224pFP.R275araC (Other), mCherryN(SGK).PhoRadA.(TQL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138225pFP.R355araC (Other), mCherryN(VNQ).Cro-RIR1*.(SGR)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138226pFP.R356araC (Other), mCherryN(DKF).Cro-RPB2*.(STK)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138227pFP.R357araC (Other), mCherryN(GSK).Cro-Top2*.(CSN)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138228pFP.R358araC (Other), mCherryN(SNL).CIV-RIR1*.(CSE)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138229pFP.R359araC (Other), mCherryN(KHH).CP-Thy1*.(SVL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138230pFP.R360araC (Other), mCherryN(HGK).Ama-Ter*.(SEL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138231pFP.R361araC (Other), mCherryN(SNL).BsuP-RIR1*.(CSE)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138232pFP.R362araC (Other), mCherryN(ASC).CbP-RNR*.(CRL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138233pFP.R363araC (Other), mCherryN(NGK).Ckl-Ter*.(TTL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138234pFP.R364araC (Other), mCherryN(NGK).Cth-Ter*.(SEL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138235pFP.R365araC (Other), mCherryN(HGK).EP-Pri*.(TEV)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138236pFP.R366araC (Other), mCherryN(AKA).LLP-Pol*.(CNF)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138237pFP.R367araC (Other), mCherryN(ATG).LP-Hel*.(CGK)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138238pFP.R368araC (Other), mCherryN(QDQ).MP-B-DnaB*.(TKN)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138239pFP.R369araC (Other), mCherryN(NHD).MP-K-gp53*.(SRA)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138240pFP.R370araC (Other), mCherryN(ELK).MP-C-gp206*.(TQN)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138241pFP.R371araC (Other), mCherryN(NGK).MP-M-DnaB*.(TEL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138242pFP.R372araC (Other), mCherryN(AGK).PP-Phi*.(SLT)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138243pFP.R373araC (Other), mCherryN(GKA).SaP-dpol*.(CEL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138244pFP.R374araC (Other), mCherryN(SGK).SaP-Hel*.(TSS)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138245pFP.R375araC (Other), mCherryN(SNL).NrdA-2*.(CNE)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138246pFP.R376araC (Other), mCherryN(GGG).Pfu-RIR1-1*.(TGL)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138247pFP.R377araC (Other), mCherryN(HDG).Mja-KlbA*.(CSG)mCherryC.H6 (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
138248pFP.E222araC (Other), ECF20.N.(VDA).M86.N2 (Synthetic), Terminator (Synthetic), SspGyrB.C2.(SAK).ECF16.C (Synthetic), Terminator (Synthetic), rhaS (Other), ECF17.N.(NPC).NrdJ-1.N2 (Synthetic), Terminator (Synthetic), M86.C2.(SDL).ECF20.C (Synthetic), Terminator, luxR (Other), Terminator (Synthetic), ECF16.N.(AGG).SspGyrB.N2 (Synthetic), Terminator (Synthetic), NrdJ-1.C2.(SEI).ECF17.C (Synthetic) Wang Add to Cart
169110pNB101araC (Other) Wintermute Add to Cart