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MXS-Chaining: A Highly Efficient Cloning Platform for Imaging and Flow Cytometry Approaches in Mammalian Systems.
Sladitschek HL, Neveu PA
PLoS One. 2015 Apr 24;10(4):e0124958. doi: 10.1371/journal.pone.0124958. eCollection 2015.

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
62394MXS_chaining vectorEmpty Backbone
62395MXS_MCS1MXS_chaining vector with MCS1
62396MXS_MCS2MXS_chaining vector with MCS2
62397MXS_MCS3MXS_chaining vector with MCS3
62398MXS_MCS4MXS_chaining vector with MCS4
62399SMX DEST vectorEmpty Backbone
62400MXS_TagBFPMXS_chaining vector with TagBFP
62401MXS_CeruleanMXS_chaining vector with Cerulean
62402MXS_LSS-mKate2MXS_chaining vector with LSS-mKate2
62403MXS_mEGFPMXS_chaining vector with mEGFP
62404MXS_mAzamiGreenMXS_chaining vector with mAzamiGreen
62405MXS_CitrineMXS_chaining vector with Citrine
62406MXS_mKO2MXS_chaining vector with mKO2
62407MXS_tdTomatoMXS_chaining vector with tdTomato
62408MXS_mCherryMXS_chaining vector with mCherry
62409MXS_mPlumMXS_chaining vector with mPlum
62410MXS_E2-CrimsonMXS_chaining vector with E2-Crimson
62411MXS_iRFP670MXS_chaining vector with iRFP670
62412MXS_PA-GFPMXS_chaining vector with PA-GFP
62413MXS_KaedeMXS_chaining vector with Kaede
62414MXS_PGKMXS_chaining vector with PGK
62415MXS_minPGKMXS_chaining vector with minPGK
62416MXS_PGKenhancerMXS_chaining vector with PGKenhancer
62417MXS_CMVMXS_chaining vector with CMV
62418MXS_minCMVMXS_chaining vector with minCMV
62419MXS_CMVenhancerMXS_chaining vector with CMVenhancer
62420MXS_CAGMXS_chaining vector with CAG
62421MXS_EF1aMXS_chaining vector with EF1a
62422MXS_TetMXS_chaining vector with Tet
62423MXS_BiTetMXS_chaining vector with BiTet
62424MXS_bGpAMXS_chaining vector with bGpA
62425MXS_bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with bGHpA
62426MXS_SV40pAMXS_chaining vector with SV40pA
62427MXS_CreERT2MXS_chaining vector with CreERT2
62428MXS_rtTA3MXS_chaining vector with rtTA3
62429MXS_tTA2MXS_chaining vector with rTA2
62430MXS_loxPMXS_chaining vector with loxP
62431MXS_linkerMXS_chaining vector with linker
62432MXS_H2BMXS_chaining vector with H2B
62433MXS_P2AMXS_chaining vector with P2A
62434MXS_PEST2DMXS_chaining vector with PEST2D
62435MXS_CMV::HygroR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::HygroR-bGHpA
62436MXS_PGK::HygroR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::HygroR-bGHpA
62437MXS_CMV::NeoR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::NeoR-bGHpA
62438MXS_PGK::NeoR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::NeoR-bGHpA
62439MXS_CMV::PuroR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::PuroR-bGHpA
62440MXS_PGK::PuroR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::PuroR-bGHpA
62441MXS_CMV::ZeoR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::ZeoR-bGHpA
62442MXS_PGK::ZeoR-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::ZeoR-bGHpA
62443MXS_CMV::CreERT2-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::CreERT2-bGHpA
62444MXS_PGK::CreERT2-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::CreERT2-bGHpA
62445MXS_CMV::rtTA3-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::rtTA3-bGHpA
62446MXS_PGK::rtTA3-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::rtTA3-bGHpA
62447MXS_CMV::tTA2-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with CMV::tTA2-bGHpA
62448MXS_PGK::tTA2-bGHpAMXS_chaining vector with PGK::tTA2-bGHpA
62449ColorfulCellMXS_chaining vector with 6 cassettes
62450ChromosomesMembranesandCytoskeletonMXS_chaining vector with 4 cassettes
62451ES-FUCCISMX_DEST vector with 3 cassettes
62452rtTA and TagBFP cassettesMXS_chaining vector with 2 cassettes
62453EmptyTranscriptionalReporterMXS_chaining vector with 2 cassettes

Antibodies from Article