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Description phosphoinositide-3-kinase, regulatory subunit 1 (alpha)
Also known as
Species Bos taurus
Entrez ID 282307

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
1399pCMV6-p85alpha-FlagPI3K regulatory subunit p85alpha (Mus musculus) Cantley
1402pCMV6-p55alpha-FlagPI3K regulatory subunit p55alpha (Mus musculus) Cantley
1405pIREShyg-p50alpha-FlagPI3K regulatory subunit p50alpha (Mus musculus) Cantley
1407pBS-p85alphaPI3K regulatory subunit p85alpha (Mus musculus) Cantley
1409pCR2.1-p55alphaPI3K regulatory subunit p55alpha (Mus musculus) Cantley
1410Myr-(iSH2-p85)-p110alpha-MycPI3K catalytic subunit p110alpha-Myc- (iSH2-p85alpha) (Mus musculus) Cantley
10888pWZL-neo delta-p85delta-p85 (Bos taurus) Hahn
11498pSV human p55 alpha (HA tag)p55 alpha (Homo sapiens) Kahn
11499pSV human p85 alpha (HA tag)p85 alpha (Homo sapiens) Kahn
13429pBSSK WT p85 alpha flagp85 alpha (Homo sapiens) Kahn
13430pBSSK p85 alpha (delta SH3)p85 alpha (delta SH3) (Homo sapiens) Kahn
13431pBSSK p85 alpha (delta BH)p85 alpha (delta BH) (Homo sapiens) Kahn
13432pBSSK p85 alpha (delta iSH2)p85 alpha (delta iSH2) (Homo sapiens) Kahn
13433pBSSK p85 alpha (delta SH3, iSH2)p85 alpha (delta SH3, iSH2) (Homo sapiens) Kahn
17743pFastBac1 PIK3R1PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
17744pFastBac1 PIK3R1-NiPIK3R1-Ni (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
23696pDONR223-PIK3R1PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
39496pcDNA3-p85α_wtp85 (Bos taurus) Downward
39497pSG5-p85α_wtp85 (Bos taurus) Downward
39498pSG5-p85α-ΔiSH2-N p85 ΔiSH2-N (Bos taurus) Downward
39499pSG5-p85α-ΔiSH2-Cp85 ΔiSH2-C (Bos taurus) Downward
39500pSG5-p85α-Δbcrp85 Δbcr (Bos taurus) Downward
39501pLXSN-p85α_wtp85 (Bos taurus) Downward
39502pLXSN-p85α-ΔiSH2-N p85 ΔiSH2-N (Bos taurus) Downward
40219pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85P85 alpha (Homo sapiens) Chin
40220pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(G376R)P85(G376R) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40221pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(E439del)P85(E439del) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40222pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(KS459del)P85(KS459delN) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40223pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(D560Y)P85(D560Y) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40224pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(K550_K562dup)P85(K550_K562dup) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40225pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(DKRMNS560del)P85(DKRMNS560del) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40226pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(N564K)P85(N564K) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40227pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(R574fs)P85(R574fs) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40228pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(T576del)P85(T576del) (Homo sapiens) Chin
40229pLenti4/V5-DEST-P85(W583del)P85(W583del) (Homo sapiens) Chin
46463pGEX p85a(C)-SH2p85a(C) (Homo sapiens) Kotula
46464pGEX p85a(N)-SH2p85a(N) (Homo sapiens) Kotula
51392pGL3-CMV-p85a 3'UTRp85alpha 3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Kim
51393pGL3-CMV-p85a 3'UTR mutantp85alpha 3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Kim
67298pcDNA3.1_iSH2-pMagFast2(3x)-iRFPiSH2-pMagFast2(3x)-iRFP (Homo sapiens) Sato
67304pcDNA3.1_iSH2-pMag(3x)-iRFPiSH2-pMag(3x)-iRFP (Homo sapiens) Sato
70455R777-E171 Hs.PIK3R1PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
70456R777-E172 Hs.PIK3R1-nostopPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
81748pDONR223_PIK3R1_WTPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82310pDONR223_PIK3R1_WTPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
91274pHH0103_PIK3R1-1/1PIK3R1-1/1 (Homo sapiens) Sidhu
116584pHAGE-PIK3R1-D464NPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116585pHAGE-PIK3R1-D560GPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116586pHAGE-PIK3R1-E160*PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116587pHAGE-PIK3R1-E439delEPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116588pHAGE-PIK3R1-E451delEPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116589pHAGE-PIK3R1-F398Lfs*6PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116590pHAGE-PIK3R1-F646SPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116591pHAGE-PIK3R1-G353RPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116592pHAGE-PIK3R1-G376RPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116593pHAGE-PIK3R1-G644SPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116594pHAGE-PIK3R1-H669QPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116595pHAGE-PIK3R1-I381Kfs*15PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116596pHAGE-PIK3R1-K379EPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116597pHAGE-PIK3R1-K567EPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116598pHAGE-PIK3R1-L372_R373delLRPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116599pHAGE-PIK3R1-L380delLPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116600pHAGE-PIK3R1-N564DPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116601pHAGE-PIK3R1-Q302*PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116602pHAGE-PIK3R1-Q455_K459delQFQEKPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116603pHAGE-PIK3R1-R348*PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116604pHAGE-PIK3R1-R386*PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116605pHAGE-PIK3R1-S460_D464delSREYDPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116606pHAGE-PIK3R1-W333RPIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
174191EGFP-PIK3R1PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Yu
174192mCherry-PIK3R1PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Yu
176102iSH-iRFP670-sspBphosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (Mus musculus) Gadella
186107pIG-734pUC19-tNGFR-P2A-PIK3R1PIK3R1 (Homo sapiens) Marson
199302pFastBac Dual wt p110α/p85αHis-tagged p110α wt and Avi-tagged p85α wt (Homo sapiens) Vogt