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pmTurquoise2-Mito Citations (20)

Originally described in: Structure-guided evolution of cyan fluorescent proteins towards a quantum yield of 93%.
Goedhart J, von Stetten D, Noirclerc-Savoye M, Lelimousin M, Joosen L, Hink MA, van Weeren L, Gadella TW Jr, Royant A Nat Commun. 2012 Mar 20;3:751. doi: 10.1038/ncomms1738.
PubMed Journal

Articles Citing pmTurquoise2-Mito

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Associated Plasmids

mScarlet: a bright monomeric red fluorescent protein for cellular imaging. Bindels DS, Haarbosch L, van Weeren L, Postma M, Wiese KE, Mastop M, Aumonier S, Gotthard G, Royant A, Hink MA, Gadella TW Jr. Nat Methods. 2016 Nov 21. doi: 10.1038/nmeth.4074. PubMed

Associated Plasmids

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Associated Plasmids

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