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Description v-akt murine thymoma viral oncogene homolog 1
Also known as BOS_20453
Species Bos taurus
Entrez ID 280991

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
9003896 pcDNA3 T7 Akt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Sellers
9004903 pLNCX HA Akt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Sellers
9005901 pLNCX myr HA Akt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Sellers
9006902 pLNCX myr HA Akt1 K179MAkt1 K179M (Homo sapiens) Sellers
9007904 pLNCX HA Akt1 K179MAkt1 K179M (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90081036 pcDNA3 Myr HA Akt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90091017 pcDNA3 Myr Akt1 deltaPHAkt1 dPH (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90111051 pBabe puroL AktAkt1 (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90131053 pBabe puroL Akt K179M T308A S473AAkt1 K179M T308A S473A (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90141071 pBabe puroL myr Akt T308A S473AAkt1 T308A S473A (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90151072 pBabe puroL myr Akt K179M T308A S473AAkt1 K179M T308A S473A (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90211477 pcDNA3 flag HA Akt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90301013 pcDNA3 T7 Akt1 T308A S473AAkt1 T308A S473A (Homo sapiens) Sellers
90311014 pcDNA3 T7 Akt1 K179M T308A S473AAkt1 K179M T308A S473A (Homo sapiens) Sellers
10841myrAkt delta4-129Akt (Homo sapiens) Roth
11547RCAS-myrAktProtein Kinase B (Mus musculus) Orsulic
14549pMSCV neo WT Akt1Akt1 (Mus musculus) Brugge
14550pMSCV neo KD Akt1Akt1 KD (Mus musculus) Brugge
14751HA PKB T308D S473D pcDNA3PKB DD (Bos taurus) Woodgett
15266pBabe-Neo-Myr-Flag-AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
15288pSH1/Mf-del-Akt-EdelPH-Akt (Mus musculus) Spencer
15294pBabe-Puro-Myr-Flag-AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
15989pLNCX1 myr Akt1 delta4-129Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Birnbaum
15990pLNCX1 HA Akt1Akt1 (Mus musculus) Birnbaum
16001pcDNA3 HA PKB AAAAkt1 (Bos taurus) Birnbaum
16243HA-Akt DN (K179M)Akt1 (Mus musculus) Hung
17245pLNCX myr Akt1Akt1 (Mus musculus) Brugge
18767MSCV HA Akt loxPAkt (Homo sapiens) Lowe
18768MSCV Akt K179A mutAkt (Homo sapiens) Lowe
18836pcDNA3-AKT-PH-GFPAKT-PH domain (Homo sapiens) Montell
18837pcDNA3-AKT-PH[R25C]-GFPAKT-PH domain (Homo sapiens) Montell
20281PKT2/CLP-AKTAKT (Homo sapiens) Ohlfest
20422pWZL Neo Myr Flag AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Zhao
23752pDONR223-AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
24651GAG-PKB-pcDNA3PKB (Homo sapiens) Woodgett
24652HA-PKB-pcDNA3-K179APKB Woodgett
31789pT3-myr-AKT-HAAkt1 (Mus musculus) Chen
31790pENTR-myr-AKT-HAAkt1 (Mus musculus) Chen
39530pcDNA3-mAkt-ERAkt (Mus musculus) Downward
39531pEGFP-AktAkt (Mus musculus) Downward
39532pEGFP-Akt(R25C)Akt(R25C) (Mus musculus) Downward
39533pEGFP-Akt-AHAkt (PH domain only) (Mus musculus) Downward
39534pEGFP-Akt-AH(R25C)Akt(R25C) (PH domain only) (Mus musculus) Downward
39535pEGFP-Akt(K179M)Akt(K179M) (Mus musculus) Downward
39536pEGFP-Akt-DDAkt (Mus musculus) Downward
46969pCDH-puro-myr-HA-Akt1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Wang
48805pRK5 HA-GST-Presc-mAkt1 (wt)Akt1 (Mus musculus) Sabatini
48806pRK5 HA-GST-Presc-mAkt1 (S473T)Akt1 (Mus musculus) Sabatini
49186pBSFI-myr-akt1Akt1 (Mus musculus) Vogt
49188pBSFI-myr-akt-K179MAkt1 (Mus musculus) Vogt
49189pBSFI-myr-akt-T308AAkt1 (Mus musculus) Vogt
49190pBSFI-myr-akt-S473AAkt1 (Mus musculus) Vogt
49191pBSFI-myr-akt-T308A/S473AAkt1 (Mus musculus) Vogt
49192pBSFI-myr-akt-T308D/S473DAkt1 (Mus musculus) Vogt
49267MSCV-myrAktAkt (Bos taurus) Weiss
49387pDNR-hAkt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) McKinnon
49388pLPS-hAkt1-gfpAkt1 (Homo sapiens) McKinnon
50837pHR SFFVp PHAkt CeruleanPHAkt Lim
53583pHRIG-Akt1cAkt1 (Homo sapiens) Zhao
53597pHRIG-AktDNAkt1 (Mus musculus) Zhao
61624pcDNA3-AktARAktAR (Homo sapiens) Zhang
64606myr-FLAG-AKT1-pcw107AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Sabatini
64831pLVX-IRES-tdTomato-FlagAkt1Akt1 (Mus musculus) Gonzalez
64833pLVX-IRES-tdTomato-FlagAkt1W80AAkt1 (Mus musculus) Gonzalez
65063pMSCV-flag-myr-Akt1-IRES-GFPAkt1 (Homo sapiens) Zhao
67102pCellFree_G03 AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Alexandrov
67301pcDNA3.1_AktPH-mCherryAktPH-mCherry (Homo sapiens) Sato
70285R777-E001 Hs.AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
70286R777-E002 Hs.AKT1-nostopAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
73408pCDNA3-HA-Akt1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Chen
73409pCDNA3-HA-Akt1-K179MAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Chen
73410pCDNA3-HA-Akt1-aa1-149AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Chen
73411pCDNA3-HA-Akt1-aa120-433AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Chen
73412pCDNA3-HA-Akt1-aa1-408AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Chen
78778pcDNA3.1-HA AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Song
81416pDONR223_AKT1_p.R370CAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81453pDONR223_AKT1_p.V201IAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81456pDONR223_AKT1_p.D44NNM_005163.2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81459pDONR223_AKT1_p.E17KAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81479pDONR223_AKT1_p.Q79KAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81561pDONR223_AKT1_p.E267GAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81604pDONR223_AKT1_p.L52RAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81764pDONR223_AKT1_WTAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82089pDONR223_AKT1_p.E17KAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82294pDONR223_AKT1_WTAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82867pDONR223_AKT1_p.D323YAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
85223PH Akt-VenusPH AKT(1-148) (Homo sapiens) Gautam
86561pFBD-Akt1(WT)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86562pFBD-Akt1(K14A)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86563pFBD-Akt1(E17K)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86576pFBD-Akt13C(WT)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86577pFBD-Akt13C(S473D)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86578pFBD-Akt1(T308A/S473A)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86591pFBD-Btk(PH)Akt1(KD)PH(Btk)-KD(Akt1) fusion (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86592pFBD-Akt1(D323A/D325A)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86594pTagBFP-Akt1Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86599pEGFP-PH1(WT)Akt1 PH domain (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86600pmCherry-PH1(K14A)K14A mutant of Akt1 PH domain (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86630pEGFP-Akt1(D323A/D325A)Akt1(D323A/D325A) (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86631pmCherry-Akt1(WT)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86634pHR-FRB:Akt1(D274A)FRB-Akt1(D274A) (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
86637pEGFP-Akt1(WT)Akt1 (Homo sapiens) Yudushkin
97160pSi-check2-hRac2 3'UTRRAC 3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Deng
97161pSi-check2-hRac2 - mut 3'UTRRAC 3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Deng
109775pHH0103_AKT1_PkinaseAKT1_Pkinase (Homo sapiens) Sidhu
116104pHAGE-AKT1-R121WAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116710pHAGE-AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Scott
170682tetO-AKT1AKT1 (Homo sapiens) Burridge
179909pT3EF1aH-myr-AktAkt1 (Mus musculus) Chen
187157Phat2-hs-AKT1-PH-EGFP-6HENSG00000142208 (Homo sapiens) Niethammer
189889p667-UBC-AKT1-V5-miniTurbo_IDG-KAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Major
189890p663-UBC-miniTurbo-V5-AKT1_IDG-KAKT1 (Homo sapiens) Major