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Description major histocompatibility complex, class I, A
Also known as HLAA
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 3105
MGC ID BC003069, BC008611, BC019236

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
14904HLA-A2.1HLA-A2.1 (Homo sapiens) Sherman
14906HLA-A2/K^bHLA-A2/K^b (Homo sapiens) Sherman
85161pENTR-HLA-A2_GFPHLA.A2 (Homo sapiens) Gregers
85162pCIpA102-G-HLA-A2_GFPHLA.A2 (Homo sapiens) Gregers
100154p7128 pHAGE-P-CMVt-N-HA-GAW-HLA-AHLA-A (Homo sapiens) Howley
108213pENTR-HLA-A0201-Hismajor histocompatibility complex, class I, B (Homo sapiens) Walchli
108214pMP71-HLA-A0201-Hismajor histocompatibility complex, class I, B (Homo sapiens) Walchli
135485pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VNHLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135486pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (I52P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135492pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (Y59P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135493pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (D61P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135494pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (V67P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135495pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (Y84P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135496pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (G112P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135497pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (L156P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135498pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2-VN (E166P)HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135502pCEP4-myc-HLA-A1-VNHLA-A*01:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135503pCEP4-myc-HLA-A1HLA-A*01:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135504pCEP4-myc-HLA-A2HLA-A*02:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135505pCEP4-myc-HLA-A3HLA-A*03:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135506pCEP4-myc-HLA-A3-VNHLA-A*03:01 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135507pCEP4-myc-HLA-A24HLA-A*24:02 (Homo sapiens) Procko
135508pCEP4-myc-HLA-A24-VNHLA-A*24:02 (Homo sapiens) Procko
156829pD649-HAsp-HLA-A-Fc(DAPA)-AviTag-6xHisHLA-A (Homo sapiens) Garcia
157393pD649-HAsp-HLA-A-COMP5AP-AviTag-9xHisHLA-A (Homo sapiens) Garcia
165009HLA_A0101HLA-A*01:01 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
165010HLA_A2402HLA-A*24:02 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
183248pSBbi 41BBL CD86 HLA-A201CD86, 41BBL (Homo sapiens), HLA-A2 (Homo sapiens) McLellan
203270A*74:01:01A*74:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203271A*34:01:01A*34:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203275A*33:03:01A*33:03:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203276A*11:01:01:01A*11:01:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203277A*02:02:01:01A*02:02:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203278A*02:05:01A*02:05:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203279A*02:06:01A*02:06:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203280A*02:11:01A*02:11:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203281A*11:01:01A*11:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203282A*11:02:01A*11:02:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203283A*24:07:01A*24:07:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203284A*25:01:01A*25:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203285A*26:01:01A*26:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203286A*29:01:01A*29:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203287A*32:01:01A*32:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203288A*33:01:01A*33:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203289A*34:02:01A*34:02:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203290A*36:01:01A*36:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203291A*66:01:01A*66:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203292A*68:01:01A*68:01:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203293A*01:03:01A*01:03:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203294A*03:02:01A*03:02:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203295A*24:02:01A*24:02:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
203296A*24:03:01A*24:03:01 (Homo sapiens) Keskin
215569OPEN HLA-A*02:01-BirAOPEN HLA-A*02:01 BirA (Homo sapiens) Sgourakis