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Description lamin B1
Also known as ADLD, LMN, LMN2, LMNB, MCPH26
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 4001
MGC ID BC012295, BC103723

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
25177LMNB1 (3HN9)LAMINB1_1 (Homo sapiens) Arrowsmith
54140mEmerald-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54917mApple-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55069mCherry-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55244EBFP2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55380mCerulean-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55425mCerulean3-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55492mTFP1-LaminB1-7LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55493mTFP1-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55565mTurquoise-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55869mRuby-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55981mPlum-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56165mCardinal-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56507mWasabi-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56547mAmetrine-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56562mCitrine-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56616mVenus-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56635YPet-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57141mPA-GFP-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57186PA-mCherry1-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57282Dronpa-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57395mEos2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57464mEos3.2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57632tdEos-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57728Dendra2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57758Phamret-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57771miniSOG-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57846mKO-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57878mKO2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57928mKOet-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57966mOrange2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58020mTagRFP-T-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58040mTagRFP-T2-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58060tdTurboRFP-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58107tdTomato-LaminB1-10LaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
87422AICSDP-10:LMNB1-mEGFPLMNB1 Homology Arms with mEGFP-linker (Homo sapiens) Institute for Cell Science
103799pCIBN-tagBFP-hLaminB1CIBN-tagBFP-hLaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Rippe
103800pCIBN-EYFP-hLaminB1CIBN-EYFP-hLaminB1 (Homo sapiens) Rippe
108972pBC2T-laminlamin B1 (Homo sapiens) Rothbauer
114403AICSDP-29: LMNB1-mTagRFP-TLMNB1 Homology Arms with mTagRFPT-linker (Homo sapiens) Institute for Cell Science
117062pSpot-Tag-LaminLamin B1 (Homo sapiens) Hartlepp
122543pBT3035Pnhx-2_lmn-1::CemOrange2 (Caenorhabditis elegans) Silverman
139442pEGFP - FLAG-APEX2- hs Lamin B1LMNB1 (Homo sapiens) Zheng
162566pSB-CMV-MCS-Puro cPLA2-mK2-P2A-EGFP-LaminB1cytosolic phospholipase a2 (Danio rerio), Lamin B1 (Danio rerio) Niethammer
175108pLV V5-lamin B1Lmnb1 (Mus musculus) Gerace
182671pLenti GW V5 Eco/Dam hum LaminB1Lamin B1 (Homo sapiens) van Steensel
207770pX330-PITCh-LMNB1sgRNA Targeting N-terminus of LMNB1 (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207771qTAG-N-Solo-mScarlet-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a mScarlet Tag (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207772qTAG-N-Blast-moxGFP-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-moxGFP Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207773qTAG-N-Puro-moxGFP-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Puro-moxGFP Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207774qTAG-N-Blast-miniTurbo-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-miniTurbo Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207775qTAG-N-Blast-ultraID-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-ultraID Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207776qTAG-N-Blast-dTAG-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-dTAG Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207777qTAG-N-Blast-3xFLAG-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-3xFLAG Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207778qTAG-N-Blast-3xHA-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-3xHA Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier
207779qTAG-N-Blast-V5-LMNB1LMNB1 Homology Arms flanking a Blast-V5 Cassette (Homo sapiens) Pelletier