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Description erb-b2 receptor tyrosine kinase 2
Also known as CD340, HER-2, HER-2/neu, HER2, MLN 19, MLN-19, NEU, NGL, TKR1, VSCN2, c-ERB-2, c-ERB2, p185(erbB2)
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 2064
MGC ID BC156755, BC167147

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
1823pMMTV neu NTneu NT (Rattus norvegicus) Leder
10793pACgp67B-Her2mPErbB2 ScFv (Homo sapiens) Lieberman
10794pACgp67B-Her2ErbB2 ScFv (Homo sapiens) Lieberman
10917pSV2 neuNneuN (Rattus norvegicus) Weinberg
10918pSV2 neuNTneuNT (Rattus norvegicus) Weinberg
10919pSV2 neuTneuT (Rattus norvegicus) Weinberg
16247pNeuLiteHer-2/neu promoter (Homo sapiens) Hung
16248pNeuLite PEA3 mtHer-2/neu promoter (Homo sapiens) Hung
16250pSV2-c-erbB2c-erbB2 (Homo sapiens) Hung
16257HER2 WTHER2 (Homo sapiens) Hung
16259HER2 CA (V659E)HER2 (Homo sapiens) Hung
23888pDONR223-ERBB2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
39321perbB2-EGFPerbB2 (Homo sapiens) Offterdinger
40268perbB2-ECFPerbB2 (Homo sapiens) Offterdinger
40269perbB2K732M-ECFPerbB2 (Homo sapiens) Offterdinger
40978pBABEpuro-ERBB2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40979pBABEpuro-ERBB2 A775_G776insV, G776CERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40980pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C311RERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40981pBABEpuro-ERBB2 E321GERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40982pBABEpuro-ERBB2 A775_G776insYVMAERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40983pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C334SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40984pBABEpuro-ERBB2 D845AERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40985pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C311SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40986pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C315SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40987pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C338SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40988pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C299SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40989pBABEpuro-ERBB2 C331SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40990pBABEpuro-ERBB2 G309EERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40991pBABEpuro-ERBB2 S310FERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
40992pBABEpuro-ERBB2 S310YERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
62755mEmerald-ERBB2-N-18ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
66945pErbB2-ECFPErbB2 (Rattus norvegicus) van_Deurs
66946pYFP-ErbB2ΔC990ErbB2 (Rattus norvegicus) van_Deurs
66947pYFP-ErbB2ΔC776ErbB2 (Rattus norvegicus) van_Deurs
66948pYFP-ErbB2ErbB2 (Rattus norvegicus) van_Deurs
70345R777-E061 Hs.ERBB2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
70346R777-E062 Hs.ERBB2-nostopERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
81705pDONR223_ERBB2_p.T182IERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81714pDONR223_ERBB2_p.R897QERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81722pDONR223_ERBB2_p.V842IERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81892pDONR223_ERBB2_WTERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82113pDONR223_ERBB2_WTERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82300pDONR223_ERBB2_WTERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82854pDONR223_ERBB2_p.S310FERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82859pDONR223_ERBB2_p.S418TERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82905pDONR223_ERBB2_p.D845AERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
87622pcDNA3-HER2-DMVF-181-NHER2-DMVF181-N (Homo sapiens) Zhang
91888MSCV-human Erbb2-IRES-GFPErbb2 (Homo sapiens) Roussel
116325pHAGE-ERBB2-A751TERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116327pHAGE-ERBB2-D769HERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116328pHAGE-ERBB2-D769NERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116329pHAGE-ERBB2-E321GERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116330pHAGE-ERBB2-G222CERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116331pHAGE-ERBB2-G776delinsVCERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116332pHAGE-ERBB2-G776SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116333pHAGE-ERBB2-G776VERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116334pHAGE-ERBB2-G919WERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116335pHAGE-ERBB2-I767MERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116336pHAGE-ERBB2-K716EERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116339pHAGE-ERBB2-L755_T759delLRENTERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116341pHAGE-ERBB2-L841VERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116342pHAGE-ERBB2-M916IERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116344pHAGE-ERBB2-P551LERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116345pHAGE-ERBB2-P885SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116346pHAGE-ERBB2-R226SERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116347pHAGE-ERBB2-R678QERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116348pHAGE-ERBB2-R868WERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116349pHAGE-ERBB2-S310FERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116350pHAGE-ERBB2-S310YERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116351pHAGE-ERBB2-S974FERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116352pHAGE-ERBB2-T733IERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116354pHAGE-ERBB2-T862AERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116357pHAGE-ERBB2-V777_G778insGSPERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116358pHAGE-ERBB2-V842EERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116359pHAGE-ERBB2-V842IERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
116734pHAGE-ERBB2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Scott
124256pJV137T cell receptor (Homo sapiens) Riddell
125832RCAS-Neu HA SIINFEKLNeu (Rattus norvegicus) Li
154895pDEST-ERBB2-v2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Ivaska
154901pDEST-ERBB2-v1ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Ivaska
164823pHR_SFFv_Her2-BFP_RHL027Extracellular and transmembrane region of ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Lim
175846pLX304-ERBB2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Braunstein
183246pSBbi G418 Hu Her2Her2 (Homo sapiens) McLellan
183995eDrHER2eDrHER2 (Homo sapiens) Verkhusha
187776MAC_C_ERBB2ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Varjosalo
188628pHR ErbB2-CD3ε-FusionRedERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Toettcher
192190pLY080b_AAV_EFS-4D5-CD8-28BBz (HER2 CAR)HER2 CAR AAV vector PRODH2 KI (pLY080b) (Synthetic) Chen
192196pLY095-EFS-ERBB2 HER2-Blast-WPRELenti-HER2-OE-Blast (Synthetic) Chen
192201pLY100-RetroEFS-HER2-28BBz-WPRERetro-HER2CAR (Synthetic) Chen
192202pLY101-RetroEFS-HER2-28BBz-PRODH2-WPRERetro-HER2CAR-PRODH2 (Synthetic) Chen
192291pBabe NGF-Erbb2-2xFKBP-HA hygroNGF-Erbb2-2xFKBP-HA (Rattus norvegicus) Janes
192292pBabe NGF-ERBB2-2xFKBP-HA hygroNGF-ERBB2-2xFKBP-HA (Homo sapiens) Janes
192316pEN_TT mCh-V5-NES-EGFP-ERBB2 NLSmCh-V5-NES-EGFP-ERBB2 NLS (Homo sapiens) Janes
192317pEN_TT mCh-V5-NES-EGFP-Erbb2 NLSmCh-V5-NES-EGFP-Erbb2 NLS (Rattus norvegicus) Janes
192338pSLIK mCh-V5-NES-EGFP-ERBB2 NLS zeomCh-V5-NES-EGFP-ERBB2 NLS (Homo sapiens) Janes
192339pSLIK mCh-V5-NES-EGFP-Erbb2 NLS zeomCh-V5-NES-EGFP-Erbb2 NLS (Rattus norvegicus) Janes
194330pcDNA3.1(-) Full length Her2(ERBB2)-FcHer2-Fc (Homo sapiens) McLellan
201103pcDNA3.1-ERBB2-V5/HIShuman ERBB2 receptor tyrosine kinase, full length, wildtype (Homo sapiens) Krejčí
205813CL20_mEGFP_ERBB2_PPP1R1BERBB2_PPP1R1B (Homo sapiens) Kriwacki
214612pcDNA3_ERBB2-V5ERBB2 (Homo sapiens) Wehr