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Description bromodomain containing 4
Also known as CAP, CDLS6, FSHRG4, HUNK1, HUNKI, MCAP
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 23476
MGC ID BC035266

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
14441p4947 pcDNA4c hBrd4 full-lengthBrd4 (Homo sapiens) Howley
14442p4948 pcDNA4c His Xpress SV40NLS hBrd4 CTDBrd4 CTD (Homo sapiens) Howley
14443p5064 pcDNA3.1/V5-His-TOPO hBrd4 (1-461)Brd4 (1-461) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14444p5065 pcDNA3.1/V5-His-TOPO hBrd4 (888-1362)Brd4 (888-1362) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14447p5068 pGEX-6P-1 Brd4 full-lengthBrd4 (Homo sapiens) Howley
14448p5069 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (471-730)Brd4 (471-730) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14449p5070 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1047-1362)Brd4 (1047-1362) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14450p5071 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (595-1362)Brd4 (595-1362) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14451p5072 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1224-1362)Brd4 (1224-1362) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14452p5073 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1047-1223)Brd4 (1047-1223) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14453p5077 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1-594)Brd4 (1-594) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14454p5078 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1-470)Brd4 (1-470) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14455p5079 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (731-1046)Brd4 (731-1046) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14456p5080 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1134-1362)Brd4 (1134-1362) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14457p5081 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1134-1223)Brd4 (1134-1223) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14458p5082 pcDNA4c hBrd4 (1047-1133)Brd4 (1047-1133) (Homo sapiens) Howley
14459p4949 pLPCX-His-Xpress NLS hBrd4 CTDBrd4 CTD (Homo sapiens) Howley
21938pFlag-CMV2-Brd4 del ETBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Verdin
21939pFlag-CMV2-Brd4 R1337PBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Verdin
21940pFlag-CMV2-Brd4 D1346NBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Verdin
21941pFlag-CMV2-Brd4 S1351RBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Verdin
21942pFlag-CMV2-Brd4 FEE-AAABRD4 (Homo sapiens) Verdin
21943GAL4-BRD4BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Verdin
23455pDONR223-BRD4BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
31352p6345 MSCV-CMV-Flag-HA-Brd4 1-722Brd4 1-722 (Homo sapiens) Howley
31353p6347 MSCV-CMV-Flag-HA-Brd4-444-722Brd4 444-722 (Homo sapiens) Howley
31354p6348 MSCV-CMV-Flag-HA-Brd4 1047-1362Brd4 1047-1362 (Homo sapiens) Howley
31355p6349 MSCV-CMV-Flag-HA-Brd4 1224-1362Brd4 1224-1362 (Homo sapiens) Howley
32886p6346 MSCV-CMV-Flag-HA-Brd4-1-444Brd4 (Homo sapiens) Howley
38942BRD4BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Burgess-Brown
38943BRD4BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Burgess-Brown
65378GFP-BRD4BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Miller
72542pcDNA-ETBRD4 ET (Homo sapiens) Vakoc
72543pcDNA-ET-L630WBRD4 ET (Homo sapiens) Vakoc
72545pcDNA-ET-I654QBRD4 ET (Homo sapiens) Vakoc
72546pcDNA-ET-F656WBRD4 ET (Homo sapiens) Vakoc
82323pDONR223_BRD4_WTBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
86616RSV-Flag-Brd4Brd4 (Mus musculus) García-Domínguez
90005pCDNA5-Flag-BRD4-BDBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Polyak
90006pcDNA5-Flag-BRD4-7ABRD4 (Homo sapiens) Polyak
90007pcDNA5-Flag-BRD4-7DBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Polyak
90331pcDNA5-Flag-BRD4-WTBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Polyak
121968pHR-BRD4ΔN-mCherry-sspBBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Brangwynne
122439pHR-BRD4ΔN-miRFP670-Cry2WTBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Brangwynne
137720pCW57-mCherry-2A-BRD4 Iso ABRD4 long isoform (Homo sapiens) Floyd
137721pCW57-mCherry-2A-BRD4 Iso CBRD4 short isoform (Homo sapiens) Floyd
137722pCW57-mCherry-2A-BRD4 Iso AdelCTDBRD4 long isoform without its C-terminal, P-TEFb interacting domain (Homo sapiens) Floyd
137723pCW57-mCherry-2A-BRD4 Iso CdelETBRD4 short isoform with deleted extra-terminal domain (Homo sapiens) Floyd
140650mAID-BRD4 donorBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Kanemaki
140651BRD4-N CRISPRBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Kanemaki
157792pAV5B+longBRD4long BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Rosen
171630pcDNA5 frt/to N-BioTAP-C-BRD4-NUTBRD4-NUT (Homo sapiens) French
183939mCherry-BRD4mCherry-BRD4 (Mus musculus) Rippe
196544pHis-BRD4 BD1BRD4 BD1 (Homo sapiens) Lee
197882pLV-EF1a-AcGFP-P2A-hBRD4SBRD4 (Homo sapiens) Hu
204692pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4BRD4 (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204694pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-NUTBRD4-NUT (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204695pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-NUT(MIN)BRD4-NUT(MIN) (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204696pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-NUT(deltaMIN)BRD4-NUT(deltaMIN) (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204697pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-p300BRD4-p300 (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204698pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-p300(H*IT)BRD4-p300(H*IT) (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204699pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-p300(HI)BRD4-p300 (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204700pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-p300(I)BRD4-p300(I) (Homo sapiens) Rosen
204701pcDNA5-FRT/TO-mNeonGreen-BRD4-p300(deltaI)BRD4-p300(deltaI) (Homo sapiens) Rosen