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News Icon Addgene's Top Contributing Labs and Their Most Requested Plasmids

We recently published an article in Nature Biotechnology highlighting Addgene's plasmid sharing model. The article focused on Addgene's growth in recent years and how the collection is distributed to labs around the world. In the correspondence, we had the opportunity to highlight some our collections most requested plasmids (and the labs that contributed them). Below, we acknowledge an extended list of Addgene depositors whose plasmids have been highly requested over the years.

See the full article here .

We thank all our depositors for their contributions to the collection and their continued support!

Depositor Institution Total Plasmid Distributions Most Requested Individual Plasmids
Bob Weinberg Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, USA 9255 pCMV-VSV-G , pBABE-puro , pCMV-dR8.2 dvpr
Didier Trono EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland 8854 pMD2.G , psPAX2 , pLVTHM
Shinya Yamanaka Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan 8102 pMXs-hc-MYC , pMXs-hKLF4 , pMXs-hOCT3/4 , pMXs-hSOX2
Bill Hahn Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 5294 pBABE-GFP , pBABE puro H-Ras V12
Connie Cepko Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 5063 pCAG-ERT2CreERT2 , pCAG-Cre:GFP , pCAG-CreERT2 , pCAG-Cre
David Sabatini MIT, Cambridge, USA 4582 scramble shRNA , myc-mTOR , myc-Rictor corrected , myc-Raptor
Bert Vogelstein Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA 4311 WWP-Luc (p21/WAF1 promoter) , PG13-luc (wt p53 binding sites) , SBE4-Luc , pCMV-Neo-Bam p53 wt
Eric Campeau UMass, Worcester, USA 3780 pLenti CMV Puro DEST (w118-1) , pLenti CMV TetR Blast (716-1) , pLenti CMV GFP Puro (658-5) , pLenti CMV/TO Puro DEST (670-1)
William Sellers DFCI, Boston, USA 3515 pcDNA3 Myr HA Akt1 , pCMVb p300 HA
James Thomson University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA 3334 pSin-EF2-LIN28-Pur , pSin-EF2-Nanog-Pur , pSin-EF2-Oct4-Pur , pSin-EF2-Sox2-Pur
Rudolf Jaenisch Whitehead Institute, Cambridge, USA 2880 FUW-M2rtTA , TetO-FUW-OSKM
Tyler Jacks MIT, Cambridge, USA 2772 pSico , Lox-Stop-Lox TOPO , GFP-p53
Keith Joung MIT, Cambridge, USA 2535 pMLM290 , pMLM292 , pBAC-lacZ , strain KJBAC1 , Zinc Finger Kits , TALEN Kits
Wade Harper Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 2430 pcDNA3-DN-hCUL1-FLAG , also available (hCUL2) , (hCUL3) , (hCUL4A) , (hCUL4B) , and (hCUL5)
Patrick Aebischer EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland 2127 pLVCT-tTR-KRAB , pLVPT-tTR-KRAB
Bruce Spiegelman Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 2110 PPRE X3-TK-luc , PGC-1 alpha promoter 2kb luciferase
Doug Golenbock UMass, Worcester, USA 1865 pcDNA3-EGFP , pcDNA3-YFP , pcDNA3-CFP , pcDNA3-mRFP
Randall Moon University of Washington, Seattle, USA 1831 M50 Super 8x TOPFlash , M51 Super 8x FOPFlash (TOPFlash mutant)
David Root Broad Institute, Cambridge, USA 1798 pLKO.1 - TRC cloning vector , pLKO.1 - TRC control
Ted Dawson Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA 1790 pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-WT , pRK5-HA-Ubiquitin-KO
Anjana Rao La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology, La Jolla, USA 1788 IKK-2 S177E S181E , NFAT/AP-1 3x luciferase
Michael Greenberg Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA 1773 Flag-SIRT1 , FHRE-Luc , Flag-SIRT1 H363Y , FLAG-FOXO3a WT
Eric Verdin University of California, San Francisco, USA 1686 HDAC1 Flag , HDAC6 Flag , SIRT2 Flag , HDAC3 Flag , HDAC4 Flag
Gary Bokoch Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla, USA 1653 pcDNA3-EGFP-RhoA-T19N , pcDNA3-EGFP-RhoA-Q63L , pcDNA3-EGFP-Rac1-Q61L , pcDNA3-EGFP-Rac1-T17N
William Kaelin Harvard Medical School, Cambridge, USA 1653 HA-HIF1alpha-pcDNA3 , HA-HIF1alpha P402A/P564A-pcDNA3 , Luciferase-pcDNA3 , HA-HIF2alpha-pcDNA3
Thomas Tuschl Rockefeller University, New York, USA 1629 pIRESneo-FLAG/HA Ago2 corrected , pIRESneo-FLAG/HA Ago1 , pIRESneo-FLAG/HA Ago4 , pIreSneo-FLAG/HA Ago3Y
Klaus Hahn UNC-Chapel Hill School of Medicine, Chapel Hill, USA 1619 pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42(T17N) , pTriEx-RhoA Biosensor WT , pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42(wt)
Mien-Chie Hung University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA 2127 HER2 WT , pcDNA3 MDM2 WT , Flag p21 WT , Flag Snail WT , HA-Akt DN (K179M) , HER2 CA (V659E)
Roger Davis UMass, Worcester, USA 1550 pCDNA3 Flag Jnk1a1 , pCDNA3-Flag MKK6(glu) , pCDNA3 Flag Jnk1a1(apf) , pCDNA3 Flag p38 alpha , pCDNA3 Flag MKK4 ,
Richard Pagano Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA 1547 DsRed-rab7 WT , DsRed-rab11 WT , GFP-rab7 WT , GFP-rab11 WT
Erik Jorgensen University of Utah, Salt Lake City, USA 1529 pJL43.1 - Pglh-2::MosTase::glh-2utr , pCFJ90 - Pmyo-2::mCherry::unc-54utr , pCFJ104 - Pmyo-3::mCherry::unc-54 , pGH8 - pRAB-3::mCherry::unc-54utr
Joan Massague Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, New York, USA 2127 pCMV5 human p27 , pCMV5 Smad2-HA , pCMV5 BRGI-Flag , CS2 Flag-Smad2 , pCMV5 Flag-Smad1
Susan Lindquist MIT, Cambridge, USA 1497 S. cerevisiae Advanced Gateway Destination Vectors , pBabe-c-myc-zeo , pAG426GPD-ccdB , pBabe-PDGF/B-zeo
Jeff Wrana Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Chevy Chase, USA 1493 p3TP-lux , pCMV5-Smad7-HA , pCMV5B-TGFbeta receptor II wt , pCMV5B-Flag-Smad3 , pCMV5B-Flag-Smurf1 wt
David Waugh National Cancer Institute, Frederick, USA 1431 pRK793 , pDEST-HisMBP , pRK1043 , pDEST-periHisMBP , pRK603
Robert Campbell University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada 1420 CMV-R-GECO1 , pEBFP2-Nuc , pBad-EBFP2 , CMV-GEM-GECO1 , pmAmetrine-DEVD-tdTomato
Jean Zhao Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA 1360 pBabe puro HA PIK3CA H1047R , pBabe puro Myr HA PIK3CA , pBabe puro HA PIK3CA , pBabe puro HA PIK3CA E545K , pWZL-Neo-Myr-Flag-DEST
Peter Howley Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, USA 1301 p4489 Flag-betaTrCP , p1321 HPV-16 E6/E7 , p3113 GST-p53 , p1322 HPV-16 E6 , p3868 HA-E6-AP
Yue Xiong University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, USA 1259 pCDNA3-Myc3-Nrf2 , pcDNA3-myc-Skp2 , pcDNA3-EGFP-C4-Nrf2 , pcDNA3-HA2-Keap1 , pCMV-myc3-HDM2
Karl Deisseroth Stanford University, Stanford, USA 1215 pAAV-EF1a-double floxed-hChR2(H134R)-EYFP-WPRE-HGHpA , pcDNA3.1/hChR2(H134R)-mCherry , pAAV-EF1a-double floxed-hChR2(H134R)-mCherry-WPRE-HGHpA
Inder Verma Salk Institute for Biological Studies, La Jolla, USA 1205 pCL-Eco , LV-Cre , LV-Lac , pCL-MFG-BRCA1
Nico Dantuma Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden 1174 GFP-Ub , Ub-G76V-GFP , GFP-Ub KO , mRFP-Ub , GFP-Ub KO.G76V , Ub-R-GFP
Philippe Soriano Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York, USA 1143 pPGKFLPobpA , pPGKPhiC31obpA , PGKneoF2L2DTA , pFLPo , PGKdtabpA
Toren Finkel National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, Bethesda, USA 1132 pcDNA4 myc PGC-1 alpha , NFAT luciferase reporter , pCruzHA SIRT1 , pEGFP-LC3 (human) , pTA-Luc SIRT1 promoter (-202) , pEGFP-C1 NFAT3
Edward Yeh University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA 1053 HA-Ubiquitin , pcDNA3/HA-SUMO3 (Sentrin 2) , SRa-HA-SUMO2 (Sentrin 3) , Flag-SENP1 , HA-NEDD8
John Blenis Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA 1043 pcDNA3-HA-ERK2 WT , pRK7-HA-S6K1-WT , pcDNA3-myc-FLNa WT , pRK7-FLAG-TSC1
Linzhao Cheng Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, USA 1025 EF.hICN1.CMV.GFP , EF.CMV.RFP , EF.hICN1.Ubc.GFP , EF.STAT3C.Ubc.GFP , Ef1a_Large T-antigen_Ires_Puro

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Numbers are current as of 6/10/2012.