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Randall Moon Lab: Xenopus Expression Plasmids

Plasmids from Article

ID Plasmid Purpose
16675XE213 RGS11-pcDNA3.1
16676XE212 RGS9-pcDNA3.1
16677XE211 RGS7-pcDNA3.1
16678XE100 Pertussis toxin A protomer
16681XE101 alpha transducin CS2+
16691XE143 sFRP-3-CS2+
16693XE141 sFRP-1-CS2+
16704XE90 pCS2P+ XCtBP
16709XE237 Human LEF-1 pCS2+
16725XE247 Xenopus CK1 epsilon K to R CS2+
16726XE246 Xenopus CK1 epsilon D to N CS2+
16727XE245 Mouse Naked-2 CS2p+
16728XE244 Mouse Naked-1 CS2p+
16729XE243 Mouse CK2beta CS2p+
16730XE242 Mouse CK2alpha CS2p+
16743XE107 XPKC alpha-GFP-CS2+
16745XE105 XPKC alpha-myc-CS2+
16746XE51 XPKC-alpha
16747XE50 XPKC-beta
16753XE256 pCDNA3.1(zeo)-hDsh3-deltaCTER
16754XE255 pCDNA3.1(zeo)-hDsh3-truncPDZ
16755XE254 pCDNA3.1(zeo)-hDsh3-497-716
16756XE253 pCDNA3.1(zeo)-hDsh3-82-716
16757XE252 pCDNA3.1(zeo)-hDsh3-333-716
16759XE250 pCDNA3.1 + (zeo)- VSV-KLHL12-Q405X
16788XE43 Xdsh-GFP
16794XE130 beta2AR Fz2-Cs2+
16795XE129 beta2AR Fz1-pcDNA3.1
16796XE128 Rfz2 TG2myc CS2+
16797XE127 Rfz1HA-CS2+
16798XE126 Rfz1myc CS2+
16799XE98 hFZ5-CS2+
16800XE97 mFZ8-CS2+
16801XE96 mFZ7-CS2+
16802XE95 mFZ6-CS2+
16803XE94 mFZ4-CS2+
16804XE93 mFZ3-CS2+
16812XE184 rat Frizzled-2-myc-pCD
16813XE183 rat Frizzled-2-pCD
16814XE42 Rat frizzled-2-CS2+
16818XE182 rat Frizzled-1-HA-pCD
16819XE181 rat Frizzled-1-myc-pCD
16820XE180 rat Frizzled-1-pCD
16821XE41 Rat frizzled-1-CS2+
16822XE226 Drosophila Chibby-pCS2P+
16823XE225 mouse Chibby-pCS2+
16824XE224 human flag-Chibby-pCS3+FLT
16825XE223 human myc-Chibby-pCS2+MT
16835XE85 Delta Beta-catenin in GFP
16842XE28 XBC 40
16843XE221 hWnt-16-pCS2P+
16850XE220 mouse Wnt-1-pCS2P+
16851XE173 mouse Wnt-1-myc-pCS2+
16852XE172 antisense mouse Wnt-1-myc-pCDbeta-G
16854XE170 mouse Wnt-1-myc-pcDNA3
16859XE133 dnWnt-1 myc CS2+
16863XE177 Xenopus Wnt-8-myc-pcDNA3
16864XE176 Xenopus Wnt-8-myc-pCDbeta-G
16865XE10 Xwnt-8 CS2+
16870XE58 Xwnt-5Amyc-CS2+
16871XE6 Xwnt-5A Hind III CSKA
16872XE5 Xwnt-5A Hind RNA
16873XE174 Xenopus Wnt-5A-myc-pCDbeta-G
16874XE4 Xwnt-5A myc
16875XE3 Xwnt-5A Full Length
16876XE63 Xwnt-4 myc-CSKA
16877XE62 Xwnt-4 myc-SP64T
16878XE2 Xwnt-4
16879XE1 Xwnt-3A
16992XE238 hVangl2/Strabismus pCS2P+
16996XE16 goosecoid
16997XE17 Noggin
16998XE18 Noggin-CSKA
16999XE19 XIHbox 6
17001XE21 Xbra
17005XE25 Dominant Negative Activin Receptor
17012XE66 Activin Betab in Cs2+
17019XE40 pSP64T-PABP (Clone 63)
17025XE57 Delta N-cadherin
17028XE91 XGCNF-CS2+
17029XE92 XGCNF-EnR
17033XE150 DN p53-pCS2P+
17036XE185 Xenopus Delta-CS2

Antibodies from Article