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Description CD247 antigen
Also known as 4930549J05Rik, A430104F18Rik, Cd3, Cd3-eta, Cd3-zeta, Cd3h, Cd3z, Cd3zeta, T3z, Tcrk, Tcrz
Species Mus musculus
Entrez ID 12503
MGC ID BC052824

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
11506pGEM-mouse TCR zeta/2451TCR zeta (Mus musculus) Weissman
11507pGEM-human TCR zeta/2470TCR zeta (Homo sapiens) Weissman
27134pHR-ZIP(WT)CD3zeta, eGFP, mCherry and ZAP70 (residues 1-259) (Homo sapiens) Vale
27135pHR-ZIP(FF)CD3zeta, eGFP, mCherry and ZAP70 (residues 1-259) (Homo sapiens) Vale
27136pHR-ZIP(RK)CD3zeta, eGFP, mCherry and ZAP70 (residues 1-259) (Homo sapiens) Vale
38298CD3Zeta-GFPCD3Zeta (Mus musculus) Krummel
52092Murine CD3 WTdelta-F2A-gamma-T2A-epsilon-P2A-zeta pMIG IICD3 delta (Mus musculus), CDC gamma (Mus musculus), CD3 epsilon (Mus musculus), CD3 zeta (Mus musculus) Vignali
52093Murine CD3 WTdelta-F2A-gamma-T2A-epsilon-P2A-zeta pMIA IICD3 delta (Mus musculus), CDC gamma (Mus musculus), CD3 epsilon (Mus musculus), CD3 zeta (Mus musculus) Vignali
78508His10-CD3z-SNAPf-ybbR (XSB507)CD3z (Cytoplasmic domain) (Homo sapiens) Vale
89344DNA-CARzeta-GFPDNA-CARzeta (Homo sapiens) Vale
109291pEGFPN1zetawt.15TCR zeta (Mus musculus) van Oers
109292pEGFPN1zetaYF1,2TCR zeta (Mus musculus) van Oers
109293pEGFPN1zetaYF3,4TCR zeta (Mus musculus) van Oers
109294pEGFPN1zetaYF5,6TCR zeta (Mus musculus) van Oers
109295pEGFPN1zetaYF1-6TCR zeta (Mus musculus) van Oers
135991pSLCAR-CD19-28zFMC63-28-3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) McComb
135992pSLCAR-CD19-BBzFMC63-41BB-3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) McComb
135993pSLCAR-CD19-CD3zFMC63-3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) McComb
153543LIC-Zhuman TCR ζ-Chain (Homo sapiens) Gaus
153544LIC-Z-YFPhuman TCR ζ-Chain (Homo sapiens) Gaus
153545LIC-Z-delCry2human TCR ζ-Chain (Homo sapiens) Gaus
153546LIC-Z-Y-Lhuman TCR ζ-Chain (Homo sapiens) Gaus
186098pIG-719pUC19-tNGFR-P2A-CD3ZCD3Z (Homo sapiens) Marson
200670pLV-EF1A-CD19.8h.8TM.28.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD8TM-CD28-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200671pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.8TM.BB.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD8TM-41BB-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200672pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.8TM.28.BB.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD8TM-CD28-41BB-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200673pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.8TM.BB.28.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD8TM-41BB-CD28-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200674pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.28TM.28.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD28TM-CD28-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200675pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.28TM.BB.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD28TM-41BB-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200676pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.28TM.28.BB.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD28TM-CD28-41BB-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200677pLV-EF1A-CD19.8H.28TM.BB.28.3zFMC63-CD8HD-CD28TM-41BB-CD28-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200678pLV-EF1A-CD19.28H.28TM.28.3zFMC63-CD28HD-CD28TM-CD28-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200679pLV-EF1A-CD19.28H.28TM.BB.3zFMC63-CD28HD-CD28TM-41BB-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200680pLV-EF1A-CD19.28H.28TM.28.BB.3zFMC63-CD28HD-CD28TM-CD28-41BB-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
200681pLV-EF1A-CD19.28H.28TM.BB.28.3zFMC63-CD28HD-CD28TM-41BB-CD28-CD3z-P2A-EGFP (Homo sapiens) Bernasconi
215758pUC19-HDRT-CD3z-truncCAR(anti-CD19)CD247-truncCD19CAR (Homo sapiens) Wagner