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Allen Institute for Cell Science Plasmid Collection


The Allen Institute for Cell Science has produced the first publicly available collection of fluorescently tagged, human, induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) lines. The plasmids used to generate these lines have been deposited here with Addgene for distribution to the research community.

With these plasmids researchers will be able to generate fluorescently tagged proteins of key cellular structures in human cell lines of their choice. For a full description of how to use these plasmids, check out Plasmids for Endogenous Gene Tagging in Human Cells on the Addgene Blog.

Schematic for gene editing of Allen Institute for Cell Science stem cells

Allen Institute for Cell Science Plasmids

Find additional cell line information from the Allen Institute for Cell Science data portal:

  • View data and images from the hiPS cell lines
  • Find gRNA sequences used in the creation of the hiPS cell lines

The following plasmids can be used to create cell lines with endogenously-tagged cellular structures.

Addgene ID Plasmid Allen Institute ID Tag Protein Structure
87420 PXN-EGFP AICSDP-1 EGFP Paxillin Matrix Adhesions
87421 TUBA1B-mEGFP AICSDP-4 mEGFP Alpha-tubulin Microtubules
87422 LMNB1-mEGFP AICSDP-10 mEGFP Lamin B1 Nuclear envelope
87423 TOMM20-mEGFP AICSDP-8 mEGFP Tom20 Mitochondria
87424 DSP-mEGFP AICSDP-9 mEGFP Desmoplakin Desmosomes
87425 ACTB-mEGFP AICSDP-15 mEGFP Beta-actin Actin filaments
87426 SEC61B-mEGFP AICSDP-7 mEGFP Sec61 beta Endoplasmic reticulum
87427 FBL-mEGFP AICSDP-13 mEGFP Fibrillarin Nucleolus (dense fibrillar component)
87428 MYH10-mEGFP AICSDP-24 mEGFP Non-muscle myosin heavy chain IIB Actomyosin bundles
87429 TJP1-mEGFP AICSDP-23 mEGFP Tight junction protein ZO-1 Tight junctions
91565 AAVS1-mEGFP AICSDP-35 mEGFP NA Cytoplasm
101781 CETN2-mTagRFP-T AICSDP-22 mTagRFP-T Centrin-2 Centrioles
101782 LAMP1-mEGFP AICSDP-19 mEGFP LAMP-1 Lysosome
101783 MAP1LC3B-mEGFP AICSDP-25 mEGFP Autophagy-related protein LC3 B Autophagosomes
101784 SLC25A17-mEGFP AICSDP-27 mEGFP Peroxisomal membrane protein PMP34 Peroxisomes
101785 TUBA1B-mTagRFP-T AICSDP-28 mTagRFP-T Alpha-tubulin Microtubules
101786 ST6GAL1-mEGFP AICSDP-26 mEGFP Sialyltransferase 1 Golgi
109122 NPM1-mEGFP AICSDP-50 mEGFP Nucleophosmin Nucleolus (granular component)
109120 GJA1-mEGFP AICSDP-43 mEGFP Connexin-43 Gap junctions
109121 HIST1H2BJ-mEGFP AICSDP-52 mEGFP Histone H2B type 1-J Histones
109119 CTNNB1-mEGFP AICSDP-47 mEGFP Beta-catenin Adherens junctions
107579 RAB5A-mEGFP AICSDP-39 mEGFP Ras-related protein Rab-5A Endosomes
107580 AAVS1-mTagRFPT-CAAX AICSDP-42 mTagRFPT CAAX domain of K-Ras Plasma Membrane
114403 LMNB1-mTagRFP-T AICSDP-29 mTagRFPT Lamin B1 Nuclear envelope
114404 AAVS1-mEGFP (PGK) AICSDP-36 mEGFP NA Cytoplasm
114405 ATP2A2-mEGFP AICSDP-41 mEGFP SERCA2 Sarcoplasmic reticulum/endoplasmic reticulum
114406 SMC1A-mEGFP AICSDP-57 mEGFP SMC protein 1A Cohesins
114407 NUP153-mEGFP AICSDP-50 mEGFP Nucleoporin Nup153 Nuclear pores
114410 FUS-mEGFP AICSDP-64 mEGFP RNA-binding protein FUS Paraspeckles/stress granules
114411 TNNI1-mEGFP AICSDP-34 mEGFP Troponin I, slow skeletal type Sarcomeric thin filaments
114412 TTN-mEGFP AICSDP-45 mEGFP Titin Sarcomeres (M-line tag)
114413 MYL7-mEGFP AICSDP-46 mEGFP MLC-2a Sarcomeric thick filaments
114414 MYL2-mEGFP AICSDP-49 mEGFP MLC-2v Sarcomeric thick filaments
124606 SOX2-mEGFP AICSDP-60 mEGFP Transcription factor SOX-2 Transcription Factor
124607 ACTN2-mEGFP AICSDP-63 mEGFP Alpha-actinin-2 Sarcomeric z-disks
124608 NPM1-mTagRFP-T AICSDP-69 mTagRFP-T Nucleophosmin Nucleolus (granular component)
133963 UBTF-HaloTag AICSDP-80 HaloTag Nucleolar transcription factor UBF Nucleolus (fibrillar center)
133964 SON-mEGFP AICSDP-82 mEGFP SON Nuclear speckles
159744 DMD-mEGFP AICSDP-55 mEGFP Dystrophin Costameres
159745 TFAM-mEGFP AICSDP-72 mEGFP Mitochondrial transcription factor A (TFAM) Mitochondrial nucleoids
164499 EZH2-mEGFP AICSDP-83 mEGFP EZH2 Polycomb repressive complex 2
164500 POLR2A-mEGFP AICSDP-117 mEGFP RPB1 RNA polymerase II
168798 TERF2-mEGFP AICSDP-77 mEGFP Telomeric repeat-binding factor 2 (TRF2) Telomeres
168799 CTCF-mEGFP AICSDP-144 mEGFP CCCTC-binding factor (CTCF) CTCF-binding sites
170818 PCNA-mEGFP AICSDP-116 mEGFP Proliferating cell nuclear antigen (PCNA) DNA replication foci

IPSC cell lines can be ordered from the Allen Institute for Cell Science Cell Catalog.


The Allen Institute for Cell Science has several protocol videos available that may be helpful for working with this plasmid collection.


Roberts B, et al. 2017. Systematic gene tagging using CRISPR/Cas9 in human stem cells to illuminate cell organization. Mol Biol Cell. 28(21):2854-2874. PMID: 28814507

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