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Description vinculin
Also known as CMD1W, CMH15, HEL114, MV, MVCL, VINC
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 7414
MGC ID BC039174

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
11776pCXN2-mVINvinculin (Mus musculus) Adamson
20144pDEST27-VinculinpDEST27-Vinculin (Mus musculus) Vasioukhin
27300Vinculin-venusVinculin (Gallus gallus) Schwartz
30312pGFP(C3)-VinculinVinculin (Mus musculus) Hahn
46171pET15b/GgVcl 1-1066 (full length)Vcl (Gallus gallus) Craig
46172pET15b/GgVcl V1-851 (aka Vh)Vcl 1-851 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46173pET15b/GgVcl V1-258 (aka VD1)Vcl 1-258 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46174pET15b/GgVcl 1-851 A50I mutationVcl 1-851 A50I (Gallus gallus) Craig
46175pET15b/GgVcl 1-258 A50I mutationVcl 1-258 A50I (Gallus gallus) Craig
46176pET15b/GgVcl 884-1066 (aka Vt)Vcl 884-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46179pET15b/EYFP-GgVcl 884-1066-ECFP FRETVcl 884-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46180pET15b/ECFP-GgVcl 884-1066 (Vt)Vcl 884-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46181pET15b/EYFP-GgVcl 884-1066 (Vt)Vcl 884-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46182pET15b/GgVcl 884-1066-ECFPVcl 884-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46263pET15b/EYFP-GgVcl 1-258Vcl 1-258 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46264pET15b/EYFP-GgVcl 1-851Vcl 1-851 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46265pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-1066Vcl (Gallus gallus) Craig
46266pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-1066 T12 mutantVcl T12 mutant (Gallus gallus) Craig
46267pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-1066 A50I K1306A, R1308A mutantVcl (Gallus gallus) Craig
46268pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-851 (Vh)Vcl 1-851 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46269pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-851 A50I mutantVcl 1-851 A50I mutation (Gallus gallus) Craig
46270pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-258 (aka VD1)Vcl 1-258 (aka VD1) (Gallus gallus) Craig
46271pEGFPC1/GgVcl 1-258 A50I mutationVcl 1-258 (aka VD1) A50I mutation (Gallus gallus) Craig
46272pEGFPC3/GgVcl 884-1066 (Vt)Vcl 884-1066 (Vt) (Gallus gallus) Craig
46276GgVcl 1-1066 FRET tail probe 1Vcl 1-1066 + EYFP (Gallus gallus) Craig
46277pEYFPC1-ECFP/GgVcl 1-419 control 1 FRETECFP + Vcl 1-419 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46278pEYFPN3/GgVcl 1-1066 (YFP at C term)Vcl 1-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46279pEYFPC1/GgVcl 1-1066 (YFP at N term)Vcl 1-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46280pmECFPN3/GgVcl 1-1066 (CFP at C term)Vcl 1-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46281pmECFPC1/GgVcl 1-1066 (CFP at N term)Vcl 1-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46282GgVcl 1-1066 FRET tail probe 2Vcl 1-1066 + mCitrine (Gallus gallus) Craig
46283pmCIT-CFPGgVcl 1-419 control 2 FRETECFP + Vcl 1-419 (Gallus gallus) Craig
46284p401F/GgVcl 1-1066 (N term FLAG tag)Vcl 1-1066 (Gallus gallus) Craig
54302mEmerald-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54303mEmerald-Vinculin-N-18NM_003373.3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54304mEmerald-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54961mApple-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54962mApple-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55100mCherry-miniSOG-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55159mCherry-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55160mCherry-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55234mAzurite-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55252EBFP2-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55334mTagBFP2-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55396mCerulean-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55453mCerulean3-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55516mTFP1-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55587mTurquoise-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55885mRuby-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55886mRuby-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55924mRFP1-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56007mPlum-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56021mKeima-Red-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56406mAzami Green-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56512mWasabi-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56572mCitrine-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56625mVenus-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57162mPA-GFP-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57203PA-mCherry1-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57254PS-CFP2-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57255PS-CFP2-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57308Dronpa-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57438mEos2-Vinculin-14Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57439mEos2-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57568dEos-Vinculin-14Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57691tdEos-Vinculin-14Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57748Dendra2-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57749Dendra2-Vinculin-N-21NM_003373.3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57760Phamret-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57780miniSOG-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57801PA-mCherry-miniSOG-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57852mKO-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57978mOrange2-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58030mTagRFP-T-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58145tdTomato-Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58146tdTomato-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58198Vinculin-23Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
66952mEos3.2-Vinculin-N-21Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Davidson
67935GFP-mouse vinculin full length (889)Vinculin (Mus musculus) Yap
107151pcDNA4-GFP-Metavinculinmetavinculin (Homo sapiens) Izard
107152pET28-Metavinculin tailmetavinculin (Homo sapiens) Izard
107153pcDNA4-GFP-VinculinVinculin (Homo sapiens) Izard
107154pGEX-6P1-Vinculin tailVinculin (Homo sapiens) Izard
110045pHH0103_VCL_VinculinVCL_Vinculin (Homo sapiens) Sidhu
111830pRRL-VinculinTSVinculinTS (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
111831pRRL-VinculinTS-A50IVinculinTS (A50I) (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
111832pRRL-VinculinTS-I997AVinculinTS (I997A) (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
111833pRRL-Vinculin-VenusVinculin-Venus (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
162781pET15b/GVcl 1-1066 /*TBMGallus gallus vinculin (Gallus gallus) Lafon-Hughes
162787Tol2-GgVCL/WTGallus gallus vinculin (Gallus gallus) Lafon-Hughes
162790Tol2-GgVCL/*TBMMutated Gallus gallus vinculin (G454V) (Gallus gallus) Lafon-Hughes
164843pET3_HMV-His6VCL (Homo sapiens) Izard
185410pCS2+ Zf GFP-vclavinculin a (Danio rerio) David
211835pRRL-VinculinTS-S1033AVinculinTS-S1033A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
211893pRRL-VinculinTS-S1033DVinculinTS-S1033D (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
211894pRRL-VinculinCS-S1033AVinculinCS-S1033A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
211895pRRL-VinculinCS-S1033DVinculinCS-S1033D (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
211896pRRL-VinculinVenus-S1033AVinculinVenus-S1033A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
211897pRRL-VinculinVenus-S1033DVinculinVenus-S1033D (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213411pRRL-VcnTS-E1015A-E1021AVcnTS-E1015A-E1021A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213412pcDNA3.1-VcnCS-E1015AVcnCS-E1015A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213413pcDNA3.1-VcnCS-E1021AVcnCS-E1021A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213414pcDNA3.1-VcnCS-E1015A-E1021AVcnCS-E1015A-E1021A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213415pcDNA3.1-VcnTS-E1015AVcnTS-E1015A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213416pcDNA3.1-VcnTS-E1021AVcnTS-E1021A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman
213417pcDNA3.1-VcnTS-E1015A-E1021AVcnTS-E1015A-E1021A (Gallus gallus) Hoffman