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Description yes-associated protein 1
Also known as Yap, Yap65, Yki, Yorkie
Species Mus musculus
Entrez ID 22601
MGC ID BC014733, BC039125, BC094313

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
15682pBABE YAP1YAP (Homo sapiens) Brugge
17790p2xFLAGhYAP1-S127AYes-kinase associated protein mutant S127A (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17791p2xFLAGhYAP1Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17792p2xFLAGhYAP1-WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17793p2xFLAGhYAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17794p2xFLAGhYAP2-S127AYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17795p2xFLAGhYAP2-WW1-mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17796p2xFLAGhYAP2-WW2-mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17843pEGFP-C3-hYAP1YAP (Homo sapiens) Sudol
17844pEGFP-C3-hYAP2YAP (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18881pcDNA Flag Yap1Yap1 (Homo sapiens) Shaul
18882pcDNA Flag Yap1 Y357FYap1 Y357F (Homo sapiens) Shaul
18883pcDNA Flag Yap1 Y357EYap1 Y357E (Homo sapiens) Shaul
18978pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18979pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S61AYes-kinase associated protein S61A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18980pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S103AYes-kinase associated protein S103A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18981pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S109AYes-kinase associated protein S109A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18988pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S127AYes-kinase associated protein S127A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18989pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S163AYes-kinase associated protein S163A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18990pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S164AYes-kinase associated protein S164A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18991pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S236AYes-kinase associated protein S236A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18992pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S343AYes-kinase associated protein S343A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18993pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S347AYes-kinase associated protein S347A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18994pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S358AYes-kinase associated protein S358A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18995pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-S369AYes-kinase associated protein S369A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18996pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP1-T110AYes-kinase associated protein T110A mutant (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18997pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18998pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP2-1st WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
18999pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP2-2nd WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19000pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP2-1st&2nd WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19004p2xFlag CMV2-YAP1-1st WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19044p2xFlag CMV2-YAP1Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19045p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19046p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2-1st WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein isoform 3 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19047p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2-2nd WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19048p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2-1st&2nd WW mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19050p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2-S127A mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19051p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2-S127D mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19055pEGFP C3-YAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19057pDsRed Monomer C1-YAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19058pDsRed Monomer C1-YAP2-S127A mutantYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19059pcDNA4/TO/myc-His-A-YAP1Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19060pcDNA4/TO/myc-His-A-YAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19061pcDNA4/TO/myc-His-A-YAP2-1st&2nd WW mutYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19062pcDNA4/TO/myc-His-A-YAP2-S127AYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
19063pGEX-2TK-YAP-AgYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
21123p2xFlag CMV2-YAP2-deltaCYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
21124pcDNA4/HisMaxB-YAP2-deltaCYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
21125pcDNA4/TO/myc-His-A-YAP2-deltaCYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
21126pEGFP C3-YAP-deltaCYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
24637GST-YAP2Yap2 (Homo sapiens) Guan
27007pCl-HA-YAPYAP (Homo sapiens) Massague
27370pCMV-flag S127A YAPYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
27371pCMV-flag YAP2 5SAYAP2 (Homo sapiens) Guan
27377pCMV-Flag YAP S381AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
27378pCMV-Flag YAP127/128/131/381AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
27472pBABEpuro-Flag-YAP2Yes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Sudol
33052pGEX-KG-GST-YAPYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Guan
33053pGEX-KG-GST-YAP-S127AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33057pCMV-Flag-YAP-S94/F95AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33058pCMV-Flag-YAP-R89AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33059pCMV-Flag-YAP-L68AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33060pCMV-Flag-YAP-D64AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33061pCMV-Flag-YAP-R58AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33062pCMV-Flag-YAP-P85AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33063pCMV-Flag-YAP-F96AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33064pCMV-Flag-YAP-L91AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33065pCMV-Flag-YAP-del 50-59YAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33066pCMV-Flag-YAP-F95AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33068pQCXIH-Flag-YAP-S381AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33069pQCXIH-Flag-YAP-S127/381AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33070pCMV-Flag-YAP-S384AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33071pCMV-Flag-YAP-S387AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33072pCMV-Flag-YAP-S127A/G385VYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33073pCMV-Flag-YAP-S387DYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33074pCMV-Flag-YAP-D383AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33075pCMV-Flag-YAP-G385VYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33076pCMV-Flag-YAP-S127/384AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33078pCMV-Flag-YAP-S127/D383AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33079pCMV-Flag-YAP-S127/387AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33080pCMV-Flag-YAP-4SA(S61)YAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33081pCMV-Flag-YAP-4SA(S109)YAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33082pCMV-Flag-YAP-4SA(S127)YAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33083pCMV-Flag-YAP-4SA(S164)YAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33084pCMV-Flag-YAP-P129DYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33085pCMV-Flag-YAP-H122YYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33086pCMV-Flag-YAP-H122LYAP Guan
33087pCMV-Flag-YAP-S61AYAP Guan
33088pCMV-Flag-YAP-S109AYAP Guan
33089pCMV-Flag-YAP-S163/164AYAP Guan
33090pCMV-Flag-YAP-S381AYAP Guan
33091pQCXIH-Myc-YAPYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33092pQCXIH-Flag-YAP-S127AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33093pQCXIH-Myc-YAP-5SAYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33094pQCXIH-Myc-YAP-S94AYAP (Homo sapiens) Guan
33095pQCXIH-Myc-YAP-del CYAP Guan
33102pCMV-Flag-YAP-S94AYAP Guan
33103pCMV-Flag-YAP-5SA/S94AYAP Guan
35229yap1_L (OZ589)Zinc finger array targeting yap1 (Danio rerio) Joung
35230yap1_R (OZ590)Zinc finger array targeting yap1 (Danio rerio) Joung
38105pGEX-KG-GST-YAPYap2 (Homo sapiens) Guan
42239pENTR-3xFLAG-YAP1-S127AYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Pu
42540shYAP1 # 1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
42541shYAP1 # 2YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
42555YAP1-V5 in pLX304YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
42556YAP1-Y357F-V5 in pLX304YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
42562YAP1 (S6A) - V5 in pLX304YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
46049pT3-EF1a-YapS127AYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Chen
46050pENTR1A-Yap S127AYes-kinase associated protein (Homo sapiens) Chen
59141pLX304-YAP1 _SH3bmYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
59143pLX304-YAP1 _TAYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
59144pLX304-YAP1 _60-89YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
59145pLX304-YAP1(S94A)YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
59147pLX304-YAP1 _PDZYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
59915TRMPVneo.Yap.3093Yap1 (Mus musculus) Jacks
64637FLAG-YAP2 (8SA)-pcw107YAP2 (transcript variant 3) (Homo sapiens) Sabatini
66853pFLAG-YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hata
70643R777-E359 Hs.YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
70644R777-E360 Hs.YAP1-nostopYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Esposito
74942pGAMA-YAPYAP (Homo sapiens) Ramalho-Santos
79502pENTR221-YAP1 CAYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Nelson
79503pENTR221-YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Nelson
84009FUW-tetO-wtYAPYAP1 (siRNA insensitive) (Homo sapiens) Piccolo
84010FUW-tetO-YAPS94AYAP1 (siRNA insensitive) (Homo sapiens) Piccolo
86497pT3-EF1aH Yap S127AYes associated protein 1 (Homo sapiens) Chen
86558AAV9:cTNT::3Flag-hYAP S127AYAP (Homo sapiens) Pu
99734Icam 2 SaCas9 YAP sgRNA1SaCas9 gRNA targeting Yap1 (Mus musculus) Huang
99735Icam 2 SaCas9 YAP sgRNA2SaCas9 gRNA targeting Yap1 (Mus musculus) Huang
99736Icam 2 SaCas9 YAP sgRNA3SaCas9 gRNA targeting Yap1 (Mus musculus) Huang
104227pHH0103 YAP1 WW domain #1YAP1 WW domain #1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
104228pHH0103 YAP1 WW domain #2YAP1 WW domain #2 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
104305pGEX2TK-YAP-WW1YAP WW1 domain (Homo sapiens) Sudol
104306pGEX2TK-YAP-WW1-RRKYAP WW1 domain (Homo sapiens) Sudol
112284pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_WT-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112285pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_5SA-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112286pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_S94A-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112287pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_Y357F-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112288pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_Y3F-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112289pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_delta5C-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112290pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_WW-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112291pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_R89A-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112292pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_L91A-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
112293pLL3.7-EF-EYFP-YAP1_F95A-PolyAEYFP-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sahai
115667TetON-shYAPYAP shRNA (Homo sapiens) Massague
115798pTRE-8XGTIIC-DsRED-DDYAP responsive promoter (Homo sapiens) Massague
124139pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-1alpha YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124140pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-1beta YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124141pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-1gamma YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124142pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-1delta YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124143pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-2alphaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124144pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-2betaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124145pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-2gammaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124146pcDNA3.1 (-) hYAP 1-2deltaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124147pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-1alphaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124148pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-1betaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124149pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-1gammaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124150pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-1deltaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124151pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-2alphaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124152pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-2betaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124153pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-2gammaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124154pBABE (hygro) hYAP 1-2deltaYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124155pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-1alphamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124156pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-1betamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124157pBABE (hygro)mEOS2 hYAP 1-1gammamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124158pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-1deltamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124159pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-2alphamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124160pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-2betamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124161pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-2gammamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
124162pBABE (hygro) mEOS2 hYAP 1-2deltamEOS2-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Sudol
125008RK5F-YAP8SAYAP8SA (Homo sapiens) Chen
128327pLL3.7 FLAG-YAP1-TEAD-P-H2B-mCherryH2B mCherry (Homo sapiens), YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hata
128336pQCXIP-mCherry-Halo-YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hata
141975TFORF2219 YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
141976TFORF2220 YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
141977TFORF2222 YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
141978TFORF2223 YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
142926TFORF2217YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
143178TFORF2218YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
143355TFORF2224YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
143578TFORF2221YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
166440Pet22b-mEGFP-YAP-N-IDRmEGFP, YAP-N-IDR(1-164) (Homo sapiens) Sun
166441Pet22b-mEGFP-YAP-C-IDRmEGFP, YAP-C-IDR(266-504) (Homo sapiens) Sun
166443Pet22b-YAPYAP (Homo sapiens) Sun
166444Pet22b-YAPL318EYAPL318E (Homo sapiens) Sun
166445Pet22b-YAP4LEYAP4LE (Homo sapiens) Sun
166446Lenti-Cry2-mCherry- YAP-N-IDRCry2, mCherry, YAP-N-IDR(1-164) (Homo sapiens) Sun
166447Lenti-Cry2-mCherry- YAP-C-IDRCry2, mCherry, YAP-C-IDR(266-504) (Homo sapiens) Sun
166450pmCherry-TEAD4-YBDmCherry, TEAD4-YBD(217-434) (Homo sapiens) Sun
166457mEGFP-N1-YAPmEGFP, YAP (Homo sapiens) Sun
166458mEGFP-N1-YAPS127AmEGFP, YAPS127A (Homo sapiens) Sun
166459mEGFP-N1-YAPS127A-deltaCCmEGFP, YAPS127A-deltaCC (Homo sapiens) Sun
166460mEGFP-N1 YAPS127A-deltasIDRmEGFP, YAPS127A-deltasIDR (Homo sapiens) Sun
166461mEGFP-N1 YAPS127A-deltasTADmEGFP, YAPS127A-deltasTAD (Homo sapiens) Sun
166462mEGFP-N1 YAPS127A- L308EmEGFP, YAPS127A- L308E (Homo sapiens) Sun
166464mEGFP-N1 YAPS127A- L325EmEGFP, YAPS127A- L325E (Homo sapiens) Sun
166465mEGFP-N1 YAPS127A- L318EmEGFP, YAPS127A- L318E (Homo sapiens) Sun
166466mEGFP-N1 YAPS127A- L308/311/325/318E (4LE)mEGFP, YAPS127A- L308/311/325/318E (4LE) (Homo sapiens) Sun
166468pHAGE-neo-YAPYAP, Neo (Homo sapiens) Sun
166469pHAGE-neo-YAP-deltaCCYAP-deltaCC, Neo (Homo sapiens) Sun
166472pUC19-YAP-mEGFPYAP-mEGFP HDR template(mouse Yap) (Mus musculus) Sun
166481Lenti-CRISPR-v2-gYap-1gRNA for mouse Yap (Mus musculus) Sun
166482Lenti-CRISPR-V2-gYap-2gRNA for mouse Yap (Mus musculus) Sun
166485PLKO.1-YAP shRNA2shRNA for human YAP (Homo sapiens) Sun
166486PLKO.1-Yap shRNAshRNA for mouse Yap (Mus musculus) Sun
169471pDN34-BiNLS-hYAP1-1deltaYAP1-1delta (Homo sapiens) Saunders
171517pX330A-Yap1-E1-#1Yap1 (Mus musculus) Schöler
171518pX330A-Yap1-E2-#1Yap1 (Mus musculus) Schöler
171519pX330A-Yap1-E1-#2Yap1 (Mus musculus) Schöler
173001pcDNA3.1_FLAG-YAP1FLAG-YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Wehr
173002pLenti6_YAP1-V5YAP1-V5 (Homo sapiens) Wehr
176623pCS2-BiNLS-fYapYes associated protein (Danio rerio) Saunders
176846pLKO-Tet-On-YAP1-shRNA1YAP1-Sh1 (Homo sapiens) Friedel
176847pLKO-Tet-On-YAP1-shRNA2YAP1-Sh2 (Homo sapiens) Friedel
176850pLV-TRE3G-hYAP1-CMV-mCherry-T2A-PurohYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Friedel
176851pLV-TRE3G-YAP1-5SA-CMV-mCherry-T2A-PurohYAP1-5SA (Homo sapiens) Friedel
184524p8319 pDONR ATG-YAP1 WT-StopYAP1 WT (Homo sapiens) White
184525p8321 pDONR ATG-YAP1 S127A-StopYAP1 S127A (Homo sapiens) White
184526p8322 pDONR ATG-YAP1 S94A-StopYAP1 S94A (Homo sapiens) White
184527p8325 pLIX YAP1 WTYAP1 WT (Homo sapiens) White
184528p8327 pLIX YAP1 S127AYAP1 S127A (Homo sapiens) White
184529p8328 pLIX YAP1 S94AYAP1 S94A (Homo sapiens) White
193665pLKO-Tet-On shYAP1-2YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193666pLKO-Tet-On shYAP1-3YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193667pLKO-Tet-On shYAP1-6YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193668pLKO-Tet-On shYAP1-9YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193669pLKO-Tet-On shYap1-1 Yap1 (Mus musculus) Hahn
193670pLKO-Tet-On shYap1-4Yap1 (Mus musculus) Hahn
193671pLKO-Tet-On shYap1-5Yap1 (Mus musculus) Hahn
193675pLX307 P2A GFP YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193683pLX317 YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193689pLX304 YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193692pLKO.1 puro shYAP1-1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
193693pLKO.1 puro shYAP1-2YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
205955CL20_mEGFP_YAP1_MAMLD1YAP1_MAMLD1 (Homo sapiens) Kriwacki
213583pInducer-YAP1YAP1 (Homo sapiens) Der
213584pInducer-YAP1-S127AYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Der
213585pInducer-YAP1-S127A/S397AYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Der
213586pInducer-YAP1-S127A/S397A/S94AYAP1 (Homo sapiens) Der