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Description myogenic differentiation 1
Also known as CMYP17, MYF3, MYOD, MYODRIF, PUM, bHLHc1
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 4654
MGC ID BC064493

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
8398CMV-MyoDMyoD (Mus musculus) Lassar
8399CMV-myctagged MyoDMyoD (Mus musculus) Lassar
13494pBABE MDERMyoD1-Estrogen Receptor Fusion Protein (Homo sapiens) Tapscott
13495pBABE MDproERMyoD1-Estrogen Receptor Fusion Protein (Homo sapiens) Tapscott
13496pBABE MD-deltaN-ERMyoD1-Estrogen Receptor Fusion Protein (Homo sapiens) Tapscott
13897Slax mMyoD (CT#999)MyoD (Mus musculus) Tabin
14710EMSV-MyoD (puro)MyoD (Mus musculus) Rudnicki
20915MyoD-cTAPMyoD cTAP (Mus musculus) Tapscott
20917MyoD-pCLBabeMyoD (Mus musculus) Tapscott
25422-24lacZMyo D 5' flanking sequence (Homo sapiens) Goldhamer
25423-24GFPMyo D 5' flanking sequence (Homo sapiens) Goldhamer
25424-2.5CATMyo D Promoter (Homo sapiens) Emerson Jr.
25425F3/-2.5CATMyo D Promoter + F3 (Homo sapiens) Emerson Jr.
25428-2.5lacZMyo D Promoter (Homo sapiens) Emerson Jr.
25429258/-2.5lacZMyo D Promoter (Homo sapiens) Emerson Jr.
25430F3/-2.5lacZMyo D Promoter (Homo sapiens) Emerson Jr.
25431258/-2.5CATMyo D Promoter/Enhancer (Homo sapiens) Emerson Jr.
25990pFB-Flag-MyoD-E12MyoD-E12 Heterodimer Fusion (Mus musculus) Dilworth
25992pFB-Flag-MyoD-MyoDMyoD-MyoD homodimer (Mus musculus) Dilworth
25994pFB-Flag-MyoDMyoD (Mus musculus) Dilworth
26003pFB-Flag-MyoD(QQQ)-E12MyoD(QQQ)-E12 Heterodimer Fusion (Mus musculus) Dilworth
26808pLv-CMV-MyoDMyoD (Mus musculus) Chamberlain
26809pLv-CMV-MyoD-ER(T)MyoD-ER(T) (Mus musculus) Chamberlain
60624LV-TRE-WT mouse MyoD-T2A-dsRedExpress2WT mouse MyoD (Mus musculus) Gersbach
60628LV-TRE-WT human MyoD-T2A-dsRedExpress2VP64 mouse MyoD (Homo sapiens) Gersbach
60629LV-TRE-VP64 human MyoD-T2A-dsRedExpress2VP64 human MyoD (Homo sapiens) Gersbach
61441LV-TRE-MyoD-Stop-LacZ PGK-rtTA-IRES-Puro MyoD (Mus musculus) Gersbach
64136sgRNA1_MYOD1sgRNA1_MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Sato
64137sgRNA2_MYOD1sgRNA1_MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Sato
64138sgRNA3_MYOD1sgRNA1_MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Sato
64139sgRNA4_MYOD1sgRNA1_MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Sato
66631pLV hMyoD-IRES-dsRedhuman MyoD IRES dsRed (Homo sapiens) Gersbach
66632pLV floxed hMyoD-IRES-dsRedhuman MyoD IRES dsRed (Homo sapiens) Gersbach
69546tetO-MyoD-T2A-GFPnls-mPGK-rtTA-IRES-PuroeGFP (Synthetic), Myod1 (Mus musculus) Gersbach
78327hMYOD1-3xHA-IRES-hrGFP (#343)MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Kunkel
78328pINDUCER20-hMYOD1-3xHA (#730)MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Kunkel
78329FLAG-hMYOD1 (#794)MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Kunkel
78330pINDUCER20-FLAG-hMYOD1 (#800)MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Kunkel
120464EF1a_MYOD1_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Mali
122053pRRLSIN.cPPT.PGK.MyoD.WPREMyoD (Mus musculus) Tapscott
122055pRRLSIN.cPPT.PGK.MD(ND2bHLH).WPREMD(ND2bHLH) (Mus musculus) Tapscott
122056pRRLSIN.cPPT.PGK.MD(ND2bHLH)WCS.WPREMD(ND2bHLH)WCS (Mus musculus) Tapscott
144422TFORF2946MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
167716BirA-Myc_N_MYOD1MYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Varjosalo
182309PB-TO-MYOD1-shOct4MYOD1-shOct4 (Homo sapiens), puro-T2A-mycNLS-mTagBFP2 Ward
184380pLV[Tet]-Puro-TRE3G>mMyod1[NM_010866.2] Myod1 (Mus musculus) Bar-Nur
192673LentiU6-hMYOD1 gRNA_1-MS2-PuroHuman MYOD1 activating gRNA #1 (Homo sapiens) Miner
192683LentiU6-hMYOD1 gRNA_multi1-3-MS2-PuroHuman MYOD1 activating gRNAs #1,2,3 (Homo sapiens) Miner
194570pRK5-mEGFP-MYOD1-WTMYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
194571pRK5-mEGFP-MYOD1-MUTMYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
205026pT7[mRNA]-5'UTR:mMyod1[NM_010866.2]: Hba-a1_3'UTRMyod1 (Mus musculus) Bar-Nur
215617pPB-TetON-mEGFP-MYOD1_WTMYOD1 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215618pPB-TetON-mEGFP-MYOD1_AroLITEMYOD1 AroLITE (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215619pPB-TetON-mEGFP-MYOD1_AroLITE-CMYOD1 AroLITE C (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215620pPB-TetON-mEGFP-MYOD1_AroPERFECTMYOD1 AroPERFECT (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
215621pPB-TetON-mEGFP-MYOD1_AroPERFECT-CMYOD1 AroPERFECT C (Homo sapiens) Hnisz