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Description cell division cycle 42
Also known as CDC42Hs, G25K, TKS
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 998
MGC ID BC002711, BC003682, BC018266

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
11392YFP-Cdc42cell division cycle 42 (Homo sapiens) Swanson
11399YFP-Cdc42(V12)cell division cycle 42 (Homo sapiens) Swanson
11400YFP-Cdc42(N17)cell division cycle 42 (Homo sapiens) Swanson
12175GST-cdc42cdc42 (Homo sapiens) Kirschner
12201pGEX-Cdc42Cdc42 (Homo sapiens) Chernoff
12599pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42(wt)EGFP-Cdc42 (WT) (Homo sapiens) Hahn
12600pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42(Q61L)EGFP-Cdc42 (Q61L) (Homo sapiens) Hahn
12601pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42(T17N)EGFP-Cdc42 (T17N) (Homo sapiens) Hahn
12969pGEX-2T-Cdc42-wtCdc42 (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12970pGEX-2T-Cdc42-T17NCdc42 DN (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12971pGEX-2T-Cdc42-Q61LCdc42 constitutively active (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12972pRK5-myc-Cdc42-wtCdc42 (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12973pRK5-myc-Cdc42-T17NCdc42 DN (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12974pRK5-myc-Cdc42-Q61LCdc42 constitutively active (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12975pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42-wtCdc42 (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12976pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42-T17NCdc42 DN (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
12986pcDNA3-EGFP-Cdc42-Q61LCdc42 constitutively active (Homo sapiens) Bokoch
14568pMX GFP cdc42 Q61Lcdc42 Q61L (Homo sapiens) Brugge
15905pRK5myc Cdc42 wtCdc42 (placental isoform) (Homo sapiens) Hall
15906pRK5myc Cdc42 L61Cdc42 (placental isoform) (Homo sapiens) Hall
15907pRK5myc Cdc42 N17Cdc42 (placental isoform) (Homo sapiens) Hall
16670Cdc42 T17N pCS2Cdc42 T17N (Homo sapiens) Shi
16672Cdc42 T17N sp64TCdc42 T17N (Homo sapiens) Shi
20141GFP-cdc42palmcell division cycle 42 isoform 2 (Homo sapiens) El-Husseini
20142GFP-cdc42prenylcell division cycle 42 isoform 1 (Homo sapiens) El-Husseini
20152YF-Cdc42(CA)YFP-FKBP-Cdc42(CA) (Homo sapiens) Meyer
23240GFP-pCdc42Cdc42 (Homo sapiens) Der
23241GFP-bCdc42Cdc42 (Homo sapiens) Der
29673mEGFP-Cdc42-C1Cdc42 (Homo sapiens) Yasuda
51389pGL3-CMV-Cdc42 3'UTRCdc42 3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Kim
51390pGL3-CMV-Cdc42 3'UTR mutant (position 577-599 and 997-1019)NM_001039802.1 (Homo sapiens) Kim
51391pGL3-CMV-Cdc42 3'UTR mutant (position 577-599)NM_001039802.1 (Homo sapiens) Kim
54033mEmerald-CDC42-C-10NM_001791.3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54034mEmerald-CDC42-N-10CDC42 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55014mCherry-CDC42-C-10CDC42 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55087mCherry-miniSOG-CDC42-C-10CDC42 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55406mCerulean3-CDC42-C-10CDC42 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57596tdEos-CDC42-C-10CDC42 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
61635pCDNAIIIB cdc42 WTcdc42 (Homo sapiens) Gutkind
61636pCDNAIIIB cdc42 QLCdc42 (Homo sapiens) Gutkind
65973213-petDuet1-GBD-LUMP--cdc42LUMP (Other), cell division cycle 42 (Homo sapiens) Marriott
69356pGEX-4T1-Cdc42 G15ACdc42 (Homo sapiens) Garcia-Mata
75263PA-Cdc42Cell Division Cycle 42 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
82104pDONR223_CDC42_WTCDC42 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82174pDONR223_CDC42_p.Q61LCDC42 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
105294pECFP-Cdc42Q61LCdc42 (Homo sapiens) Yamada
105295pECFP-Cdc42-Y40CCdc42 (Homo sapiens) Yamada
107267mCherry-eDHFR-Cdc42Q61LmCherry-eDHFR-Cdc42Q61L (Homo sapiens) Lampson
118609pMCh1809_pBS_cdc42E6-boxBcdc42E6 3'UTR (Mus musculus) Chekulaeva
118612pMCh1807_pBS_cdc42E7-boxBcdc42E7 3'UTR (Mus musculus) Chekulaeva
118614pMCh1750_S2F-IMCg_doxy-CMV_mChe-Cdc42E7cdc42E7 (Mus musculus) Chekulaeva
118615pMCh1753_S2F-IMCg_doxy-CMV_mChe-Cdc42E7-E63'UTRcdc42E7-E6 3'UTR (Mus musculus) Chekulaeva
118620pMCh2007_pLenti_Syn_mChe-cdc42E7cdc42E7 (Mus musculus) Chekulaeva
118622pMCh2008_pLenti_Syn_mChe-cdc42E7-E63'UTRcdc42E7-E6 3'UTR (Mus musculus) Chekulaeva
128930JB48Cdc42GV-BirA*-HA-MAO (Homo sapiens) Munro
128931JB57Cdc42TN-BirA*-HA-MAO (Homo sapiens) Munro
163606pCAFNF-Cdc42Cdc42 (Mus musculus) Imai
176094H2A-mTurquoise-CDC42-G12V-deltaCAAXCDC42 (Homo sapiens) Gadella
176121TOMM20-mTurquoise-Cdc42-G12V-DeltaCaaXCDC42 (Homo sapiens) Gadella
179517MIGR1-Cdc42-1Cdc42 splice variant 1 cDNA (Homo sapiens) Porse
179518MIGR1-Cdc42-2Cdc42 splice variant 2 cDNA (Homo sapiens) Porse