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Description SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2
Also known as Sox-2, lcc, ysb
Species Mus musculus
Entrez ID 20674
MGC ID BC057574

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
13367pMXs-Sox2SRY-box containing gene 2 (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
13459pCAG-HA-Sox2-IPSox2 (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
13462pCAG-Sox2-IRES-NeoSox2 (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
15919pMXs-Sox2-IPSRY-box containing gene 2 (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
15953pLOVE-Sox2SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (Mus musculus) Ramalho-Santos
16353pGEM-Sox2Homo sapiens SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (SOX2) (Homo sapiens) Thomson
16577pSin-EF2-Sox2-PurHomo sapiens SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (SOX2) (Homo sapiens) Thomson
17218pMXs-hSOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
17226pMIG-hSOX2SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (Homo sapiens) Daley
17965pMXs-hSOX2 (Plath)SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (Homo sapiens) Plath
18919tetO7_Ef1a_SOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Cheng
19765pLV-tetO-Sox2Sox2 (Mus musculus) Hochedlinger
19767pAd-Sox2Sox2 (Mus musculus) Hochedlinger
19771pCX-OKS-2AOct3/4-2A-Klf4-2A-Sox2 (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
19779FU-tet-o-hSox2Sox2 (Homo sapiens) Hochedlinger
20073pMSCV-Flag-hSox2hSox2 (Homo sapiens) Belmonte
20321TetO-FUW-OSKMOct-4 (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20325FUW-SOKMSox2-P2A-Oct4-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20326TetO-FUW-sox2sox2 (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20327FUW-SOKSox2-F2A-Oct4-T2A-Klf4 (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20328FUW-OSKMOct4-P2A-Sox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20724FUW-tetO-hSOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Jaenisch
20729FUW-tetO-lox-hSOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Jaenisch
20908PB-TET-mSox2Sox2 (Mus musculus) Nagy
20922pEP4 E02S EN2LOct4 and Sox2; Nanog and Lin28 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20923pEP4 E02S EM2KOct4 and Sox2; Myc and Klf4 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20924pEP4 E02S CK2M EN2LOct4 and Sox2; Nanog and Lin28; Klf4 and Myc (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20925pEP4 E02S EN2KOct4 and Sox2; Nanog and Klf4 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20927pEP4 E02S ET2KOct4 and Sox2; SV40LT and Klf4 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20959PB-TET-MKOScMyc, KLF4, Oct4, Sox2 (Mus musculus) Nagy
21162pSIN4-EF2-O2SOct4, Sox2 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
21627pKP332 (Lenti-OSK1)hOCT4 - 2A - hSOX2 - 2A - hKLF4 (Homo sapiens) Townes
23242pLM-mCitrine-Sox2mCitrine_2A_SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Sadelain
24603OKSIMOct4 KLF4 Sox2 c-Myc (Homo sapiens) Cibelli
26351pWZL Sox2Sox2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
26355pWZL Sox2 R74PSox2 (Homo sapiens) Meyerson
26817pcDNA3.3_SOX25'UTR-SOX2-3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Rossi
27078pCXLE-hSKSOX2, KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
28213pEB-C5Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, c-Myc, Lin28 (Mus musculus) Cheng
36117pCX4-Sox2Sox2 (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
41814pCE-hSKSOX2, KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
45270pBabe_puro_DEST_Flag_SOX2MCOPS3 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
45309pWzl_neo_DEST_flag_SOX2MCOPS3 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
49389pDNR-hSox2Sox2 (Homo sapiens) McKinnon
49390pLPS-hSox2-gfpSox2 (Homo sapiens) McKinnon
49391pLP-hSox2-ires-gfpSox2 (Homo sapiens) McKinnon
49392pLP-TRE2-hSox2Sox2 (Homo sapiens) McKinnon
51543FUW-tetO-hOKMShOKMS (Homo sapiens) Mikkelsen
58525pMaster1neo (Other), tk (Other), oct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2, myc (Homo sapiens), EBNA-1, Amp (Other), Lin28 (Homo sapiens), Nanog (Homo sapiens), IRES Capecchi
58526pMaster3neo (Other), tk (Other), oct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2, myc (Homo sapiens), EBNA-1, Amp (Other), Lin28 (Homo sapiens), Nanog (Homo sapiens), IRES, NR5A2 (Homo sapiens) Capecchi
58527pMaster12neo (Other), tk (Other), oct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), Myc (Homo sapiens), EBNA-1, Amp (Other), Lin28 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), IRES, NR5A2 (Homo sapiens), miR302/367 (Homo sapiens) Capecchi
58972T7-VEE-OKS-iMOct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), cMyc (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
58973SP6-VEE-OKS-iMOct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), cMyc (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
58974T7-VEE-OKS-iGOct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), GLIS (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
58975SP6-VEE-OKS-iGOct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), GLIS (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
59019ACTIN-SOX2-PGK CreSox2 (Mus musculus) Oliver
63726MIP 247 CoMiP 4in1 with shRNA p53Mini-intronic-plasmid intron (Homo sapiens) Kay
63727MIP 227 CoMiP 4in1 wo shRNA p53Mini-intronic-plasmid intron (Homo sapiens) Kay
63895Luc-Sox2-3'UTRSRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (Mus musculus) He
64120MOSOCT4-2A-SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Cheng
74945pCXLE-hS + eGFPSox2 (Homo sapiens) Zovein
80480PB-TAC-OKMSOKMS (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80481PB-TAC-OSKMOSKM (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80482PB-TAC-OK+9MSOK+9MS (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80484PB-TAC-MKOSMKOS (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80485PB-TAC-EB-C5lin-28 homolog A (C. elegans) (Mus musculus) Woltjen
82233pDONR223_SOX2_WTSOX2 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
86557pREPROII-attBOct4 (Mus musculus), cMyc (Mus musculus), Sox2 (Mus musculus), Kruppel-like factor 4 (Mus musculus) Kuehn
89991pUC19-SOX2-T2A-2xNLS-tdTomato-F2A-PuroSOX2-T2A-2xNLS-TdTomato-F2A-Puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
100107pSN22mCitrine-P2A-SOX2 fused to a 'strong' VP16 domain (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100108pSN23mCitrine-P2A-SOX2 fused to a 'medium' VP16 domain (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100109pSN24mCitrine-P2A-SOX2 fused to a 'weak' VP16 domain (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100110pSN25mCitrine-P2A-SOX2 fused to full length HP1 alpha (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100123pSN65mCitrine-P2A-putative SOX2 DBD (41-109) with a V5 tag (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
101761pGL3-Sox2SRY-box 2 promoter (Homo sapiens) Jou
102894PB-GG-OMKSL-PGK-PuroOMKSL-gRNAs-PGK-Puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
102899GG-EBNA-OMKSL-PPOMKSL-gRNAS-PGK-puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
102909PB-EEA-5g-OSK2M2L1-PGK-PuroEEA-5g-OSK2M2L1-gRNAs-PGK-Puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
110280Lenti-TetON-Sox2SRY (sex determining region Y)-box 2 (Mus musculus) Oliver
118825pMX-eSOX2NRReSOX2NRR (Mus musculus) Jauch
118826pMX-eSOX2AHKeSox2AHK (Mus musculus) Jauch
120480EF1a_SOX2_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeSOX2 (Homo sapiens) Mali
120548EF1a-3NLS-Sox2TALE-GCN4NLS, Sox2 TALE, GCN4 (Synthetic) Wang
124606AICSDP-60: SOX2-mEGFPSOX2 Homology Arms with linker-mEGFP (Homo sapiens) Institute for Cell Science
127537Sox2-t2A-GFPSOX2 (Homo sapiens) Mitchell
127538Sox2-t2A-mCherrySOX2 (Homo sapiens) Mitchell
130693pLVH-EF1a-GFP-P2A-SOX2human SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Hu
133281pcDNA3-BAP-Sox2Sox2 (Homo sapiens) Kulyyassov
135617pscAAV-Sox2-mStrP2A-mStrawberry flanked by Sox2 homology arms (Mus musculus) He
135618pAAV-Sox2-CreERT2P2A-CreERT2 flanked by Sox2 homology arms (Mus musculus) He
136541pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OSKMOct4-P2A-Sox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136551pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-SKMSox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136552pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OSKOct4-P2A-Sox2-T2A-Klf4 (Mus musculus) Schöler
136553pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-KSMKlf4-IRES-Sox2-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136555pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OSMOct4-P2A-Sox2-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136576pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OSOct4-P2A-Sox2 (Mus musculus) Schöler
136577pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-SKSox2-T2A-Klf4 (Mus musculus) Schöler
136578pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-SMSox2-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136612pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Sox2Sox2 (Mus musculus) Schöler
136617pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-KSKlf4-IRES-Sox2 (Mus musculus) Schöler
140826pPB-C6F/TdTomatoOCT4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), C-MYC (Homo sapiens), KLF2 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), tdTomato Okano
144958TFORF3482SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
165080pMasterEOCT4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), MYC (Homo sapiens), LRH1 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), LIN28 (Homo sapiens), EGFP (Other), HSV TK (Other) Okano
165081pMasterKOCT4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), MYC (Homo sapiens), LRH1 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), lin28 (Homo sapiens), EGFP (Other), HSV TK (Other), KDM4D (Other), GLIS1 (Homo sapiens) Okano
167794MAC_N_SOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Varjosalo
167969SOX2 KO (T2A-H2B-EGFP)SRY-Box Transcription Factor 2 (Homo sapiens) Rawlins
175552pNQL004-SOX2-FKBPV-HA2-P2A-mCherry targeting constructSOX2 (Mus musculus) de Wit
176364pSOX2-donorSOX2 (Homo sapiens) White
182046pCAG-FLAG-IRES-blasticidin-Sox2 WTSox2 (Mus musculus) Jang
182047pCAG-FLAG-IRES-blasticidin-Sox2 S248ASox2 (Mus musculus) Jang
182048pCAG-FLAG-IRES-blasticidin-Sox2 T258ASox2 (Mus musculus) Jang
182049pCAG-FLAG-IRES-blasticidin-Sox2 S248A/T258ASox2 (Mus musculus) Jang
183907LV-hGFAP-SOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
183908LV-hGFAP-GFP-T2A-SOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
183909LV-hGFAP-SOX2-IRES-GFPSOX2 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
187375CMV-SOX2-T2A-miRFP670SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Mitchell
188038pMXs-KMSKLF4, MYC, and SOX2 separated by 2A sequences (Homo sapiens) Tang
193290 pCXLE-SOX2-17-p2a-KLF4SOX2-17-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193291pCXLE-SOX2AV-p2a-KLF4SOX2AV-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193292pCXLE-SOX2-p2a-KLF4SOX2-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193294pCXLE-mCherry-t2a-SOX2-17-p2a-KLF4mCherry-t2a-SOX2-17-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193295pCXLE-mCherry-t2a-SOX2AV-p2a-KLF4mCherry-t2a-SOX2AV-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193296pCXLE-mCherry-t2a-SOX2-p2a-KLF4mCherry-t2a-SOX2-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193298pCXLE-Oct4-p2a-Klf4-IRES-Sox2-17Oct4-p2a-Klf4-IRES-Sox2-17 (Mus musculus) Schöler
193299pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Klf4-IRES-Sox2-17Klf4-IRES-Sox2-17 (Mus musculus) Schöler
193345pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Oct4-p2a-Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4Oct4-p2a-Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4 (Mus musculus) Schöler
193346pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Oct4-p2a-Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMycOct4-p2a-Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
193347pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Oct4-p2a-Sox2AV-t2a-Klf4-e2a-MycOct4-p2a-Sox2AV-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
193348pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4 (Mus musculus) Schöler
193349pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Sox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-MycSox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
193350pMXs-hSOX2-17SOX2-17 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193351pMXs-hSOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193352pMXs-hSOX2AVSOX2AV (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193353pMXs-Sox2-17Sox2-17 (Mus musculus) Schöler
193354pMXs-Sox2AVSox2AV (Mus musculus) Schöler
193356T7-VEE-OCT4-t2a-KLF4-e2a-SOX2-17-IRES-GLIS1OCT4-t2a-KLF4-e2a-SOX2-17-IRES-GLIS1 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193358T7-VEE-CFP-e2a-SOX2-p2a-KLF4CFP-e2a-SOX2-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193359T7-VEE-CFP-e2a-SOX2AV-p2a-KLF4CFP-e2a-SOX2AV-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
193360T7-VEE-CFP-e2a-SOX2-17-p2a-KLF4CFP-e2a-SOX2-17-p2a-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Schöler
194580pRK5-mEGFP-SOX2-WTSOX2 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
194581pRK5-mEGFP-SOX2-MUTSOX2 (Homo sapiens) Hnisz
196190pSpCas9(BB)-2A-tomato SOX2-sgRNASOX2 (Homo sapiens) Knoblich
196191pHDR_sox2HA_P2A-GFP-pA_HA_G2913ASOX2-HAL-P2A-EGFP-SOX2-HAR (Homo sapiens) Knoblich
198058Ai-LV (CS-TRE-mOKS-PRE-Ubc-rtTA-I2G)mOct4, mKlf4, mSox2 (Mus musculus) Nakauchi
200195Halo-S2S13DBDHalo-S2S13DBD (Mus musculus) Teves
200196Halo-S13S2DBDHalo-S13S2DBD (Mus musculus) Teves
204498PB-TRE-OKSMOCT4 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Fujii
206369pHAGE2-TetO-mSox2C17Sox2-C17 chimera (Mus musculus) Jauch
206374pHAGE2-TetO-GFP-mSox2Sox2 (Mus musculus) Jauch
206376pLVTHM-mSox2-3xflagSox2 (Mus musculus) Jauch
206385pHAGE2-TetO-hSOX2-C17SOX2-C17 chimera (Homo sapiens) Jauch
206388pHAGE2-TetO-hSOX2SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Jauch
206398pHAGE2-TetO-ePOUSKMePOU, SOX2, KLF4, c-MYC (Mus musculus) Jauch
210016pCXLE-Sox2-17-T2A-Klf4-E2A-MycSox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
210017pCXLE-Sox2AV-T2A-Klf4-E2A-MycSox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
210018pCXLE-Sox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-MycSox2-17-t2a-Klf4-e2a-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
210019pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Oct4-P2A-Klf4-IRES-Sox2Oct4-p2a-Klf4-IRES-Sox2 (Mus musculus) Schöler
210020pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-Oct4-P2A-Klf4-IRES-Sox2-17Oct4-p2a-Klf4-IRES-Sox2-17 (Mus musculus) Schöler
211986pKLV2-U6gRNA5(SOX2_v32_7-4)-PGKpuroBFP-WsgRNA targeting SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Yusa
211987pKLV2-U6gRNA5(SOX2_v32_7-5)-PGKpuroBFP-WsgRNA targeting SOX2 (Homo sapiens) Yusa
215543SOX2-3'gRNASOX2 (Homo sapiens) Wang
215544SOX2-P2A-NLS-mClover3-IRES-PuroSOX2 homologous recombination arms with IRES-Puro selection cassette (Homo sapiens) Wang