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Description microtubule associated protein RP/EB family member 3
Also known as EB3, EBF3, EBF3-S, RP3
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 22924
MGC ID BC011557

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
50708EB3-tdTomatoEB3 (Homo sapiens) Dent
54075mEmerald-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54076mEmerald-EB3-C-20EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54892mApple-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54893mApple-EB3-C-20EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55037mCherry-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55038mCherry-EB3-C-20EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55089mCherry-miniSOG-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55239EBFP2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55365mCerulean-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55416mCerulean3-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55417mCerulean3-EB3-C-20EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55477mTFP1-EB3EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55548mTurquoise-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55858mRuby-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55921mRFP1-EB3-3EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55942mStrawberry-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55964mPlum-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56015mKeima-Red-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56218mIFP-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56474dsEGFP-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56481sfGFP-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56499mWasabi-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56634YPet-EB3-7 EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57130mPA-GFP-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57172PA-mCherry1-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57225PS-CFP2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57269Dronpa-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57337mEos-A69V-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57372mEos2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57454mEos3.2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57610tdEos-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57715Dendra2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57765miniSOG-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57788PA-mCherry-miniSOG-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57838mKO-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57871mKO2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57917mKOet-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57953mOrange2-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58012mTagRFP-T-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58056tdTurboRFP-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
58090tdTomato-EB3-7EB3 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
79994pEB3-miRFP703EB3 (Homo sapiens) Verkhusha
105940pCS2+ EB3-mKate2EB3 (Homo sapiens) Norden
105948HS-EB3-GFPEB3 (Homo sapiens) Norden
105965hsp70:EB3-mKate2 EB3 (Homo sapiens) Norden
107729pSpCas9_BB_2A-GFP_MAPRE3-gRNA#1 MAPRE3 gRNA #1 (targets Exon 1) (Homo sapiens) Wittmann
107730pSpCas9_BB_2A-GFP_MAPRE3-gRNA#2MAPRE3 gRNA #2 (targets Exon 1) (Homo sapiens) Wittmann
107731pSpCas9_BB_2A-GFP_MAPRE3-gRNA#3MAPRE3 gRNA #3 (targets Exon 1) (Homo sapiens) Wittmann
127433pEB3-miRFP670nanoEB3-miRFP670nano (Homo sapiens) Verkhusha
130983pET22b-mEB3-eGFP-6xHisEB3-GFP-6xHis (Mus musculus) Straube
130985pET22b-mEB3-mCherry-6xHisEB3-mCherry-6xHis (Mus musculus) Straube
133927pCMV-EB3mCherry_cmv-LifeActGFPEB3-mCherry and Lifeact-GFP (Homo sapiens) Bradke
168514pCAG mEmerald-EB3EB3 (Homo sapiens) Polleux
175261pTub-alpha1-EB3-NeonGreen-T2A-iLifeact-mCherryEB3-NeonGreen-T2A-iLifeact-mCherry (Homo sapiens) Bradke
175263pTub-alpha-EB3-NeonGreenEB3 (Homo sapiens) Bradke
191761EB3-mNeonGreenEB3-mNeonGreen (Homo sapiens) Gerlich
196848pBactin-EB3-mNeonGreenEB3-NeonGreen (Homo sapiens) Bradke
196885pCAG-DIO-inv[roxSTOProx-EB3 mNeonGreen-bGH]roxSTOProx-EB3 mNeonGreen-bGH (Homo sapiens) Bradke
197421pSpCas9(BB)-2A-mCherry_MAPRE3-gRNA#1MAPRE3 gRNA #1 (targets Exon 1) (Homo sapiens) Wittmann
197422pSpCas9(BB)-2A-mCherry_MAPRE3-gRNA#2MAPRE3 gRNA #2 (targets Exon 1) (Homo sapiens) Wittmann
197423pSpCas9(BB)-2A-mCherry_MAPRE3-gRNA#3MAPRE3 gRNA #3 (targets Exon 1) (Homo sapiens) Wittmann