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Description SRC proto-oncogene, non-receptor tyrosine kinase
Also known as PP60C-SCR, SDR, c-src
Species Gallus gallus
Entrez ID 396442

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
13657pCMV5 mouse src K295R Y527Fsrc K295R Y527F (Mus musculus) Brugge
13658pLNCX mouse srcsrc (Mus musculus) Brugge
13659pLNCX chick src K295Rsrc K295R (Gallus gallus) Brugge
13660pLNCX chick src Y527Fsrc Y527F (Gallus gallus) Brugge
13661pLNCX chick src E378Gsrc E378G (Gallus gallus) Brugge
13662pLNCX chick src Y416Fsrc Y416F (Gallus gallus) Brugge
13663pCMV5 mouse srcsrc (Mus musculus) Brugge
13665pLNCX chick srcSrc (Gallus gallus) Brugge
14578pLNCX chick v-srcv-Src (Gallus gallus) Brugge
17670pMvsrcDv-src (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17672pMcSrcc-src (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17674pM5HHB5c-src (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17675pcSrc527c-src Y527F (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17676pcSrc416c-src Y416F (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17677pcSrc416/527c-src Y416F Y527F (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17678pcR295c-src K295R (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17679pcR295/527c-src K295R Y527F (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17680pcAla12c-src S12A (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17681pcAla17c-src S17A (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17682pcAla12/Ala17c-src S12A S17A (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17683pcA12/F527c-src S12A Y527F (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17684pcA17/F527c-src S17A Y527F (Gallus gallus) Shalloway
17685pM5McSrcc-src (Mus musculus) Shalloway
17686pM5MF529c-src Y529F (Mus musculus) Shalloway
19965pRK5 DN-SrcSrc (Gallus gallus) Giancotti
23022pDUP 4-1c-src (Mus musculus) Black
23023pDUP 4-5c-src (Mus musculus) Black
23934pDONR223-SRCSRC (Homo sapiens) Hahn
25933pUSE-RapR-Src-mycRapR-Src (Mus musculus) Hahn
26980pBABE-Src-Dasatinib-resistantc-Src (Gallus gallus) Massague
26982pRetroSuper-shSrcshRNA Src (Homo sapiens) Massague
35017p6621 MSCV-IP N-HAonly SRCSRC (Homo sapiens) Howley
36871pCS2-myc-gfp-dSH2Src homology-2 domain (dSH2) (Mus musculus) Gomez
42202pcDNA3 c-SRC (WT)c-SRC (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42204pcDNA3 c-SRC (1-249)c-SRC (1-249) (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42205pcDNA3 c-SRC (1-397)c-SRC (1-397) (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42206pcDNA3 c-SRC (91-536)c-SRC (91-536) (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42207pcDNA3 c-SRC (151-536)c-SRC (151-536) (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42208pcDNA3 c-SRC (250-536)c-SRC (250-536) (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42209pcDNA3 c-SRC (250-536) HAc-SRC (250-536) HA (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
42210pcDNA3 c-SRC (250-536) K298M HAc-SRC (250-536) HA (Homo sapiens) Lefkowitz
44652pcDNA3-MTS-WT-c-Src-FLAGv-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian) (SRC) (Homo sapiens) Homma
44653pcDNA3-MTS-KD-c-Src-FLAGv-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian) (SRC) (Homo sapiens) Homma
44654pcDNA3-MTS-CA-c-Src-FLAGv-src sarcoma (Schmidt-Ruppin A-2) viral oncogene homolog (avian) (SRC) (Homo sapiens) Homma
46510pGEX Src-SH2Src (Homo sapiens) Mayer
54118mEmerald Hc-SRC-N-18Hc-SRC (Homo sapiens) Davidson
54911mApple-Hc-SRC-N-18NM_198291.2 (Homo sapiens) Davidson
55560mTurquoise-Hc-SRC-N-18Hc-SRC (Homo sapiens) Davidson
56213mIFP-C-Src-7C-Src (Gallus gallus) Davidson
57182PA-mCherry1-Hc-SRC-N-18Hc-SRC (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57221PS-CFP2-C-Src-7C-Src (Gallus gallus) Davidson
57385mEos2-Hc-SRC-N-18Hc-SRC (Homo sapiens) Davidson
57545mGeos2-VEL-C-Src-7C-Src (Gallus gallus) Davidson
79700SRC_HUMAN_D0SRC (Homo sapiens) Chodera
82165pDONR223_SRC_WTSRC (Homo sapiens) Boehm
83469Tet-CA-Src-GFPSrc (Gallus gallus) Gumbiner
87356pBabe-PI(WT)-Src(WT)-mCherryLOV2 (Synthetic), Src (Mus musculus) Hahn
87357pBabe-PI(WT)-Src(YF)-mCherryLOV2 (Synthetic), Src isoform 2 (Mus musculus) Hahn
87358pBabe-PI(WT)-Src(KD)-mCherryLOV2 (Synthetic), Src (Mus musculus) Hahn
91251pHH0103_SRC-1/1-IS2/2SRC-1/1-IS2/2 (Homo sapiens) Sidhu
91349pHH0103_SRC-1/1-IS1/2SRC-1/1-IS1/2 (Homo sapiens) Sidhu
110496Src-EGFPc-Src (Mus musculus) Mainou
118308Flag-SrcSrc (Mus musculus) Stork
124659Src-Y530FcSrc (Homo sapiens) Yu
140294pDEST40-2XHA-wtSrcSrc wildtype (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140295pDEST40-2XFL-wtSrcSrc wildtype (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140296pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S4-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140297pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S4-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140298pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S4-S32-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140299pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S4-S32-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140300pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S4-UD-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140301pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S4-UD-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140302pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S4-UD-S32Src deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140303pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S4-UD-S32Src deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140304pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S4-UDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140305pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S4-UDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140306pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S4-UD-mCherrySrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140307pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S4-UD-mCherrSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140308pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S32Src deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140309pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S32Src deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140310pDEST40-2XHA-Src-S32-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140311pDEST40-2XFL-Src-S32-KDSrc deletion mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140312pDEST40-2XHA-Src-KDSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140313pDEST40-2XFL-Src-KDSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140314pDEST40-2XHA-Src-K298MSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140315pDEST40-2XFL-Src-K298MSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140316pDEST40-2XHA-Src-Y419FSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140317pDEST40-2XFL-Src-Y419FSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140318pDEST40-2XHA-Src-Y530FSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140319pDEST40-2XFL-Src-Y530FSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140320pDEST40-2XHA-Src-K298M-Y419F-Y530FSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140321pDEST40-2XFL-Src-K298M-Y419F-Y530FSrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140322pDEST40-2XHA-Src-Y530EEISrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
140323pDEST40-2XFL-Src-Y530EEISrc mutant (Homo sapiens) Moasser
203754MmEos3.2Src15 n-term (Homo sapiens) Veatch
214230pET28-His6-SUMO-cSrc-SH2-AviTagcSrc kinase SH2 domain (Homo sapiens) Shah
214233pET23a-H6-TEV-cSrccSrc Kinase domain (Homo sapiens) Shah
220998Src(WT)-SsrA(Y7I)-mCer3Src, SsrA, mCerulean3 (Mus musculus) Hahn
220999Src(YF)-SsrA(Y7I)-mCer3Src, SsrA, mCerulean3 (Mus musculus) Hahn
221000Src(KD/YF)-SsrA(Y7I)-mCer3Src, SsrA, mCerulean3 (Mus musculus) Hahn