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Description androgen receptor
Also known as AIS, AR8, DHTR, HUMARA, HYSP1, KD, NR3C4, SBMA, SMAX1, TFM
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 367

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
12492p258 pSP72 hAR-LBDAR LBD (Homo sapiens) Green
12494p260 pCMV-CRE-M-AR(wt)CRE-M AR (Homo sapiens) Green
12495p264 pSP72 hAR-LBD(LNCaP)AR LBD (Homo sapiens) Green
12496p270 pCMV-CRE-M-AR(LNCaP)CRE-M AR (Homo sapiens) Green
12497p274 pCMV-CRE-M-AR(T)CRE-M AR (Homo sapiens) Green
23058pRR-AR-5ZAR (Homo sapiens) Miller
28235pEGFP-C1-ARAndrogen receptor (Homo sapiens) Mancini
64635AR-V7-pcw107 AR (transcript variant 1, splice isoform) (Homo sapiens) Sabatini
64636AR-V7-pcw107-V5AR (transcript variant 1, splice isoform) (Homo sapiens) Sabatini
73045pRR-ARAndrogen receptor (Homo sapiens) McMillen
82094pDONR223_AR_WTAR (Homo sapiens) Boehm
85128pLENTI6.3/AR-GC-E2325androgen receptor (Homo sapiens) Kalland
86427pEGFP-C1-AR Q0androgen receptor (AR) (Homo sapiens) Mancini
86428pEGFP-C1-AR Q48Androgen receptor (AR) (Homo sapiens) Mancini
86429pEGFP-C1-AR C619YAndrogen receptor (AR) (Homo sapiens) Mancini
86856pEGFP-C1-AR V7Androgen receptor (AR) (Homo sapiens) Marcelli
89078pCMV-hARhuman androgen receptor (hAR) full-length (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89079pCMV-hAR1-660hAR-1-660 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89080pCMV-FLAG-hARhAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89081VP-hAR1-660hAR-1-660 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89082GAL-hAR-658-919hAR-658-919 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89083pET-15b-hAR-663-919hAR ligand binding domain (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89084pCMV-hAR-L26A,F27AhAR FxxLF mutant (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89085pCMV-hAR-L26A,F27A,W433A,L436A,F437AhAR FxxLF WxxLF mutant (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89086pCMV-hAR-W433A,L436A,F437AhAR WxxLF mutant (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89087pCMV-hAR-H874YhAR-H874Y prostate cancer mutant (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89088pCMV-hARdelta120-472hAR-120-472 N-term deletion (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89089pCMV-hAR-F23AhAR-FxxLF mutant (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89091pAc-His-hAR-2hAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89092VP16-hARhAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89093GAL-AR-1-503hAR aa 1-503 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89104pCMV-hARdeltaNH2-6hAR DNA binding domain+ligand binding domain (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89106pCMV-hARΔ142–337hAR delta 142-337 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89107pCMV-hARdelta538-614hAR-538-614 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89108pCMV-hAR-CA576-ZhAR-C576A (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89109pCMV-hARdelta500-558hAR-500-558 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89110pCMV-hAR-1-660hAR-1-660 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89111pcDNA3HA-AR-LBD hAR ligand binding domain (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89112pcDNA3myc AR-LBD hAR ligand binding domain (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89116pIRESneoFLAGhAR FLAG-hAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89120pSG5-hAR(16)hAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89138FLAG-hAR-508-660hAR-508-660 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
89139FLAG-AR1-660 hAR-1-660 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104192GST-AR-1-36human androgen receptor aa 1-36 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104193GST-AR-1-173human androgen receptor aa 1-173 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104194GST-AR-1-333human androgen receptor aa 1-333 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104195GST-AR-1-566human androgen receptor aa 1-566 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104196GST-AR-1-660human androgen receptor aa 1-660 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104197GST-AR-174-566human androgen receptor aa 174-566 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104198GST-AR-334-566human androgen receptor aa 334-566 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104199GST-AR-4-52human androgen receptor aa 4-52 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104200GST-AR-624-919human androgen receptor aa 624-919 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
104201GST-AR-400-449human androgen receptor aa 400-449 (Homo sapiens) Wilson
109847pHH0103_AR_Hormone-recepAR_Hormone-recep (Homo sapiens) Sidhu
111215EGFP-ARAR (Mus musculus) Schmid
115778pCMV-hAR-R617M,K618M,K632M,K633MAndrogen Receptor (Homo sapiens) Wilson
126051pCMV-AR-R405SAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
126052pCMV-AR-R405AAR (Homo sapiens) Wilson
132360ARR3tk-eGFP/SV40-mCherryAR responsive elements (Homo sapiens) Sawyers
142958TFORF2553AR (Homo sapiens) Zhang
144129TFORF2554AR (Homo sapiens) Zhang
167000Lenti_CRISPRi_sgAR1AR Promoter sgRNA 1 (Homo sapiens) Dotto
167001Lenti_CRISPRi_sgAR2AR Promoter sgRNA 2 (Homo sapiens) Dotto
167002Lenti_CRISPRi_sgAR3AR Promoter sgRNA 3 (Homo sapiens) Dotto
167003Lenti_CRISPRi_sgAR10AR Promoter sgRNA 10 (Homo sapiens) Dotto
171218LV-AR-AAFFAR-AAFF (Homo sapiens) Balk
171219LV-AR-KKKAAAAR-KKKAAA (Homo sapiens) Balk
171220LV-AR-C563A-C596AAR-C563A-C596A (Homo sapiens) Balk
171221LV-AR-R599A-N600A AR-R599A-N600A (Homo sapiens) Balk
171222LV-AR-C619YAR-C619Y (Homo sapiens) Balk
171223pCIneo-AR-S81Ahuman androgen receptor Ser81Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171224pCIneo-AR-S81Ehuman androgen receptor Ser81Glu mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171225pCIneo-AR-S90Ahuman androgen receptor Ser90Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171227pCIneo-AR-S256Ahuman androgen receptor Ser256Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171229pCIneo-AR-S308Ahuman androgen receptor Ser308Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171232pCIneo-AR-S650Ahuman androgen receptor Ser650Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171234HA-HA-BI-AR2xHA-tagged human androgen receptor (Homo sapiens) Balk
171235HA-HA-AR-NTD2xHA-tagged human androgen receptor trancate: N-terminal-domain (Homo sapiens) Balk
171236HA-HA-AR-NTD-DBD2xHA-tagged human androgen receptor trancate:N-terminal-domain and DNA-binding domain (Homo sapiens) Balk
171237HA-HA-AR-DBD-LBD2xHA-tagged human androgen receptor trancate:DNA-binding domain and Ligand-binding domain (Homo sapiens) Balk
171238HA-HA-AR-DBD2xHA-tagged human androgen receptor trancate:DNA-binding domain (Homo sapiens) Balk
171239HA-AR-LBD1xHA-tagged human androgen receptor trancate:Ligand-binding domain (Homo sapiens) Balk
171240Flag-M4-AR 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor (Homo sapiens) Balk
171241Flag-M4-AR-S81A3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Ser81Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171242Flag-M4-AR-S81D3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Ser81Asp mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171245Flag-M4-AR-S650A3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Ser650Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171246Flag-M4-AR-S650D3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Ser650Asp mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171247Flag-M4-AR-W741C3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171248Flag-M4-AR-W741C-S81A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys-Ser81Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171249Flag-M4-AR-W741C-S81D 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys-Ser81Asp mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171250Flag-M4-AR-W741C-S81A-P82A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys-Ser81Ala-Pro82Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171251Flag-M4-AR-W741C-S81A-P82G 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys-Ser81Ala-Pro82Gly mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171252Flag-M4-AR-W741C-S650A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys-Ser650Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171253Flag-M4-AR-W741C-S650D 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Trp741Cys-Ser650Asp mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171254Flag-M4-AR-R13K 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Arg13Lys mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171255Flag-M4-AR-R21K 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Arg21Lys mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171256Flag-M4-AR-R129A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Arg129Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171257Flag-M4-AR-K222A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys222Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171259Flag-M4-AR-K318A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys318Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171260Flag-M4-AR-K313A-K318A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys313Ala-Lys318Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171261Flag-M4-AR-R386K 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Arg386Lys mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171262Flag-M4-AR-R407A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Arg407Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171263Flag-M4-AR-K630A-K632A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys630Ala-Lys632Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171264Flag-M4-AR-K639A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys639Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171265Flag-M4-AR-K659A 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys659Ala mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
171266Flag-M4-AR-K778R 3xFlag-tagged human androgen receptor Lys778Arg mutant (Homo sapiens) Balk
178828pHN781artificial gene encoding human Saposin A (Homo sapiens) Abe
178829pHN873artificial gene encoding human Saposin A (Homo sapiens) Abe
178830pHN872artificial gene encoding human Saposin A (Homo sapiens) Abe
178831pHN1002artificial gene encoding human Saposin A (Homo sapiens) Abe
183503pDRM55 tet-AR(1-707)Androgen receptor (Homo sapiens) Tilley
183504pDRM56 tet-AR(1-707)C617YAndrogen receptor (Homo sapiens) Tilley
213819LV-ARAR (human androgen receptor) (Homo sapiens) Balk