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Description catenin beta 1
Also known as CTNNB, EVR7, MRD19, NEDSDV, armadillo
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 1499
MGC ID BC058926

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
12456M50 Super 8x TOPFlashTCF/LEF binding sites Moon
12457M51 Super 8x FOPFlash (TOPFlash mutant)mutant TCF/LEF binding sites Moon
13371pMXs-beta-catenin-S33Ycatenin (cadherin associated protein), beta 1 (S33Y mutant) (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
13938pGEM beta catenin (CT#593)beta catenin (Gallus gallus) Tabin
14715Lentiviral-TOP-dGFP-reporterLEF-1/TCF-responsive promoter Reya
14717MSCV-beta-catenin-IRES-GFPbeta-catenin (Mus musculus) Reya
14885Lentiviral-FOP-dGFP-reportermutant LEF-1/TCF-responsive promoter Reya
16071pEGFP-C1 beta-catenin WTbeta-catenin (Gallus gallus) Schuman
16072pEGFP-C1 beta-catenin Y654Fbeta-catenin (Gallus gallus) Schuman
16073pEGFP-C1 beta-catenin Y654Ebeta-catenin (Gallus gallus) Schuman
16518pCI-neo beta catenin WTbeta catenin (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16519pCI-neo beta catenin S33Ybeta catenin (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16520pCI-neo beta catenin delta45beta catenin (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16828human beta-catenin pcDNA3beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Fearon
16829pBS drosophila armadilloarmadillo (Drosophila melanogaster) Wieschaus
17114M38 TOP-dGFPTcf/Lef sites Moon
17198M57 pPET28a-TEV-full-length human beta cateninbeta catenin (Homo sapiens) Moon
17199M58 pPET28b-TEV-full-length zebrafish beta cateninbeta catenin (Danio rerio) Moon
17200M59 pPET28a-TEV-human beta cat domains R1-Cbeta catenin (Homo sapiens) Moon
17203M62 pPET28a-TEV-human beta cat domain N(1-137)beta catenin (Homo sapiens) Moon
17204M63 pPET28a-TEV-human beta cat domain C(666-781)beta catenin (Homo sapiens) Moon
17205M64 pGEX4T-1-TEV-human beta cat domain N(1-137)beta catenin (Homo sapiens) Moon
18803pLKO.1 puro shRNA beta-cateninb-catenin shRNA (Homo sapiens) Weinberg
19286pcDNA3-S33Y Beta-cateninbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Fearon
19287pcDNA3 deltaN47 Beta-cateninbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Fearon
19288pcDNA3 deltaN89 Beta-cateninbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Fearon hairpin RNA against beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Hahn hairpin RNA against beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Hahn
20140pcDNA3.1/nV5-DEST-beta cateninpcDNA3.1/nV5-DEST-beta catenin (Mus musculus) Vasioukhin
20334SuperTopAPbeta catenin reporter (Homo sapiens) Cepko
24193pGEX-Bcatflbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24195Bcatflbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24196BcatMut-Tyr604beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24197BcatMut-Tyr489beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24198BcatMut-Tyr670beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24199BcatMut-Tyr654beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24200BcatMut-Tyr432beta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24204BcatMutS33/S37.T41/S45beta catenin (Homo sapiens) Rimm
24312E[beta]CEF1alpha-betacatenin(deltaGSK) // SV40-mCherry (Mus musculus) Nusse
24313E[beta]PEF1alpha-betacatenin(deltaGSK) // SV40-PuroR (Mus musculus) Nusse
26645pCAG-delta90GFPdelta90 beta-catenin (Mus musculus) Chenn
31785pT3-N90-beta-cateninbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Chen
31787pENTR-N90-beta-cateninbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Chen
36297pXL002-ishRNA-beta-catenin-1shRNA of beta-catenin-1 (Homo sapiens) Palecek
36299pXL003-ishRNA-beta-catenin-2shRNA of beta-catenin-2 (Homo sapiens) Palecek
36701TAL2262CTNNB1-TALEN_Left (Homo sapiens) Joung
36702TAL2263CTNNB1-TALEN_Right (Homo sapiens) Joung
36985pLV-beta-catenin deltaN90beta-catenin deltaN90 (Homo sapiens) Weinberg
42543shCTNNB1 # 1CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
42544shCTNNB1 # 2CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
54017mEmerald-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
55001mCherry-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
55235EBFP2-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
55352mCerulean-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
55848mRuby-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
55952mPlum-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
56604mVenus-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
57262Dronpa-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
57350mEos2-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
57586tdEos-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
57753Phamret-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
57857mKO2-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
58071tdTomato-Beta-Catenin-20Beta-Catenin (Mus musculus) Davidson
59911pX330 Ctnnb1.1sgRNA targeting Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Jacks
59912pX330 Ctnnb1.2Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Jacks
64612beta-catenin (S33A, S37A, T41A, S45A)-pcw107 Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Sabatini
64613beta-catenin (S33A, S37A, T41A, S45A)-pcw107-V5Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Sabatini
64615beta-catenin (S33Y)-pcw107CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Sabatini
64616beta-catenin (S33Y)-pcw107-V5CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Sabatini
67119pCellFree_G03 CTNNB1CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Alexandrov
71367Human Beta-catenin GFPBeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Yap
73452J8AAV-HDR Ctnnb1.1Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Xue
81677pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.I35SCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81690pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.H36YCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81694pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.G34VCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81697pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.G34RCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81713pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.R535QCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81718pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.T257ICTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81727pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.G34ECTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81732pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.D162ECTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81734pDONR223_CTNNB1_WTCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82176pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.S33A_S37A_T41A_T45ACTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82821pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.S45FCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82826pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.I140TCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82828pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.F777SCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82849pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.G367VCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82873pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.V600GCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82923pDONR223_CTNNB1_p.S33NCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
86499pT3-EF1aH N90-beta-cateninbeta-catenin (Homo sapiens) Chen
100878pCS2MT-mbeta-catenin delta1Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Shroyer
100879pCS2MT-mbeta-catenin delta2Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Shroyer
100882pCS2MT-mbeta-catenin delta5Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Shroyer
100883pCS2MT-mbeta-catenin delta6Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Shroyer
100884pCS2MT-mbeta-catenin delta7Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Shroyer
109119AICSDP-47: CTNNB1-mEGFPCTNNB1 Homology Arms with mEGFP-linker (Homo sapiens) Institute for Cell Science
114281pCWXPGR-pTF-betaCateninCatenin beta 1 (Homo sapiens) Salmon
123586pcDNA6-N-3XFLAG-Ctnnb1catenin (cadherin associated protein), beta 1 (Mus musculus) Beutler
142036TFORF2334 CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
142406TFORF2335CTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Zhang
153429pX459-CTNNB1-ATGCTNNB1 gRNA (Homo sapiens) van Amerongen
153430pRepair-SGFP2-CTNNB1CTNNB1 homology arms and mTurquoise2 coding sequence (Homo sapiens) van Amerongen
153431pRepair-mScI-CTNNB1CTNNB1 homology arms and mScI coding sequence (Homo sapiens) van Amerongen
153432pRepair-SYFP2-CTNNB1CTNNB1 homology arms and SYFP2 coding sequence (Homo sapiens) van Amerongen
153433pRepair-mTq2-CTNNB1CTNNB1 homology arms and mTurquoise2 coding sequence (Homo sapiens) van Amerongen
154070pEF019 MBP-β-catenin-HisCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Zalatan
154072pMG051 MBP-β-catenin-His, GST-CK1αCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens), CSNK1A1 Zalatan
155189XLone-Puro beta-catenin P2A eGFP-NLSbeta-catenin (Mus musculus) Bao
164587pX459-CTNNB1-S45CTNNB1 gRNA (Homo sapiens) van Amerongen
169843pegCTNNB1 S45FpegCTNNB1 S45F (Mus musculus) Xue
169844pegCTNNB1 S45delpegCTNNB1 S45DEL (Mus musculus) Xue
169845sgCTNNB1 NickingsgCTNNB1 Nicking (Mus musculus) Xue
190824pEGFP-β-catenin_S23A,T40A,T41A,T112Aβ-catenin (Gallus gallus) Hart
205799CL20_mEGFP_CTNNB1_ULK4CTNNB1_ULK4 (Homo sapiens) Kriwacki
206258pMMK ENTR 1 CMV mAG beta-cateninmAG Ctnnb1 (Mus musculus) Berger
206265pMMDS 2 colorsGST mTagBFP1 (Synthetic), Ctnnb1 (M. musculus) (Other) Berger
211024pNLF1-N_CTNNB1:1-781CTNNB1:M1-L781 (Homo sapiens) Arrowsmith
216617CTNNB1 in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan
216618CTNNB1 - W388S in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan
216619CTNNB1 - R376H in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan
216620CTNNB1 - R565C in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan
216621CTNNB1 - T551M in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan
216622CTNNB1 - R673w in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan
216623CTNNB1 - G752A in pENTRCTNNB1 (Homo sapiens) Allan