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Description phosphatidylinositol-4,5-bisphosphate 3-kinase catalytic subunit alpha
Also known as CCM4, CLAPO, CLOVE, CWS5, HMH, MCAP, MCM, MCMTC, PI3K, PI3K-alpha, p110-alpha
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 5290

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
1397pCDNA3-p110alpha-HAPI3K catalytic subunit p110-alpha (Bos taurus) Cantley
1410Myr-(iSH2-p85)-p110alpha-MycPI3K catalytic subunit p110alpha-Myc- (iSH2-p85alpha) (Mus musculus) Cantley
10836pLNCX Myr His p110p110 (Bos taurus) Roberts
10837pLNCX Myr His p110 KDp110 KD (Bos taurus) Roberts
10889pWZL-blast Myr-FLAG-p110alphap110alpha (Bos taurus) Hahn
10890pWZL-neo Myr-FLAG-p110alphap110alpha (Bos taurus) Hahn
12522pBabe puro HA PIK3CAPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Zhao
12523pBabe puro Myr HA PIK3CAPIK3CA Myr (Homo sapiens) Zhao
12524pBabe puro HA PIK3CA H1047RPIK3CA H1047R (Homo sapiens) Zhao
12525pBabe puro HA PIK3CA E545KPIK3CA E545K (Homo sapiens) Zhao
12591pBabe hygro myc p110-CAAXp110-CAAX (Bos taurus) Der
13339pBabe puro pI3K p110 CAAXpI3K p110 CAAX (Bos taurus) Der
14570JP1520 PIK3CA WT HAPIK3CA Brugge
14571JP1520 PIK3CA E545K HAPIK3CA E545K (Bos taurus) Brugge
14572JP1520 PIK3CA H1047R HAPIK3CA H1047R (Bos taurus) Brugge
15689pCAG-Myr-p110-IHp110 alpha (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
16639PIK3CA - Exon20 H1047RPIK3CA H1047R (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16640PIK3CA - Exon9 E545K (pFastBac)PIK3CA E545K (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16641PIK3CA - Exon20 H1047R (pFastBac)PIK3CA H1047R (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16642PIK3CA - Exon9 E545KPIK3CA E545K (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16643PIK3CA-WTPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16644PIK3CA-WT (pFastBac)PIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
23466pDONR223-PIK3CAPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Hahn
25633pLP-LNCX-PIK3CA-WTPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Waldman
25634pLP-LNCX-PIK3CA-W11STOPPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Waldman
25635pLP-LNCX-PIK3CA-H1047RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Waldman
33253pBabe puro-HA-PIK3CA(H1047R;I848V)PIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Roberts
33254pBabe puro-HA-PIK3CA(H1047R;G320E)PIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Roberts
33255pBabe puro-HA-PIK3CA(H1047R;F486S;del)PIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Roberts
39489pcDNA3-myc-p110α_wtp110 (Bos taurus) Downward
39490pcDNA3-myc-p110α-CAAXp110 (Bos taurus) Downward
39491pcDNA3-myc-p110α(K227E)p110(K227E) (Bos taurus) Downward
39493pSG5-myc-p110α_wtp110 (Bos taurus) Downward
39494pSG5-myc-p110α-CAAXp110 (Bos taurus) Downward
39495pSG5-myc-p110α(K227E)p110(K227E) (Bos taurus) Downward
40230pLenti4/V5-DEST-P110alphaP110 alpha (Bos taurus) Chin
42922pPV454Ce-age-1 promoter (873 bp)::Ce-age-1 cDNA (3549 bp)::Ce-unc-54 terminator (765 bp) (Caenorhabditis elegans) Lok
45308pWzl_neo_DEST_flag_PIK3CAPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Hahn
52211RCAS(A) human p110 alpha E545Kp110 alpha E545K (Homo sapiens) Vogt
55713pSG5-Myr-FLAG-p110α-DMp110 alpha (Mus musculus) Downward
55722pBacPAK p110a WTp110 alpha (Mus musculus) Downward
55723pBacPAK p110a RBD DMp110 alpha (Mus musculus) Downward
64605myr-FLAG-PIK3CA-pcw107PIK3CA (Bos taurus) Sabatini
70447R777-E163 Hs.PIK3CAPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Esposito
70448R777-E164 Hs.PIK3CA-nostopPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Esposito
73055pCIG PIK3CA E545KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Gleeson
73056pCIG PIK3CA WildtypePIK3CA Wildtype (Homo sapiens) Gleeson
81701pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.H1047YPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81702pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.D1045VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
81736pDONR223_PIK3CA_WTPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82817pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.Q137LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82824pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.H1047RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82844pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.E453QNM_006218 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82845pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.E726KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82846pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.L699MPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82850pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.E600KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82875pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.R108HPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82881pDONR223_PIK3CA_p.E545KNM_006218 (Homo sapiens) Boehm
116456pHAGE-PIK3CA-C378YPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116457pHAGE-PIK3CA-C420RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116458pHAGE-PIK3CA-C604RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116459pHAGE-PIK3CA-C901FPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116460pHAGE-PIK3CA-C971RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116461pHAGE-PIK3CA-D350GPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116462pHAGE-PIK3CA-D350NPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116463pHAGE-PIK3CA-D549NPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116464pHAGE-PIK3CA-D939GPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116465pHAGE-PIK3CA-E103_G106delinsDPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116466pHAGE-PIK3CA-E103_P104delEPPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116467pHAGE-PIK3CA-E1037KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116468pHAGE-PIK3CA-E109_I112delinsDPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116469pHAGE-PIK3CA-E110delEPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116470pHAGE-PIK3CA-E365KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116471pHAGE-PIK3CA-E365VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116472pHAGE-PIK3CA-E39KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116473pHAGE-PIK3CA-E453APIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116475pHAGE-PIK3CA-E453QPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116476pHAGE-PIK3CA-E469delinsDKPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116477pHAGE-PIK3CA-E542APIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116479pHAGE-PIK3CA-E542KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116480pHAGE-PIK3CA-E542QPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116481pHAGE-PIK3CA-E542VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116483pHAGE-PIK3CA-E545DPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116484pHAGE-PIK3CA-E545GPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116485pHAGE-PIK3CA-E545KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116486pHAGE-PIK3CA-E545QPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116488pHAGE-PIK3CA-E726KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116490pHAGE-PIK3CA-G1007RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116491pHAGE-PIK3CA-G1049RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116492pHAGE-PIK3CA-G106_R108delGNRPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116493pHAGE-PIK3CA-G106RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116494pHAGE-PIK3CA-G106VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116495pHAGE-PIK3CA-G118DPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116496pHAGE-PIK3CA-G364RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116498pHAGE-PIK3CA-G451VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116499pHAGE-PIK3CA-H1047LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116500pHAGE-PIK3CA-H1047RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116501pHAGE-PIK3CA-H1047YPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116502pHAGE-PIK3CA-I112NPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116503pHAGE-PIK3CA-I391MPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116504pHAGE-PIK3CA-I910VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116505pHAGE-PIK3CA-K111delKPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116506pHAGE-PIK3CA-K111EPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116507pHAGE-PIK3CA-K111NPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116508pHAGE-PIK3CA-L456Afs*13PIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116509pHAGE-PIK3CA-M1004IPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116510pHAGE-PIK3CA-M1043IPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116511pHAGE-PIK3CA-M1043LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116512pHAGE-PIK3CA-M1043VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116513pHAGE-PIK3CA-M1VPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116514pHAGE-PIK3CA-N1044KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116515pHAGE-PIK3CA-N1068Kfs*5PIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116516pHAGE-PIK3CA-N345IPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116517pHAGE-PIK3CA-N345KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116518pHAGE-PIK3CA-N345TPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116519pHAGE-PIK3CA-P104LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116520pHAGE-PIK3CA-P366RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116521pHAGE-PIK3CA-P449_L455delPHGLEDLPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116522pHAGE-PIK3CA-P449_N457delPHGLEDLLNPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116523pHAGE-PIK3CA-P471LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116525pHAGE-PIK3CA-P539RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116526pHAGE-PIK3CA-Q546EPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116527pHAGE-PIK3CA-Q546KPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116528pHAGE-PIK3CA-Q546LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116529pHAGE-PIK3CA-Q546PPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116530pHAGE-PIK3CA-Q546RPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116531pHAGE-PIK3CA-R108CPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116532pHAGE-PIK3CA-R108HPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116533pHAGE-PIK3CA-R108LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116534pHAGE-PIK3CA-R115LPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116535pHAGE-PIK3CA-R38CPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116536pHAGE-PIK3CA-R38HPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116537pHAGE-PIK3CA-R818CPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116538pHAGE-PIK3CA-R88QPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116539pHAGE-PIK3CA-R93PPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116540pHAGE-PIK3CA-R93WPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116541pHAGE-PIK3CA-S332_L334delSALPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116542pHAGE-PIK3CA-S629CPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116543pHAGE-PIK3CA-T1025APIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116544pHAGE-PIK3CA-T1025NPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116545pHAGE-PIK3CA-V105_R108delVGNRPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116546pHAGE-PIK3CA-V344APIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116547pHAGE-PIK3CA-V344GPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116548pHAGE-PIK3CA-V344MPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116549pHAGE-PIK3CA-Y1021CPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
116771pHAGE-PIK3CAPIK3CA (Homo sapiens) Scott
180031pT3-EF1aH-PIK3CA H1047RPIK3CA H1047R (Homo sapiens) Chen
180032pENTR1A-PIK3CA E545KPIK3CA E545K (Homo sapiens) Chen
180034pT3EF5a-PIK3CA H1047RPIK3CA H1047R (Homo sapiens) Chen
199302pFastBac Dual wt p110α/p85αHis-tagged p110α wt and Avi-tagged p85α wt (Homo sapiens) Vogt
203797pLV-SFFV-PIK3CA-WPRE-UbC-EmeraldPIK3CA (Homo sapiens), Emerald (Other) Nieuwenhuis
203798pLV-SFFV-PIK3CA H1047R-WPRE-UbC-EmeraldPIK3CA (Homo sapiens), Emerald (Other) Nieuwenhuis