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Description MYC proto-oncogene, bHLH transcription factor
Also known as MRTL, MYCC, bHLHe39, c-Myc
Species Homo sapiens
Entrez ID 4609
MGC ID BC000141, BC000917, BC058901

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Plasmids containing this gene, or a homologous gene.

ID Plasmid Gene/Insert PI
8446Mouse c-myc (exon I)Mouse c-myc (exon I) (Mus musculus) Mushinski
8448Mouse c-myc (exons II and III)Mouse c-myc (exons II and III) (Mus musculus) Mushinski
10674pWZL Blast mycc-myc (Homo sapiens) Hahn
11130pbabe-c-mycT58A+HRasG12Vc-myc, HRas (Homo sapiens) Counter
11548RCAS-mycc-myc (Homo sapiens) Orsulic
13372pMXs-c-Myc-T58Amyelocytomatosis oncogene (T58A mutant) (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
13375pMXs-c-Mycmyelocytomatosis oncogene (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
14053pBV-Luc/Frag-Fc-myc promoter (-109/-3) (Homo sapiens) Massague
14806pRL c-Myc 3'UTRc-Myc 3'UTR (Mus musculus) Jacks
14968pBV-Luc/Del-7c-myc promoter (-26/+334) (Homo sapiens) Massague
14969pBV-Luc/Del-6c-myc promoter (-109/+334) (Homo sapiens) Massague
14971pBS human c-Mycc-Myc (Homo sapiens) Massague
14972pBS mouse c-Mycc-Myc (Mus musculus) Massague
15619M71::Myc6-IRES-taulLacZ LNL TVM71::Myc6-IRES-taulLacZ LNL TV (Mus musculus) Mombaerts
15662pRetrosuper Myc shRNAMyc shRNA (Homo sapiens) Eilers
15921pMXs-c-Myc-IPmyelocytomatosis oncogene (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
16011pcDNA3-cmyccmyc (Homo sapiens) El-Deiry
16556deltaMyc-HAc-MYC (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16557MadMyc-HAMADMYC (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16564pBV-Luc wt MBS1-4c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16565pBV-Luc mut MBS1-4c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16566pBV-Luc mut MBS1c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16567pBV-Luc mut MBS2c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16568pBV-Luc mut MBS1-3c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16569pBV-Luc mut MBS3+4c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16570pBV-Luc mut MBS4c-MYC binding sites (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16595c-myc promoter (TBE 1/2 - wt)c-myc promoter (TBE 1/2 wt) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16596c-myc promoter (TBE 1m/2m - mut)c-myc promoter (TBE 1m/2m mut) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16597c-myc promoter (4x TBE1 - wt)c-myc promoter (4xTBE1 wt) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16598c-myc promoter (4x TBE1 - mut)c-myc promoter (4xTBE1 mut) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16599c-myc promoter (4x TBE2 - wt)c-myc promoter (4xTBE2 wt) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16600c-myc promoter (4x TBE2 - mut)c-myc promoter (4xTBE2 mut) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16601c-myc promoter (Del 1)c-myc promoter (Del 1) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16602c-myc promoter (Del 2)c-myc promoter (Del 2) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16603c-myc promoter (Del 3)c-myc promoter (Del 3) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16604c-myc promoter (Del 4)c-myc promoter (Del 4) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16605c-myc promoter (Frag A)c-myc promoter (Frag A) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16606c-myc promoter (Frag B)c-myc promoter (Frag B) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16607c-myc promoter (Frag C)c-myc promoter (Frag C) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16608c-myc promoter (Frag D)c-myc promoter (Frag D) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
16609c-myc promoter (Frag E)c-myc promoter (Frag E) (Homo sapiens) Vogelstein
17220pMXs-hc-MYCc-MYC (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
17758pBabe-c-myc-zeoc-myc (Homo sapiens) Lindquist
17966pMXs-hcMYC (Plath)v-myc myelocytomatosis viral oncogene homolog (avian) (Homo sapiens) Plath
18119MSCV h c-MYC IRES GFPc-MYC (Homo sapiens) Cleveland
18770MSCV Myc IRES GFPMyc (Mus musculus) Lowe
18771MSCV Myc P57S IRES GFPmyc P57S (Homo sapiens) Lowe
18773MSCV Myc T58A puromyc T58A (Homo sapiens) Lowe
19128pBabepuro-myc-ERc-myc (Homo sapiens) El-Deiry
19763pLV-tetO-myc T58Ac-myc (Homo sapiens) Hochedlinger
19769pAd-cMyc T58Ac-myc (Homo sapiens) Hochedlinger
19772pCX-cMycc-Myc (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
19775FU-tet-o-hc-mycc-myc (Homo sapiens) Hochedlinger
20075pMSCV-Flag-cMyc T58AcMyc (Homo sapiens) Belmonte
20076pMSCVpuro-Flag-cMyc T58AcMyc (Homo sapiens) Belmonte
20321TetO-FUW-OSKMOct-4 (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20324TetO-FUW-cMYCcMYC (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20325FUW-SOKMSox2-P2A-Oct4-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20328FUW-OSKMOct4-P2A-Sox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Jaenisch
20723FUW-tetO-hMYCc-MYC (Homo sapiens) Jaenisch
20865pCAGMKOSiEmyelocytomatosis oncogene-F2A-Kruppel-like factor 4-T2A-POU domain, class 5, transcription factor 1-E2A-SRY-box containing gene (Mus musculus) Kaji
20866pCAG2LMKOSimOc-Myc-F2A-Klf4-T2A-Oct4-E2A-Sox2-ires-mOrange (Mus musculus) Kaji
20888PB-TET-mcMyccMyc (Mus musculus) Nagy
20923pEP4 E02S EM2KOct4 and Sox2; Myc and Klf4 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20924pEP4 E02S CK2M EN2LOct4 and Sox2; Nanog and Lin28; Klf4 and Myc (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20926pCEP4-M2LMYC (Homo sapiens), LIN28 (Homo sapiens) Thomson
20959PB-TET-MKOScMyc, KLF4, Oct4, Sox2 (Mus musculus) Nagy
21164pSIN4-CMV-K2MKlf4, cMyc (Homo sapiens) Thomson
23244pLM-mCerulean-cMycmCerulean-2A-MYC (Homo sapiens) Sadelain
24603OKSIMOct4 KLF4 Sox2 c-Myc (Homo sapiens) Cibelli
26024pMXs-Ms-c-Myc-W136Ec-Myc (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
26818pcDNA3.3_c-MYC5'UTR-c-MYC-3'UTR (Homo sapiens) Rossi
27079pCXLE-hMLNC-MYC, LIN28, NANOG (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
27623pDONR221 - myc ULK1 wtmouse myc ULK1 (Mus musculus) Shaw
27624pDONR221 - myc ULK1 k46Imouse myc ULK1 K46I (Mus musculus) Shaw
27625pDONR221 - myc ULK1 4SAmouse myc ULK1 4SA (Mus musculus) Shaw
27626pQCXIN- myc ULK1 wtmouse myc ULK1 (Mus musculus) Shaw
27627pQCXIN- myc ULK1 K46Imouse myc ULK1 K46I (Mus musculus) Shaw
27628pQCXIN- myc ULK1 4SAmouse myc ULK1 4SA (Mus musculus) Shaw
27629pcdna6.2- myc ULK1 wtmouse myc ULK1 (Mus musculus) Shaw
27630pcdna6.2- myc ULK1 k46Imouse myc ULK1 K46I (Mus musculus) Shaw
27631pcdna6.2- myc ULK1 4SAmouse myc ULK1 4SA (Mus musculus) Shaw
28213pEB-C5Oct4, Sox2, Klf4, c-Myc, Lin28 (Mus musculus) Cheng
29435Lenti-sh1368 knockdown c-mycc-Myc shRNA (Homo sapiens) Eisenman
35155HBM-LucMyc promoter (Homo sapiens) Penn
35156SNM-LucMyc promoter (Homo sapiens) Penn
35157XNM-LucMyc promoter (Homo sapiens) Penn
35395MSCV-Myc-IRES-RFPMyc (Mus musculus), RFP Roussel
35396MSCV-Myc-IRES-GFPMyc (Mus musculus), GFP Roussel
36119pCX4-cMyccMyc (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
36713TAL2278MYC-TALEN_Left (Homo sapiens) Joung
36714TAL2279MYC-TALEN_Right (Homo sapiens) Joung
36980pWPXL-c-Mycc-Myc (Mus musculus) Weinberg
37608p6903 PHAGE-B CMV-N-EGFP MycMyc (Homo sapiens) Howley
42142pMYC-GFPc-Myc (Homo sapiens) Olopade
45597pD40-His/V5-c-Mycc-Myc (Mus musculus) Sears
45598pD40-His/V5-c-MycT58Ac-Myc T58A (Mus musculus) Sears
45599pD40-His/V5-c-MycS62Ac-Myc S62A (Mus musculus) Sears
46970pCDH-puro-cMycMYC (Homo sapiens) Wang
50773pMXs-hu-c-Myc-dN1c-Myc -dN1 (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
50774pMXs-hu-c-Myc-dN2c-Myc -dN2 (Homo sapiens) Yamanaka
50775pMXs-ms-c-Myc-V394Dc-Myc V394D (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
50776pMXs-ms-c-Myc-L420Pc-Myc L420P (Mus musculus) Yamanaka
51543FUW-tetO-hOKMShOKMS (Homo sapiens) Mikkelsen
53178pBABEpuro-CMYC T58ACMYC (Mus musculus) Counter
53242pMyc0ElbLucpMycOElbLuc (Homo sapiens) Davis
53243pMyc1ElbLuc,pMyc1ElbLuc (Homo sapiens) Davis
53244pMyc2ElbLuc,pMyc2ElbLuc (Homo sapiens) Davis
53245pMyc3ElbLucpMyc3ElbLuc (Homo sapiens) Davis
53246pMyc4ElbLuc.pMyc4ElbLuc (Homo sapiens) Davis
58525pMaster1neo (Other), tk (Other), oct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2, myc (Homo sapiens), EBNA-1, Amp (Other), Lin28 (Homo sapiens), Nanog (Homo sapiens), IRES Capecchi
58526pMaster3neo (Other), tk (Other), oct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2, myc (Homo sapiens), EBNA-1, Amp (Other), Lin28 (Homo sapiens), Nanog (Homo sapiens), IRES, NR5A2 (Homo sapiens) Capecchi
58527pMaster12neo (Other), tk (Other), oct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), Myc (Homo sapiens), EBNA-1, Amp (Other), Lin28 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), IRES, NR5A2 (Homo sapiens), miR302/367 (Homo sapiens) Capecchi
58972T7-VEE-OKS-iMOct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), cMyc (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
58973SP6-VEE-OKS-iMOct4 (Homo sapiens), Klf4 (Homo sapiens), Sox2 (Homo sapiens), cMyc (Homo sapiens) Dowdy
63726MIP 247 CoMiP 4in1 with shRNA p53Mini-intronic-plasmid intron (Homo sapiens) Kay
63727MIP 227 CoMiP 4in1 wo shRNA p53Mini-intronic-plasmid intron (Homo sapiens) Kay
64121MMKMYC-2A-KLF4 (Homo sapiens) Cheng
73205pcDNA3.1-NLS-myc-dL5-2xG4S-mCer3NLS-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3 (Homo sapiens) Bruchez
73206pcDNA3.1-kappa-myc-dL5-2xG4S-TMstkappa-myc-dL5-2XG4S-TM (Homo sapiens) Bruchez
73209pcDNA3.1-kappa-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3-KDELkappa-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3-KDEL (Homo sapiens) Bruchez
73210pcDNA3.1-KozATG-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3-SKLKozATG-myc-dL5-2XG4S-mCer3-SKL (Homo sapiens) Bruchez
73570MSCV-human-c-MYC-ER-mouse IRES-mcherrycMYC (Homo sapiens) Roussel
73573MSCV-mouse c-MycV394D-IRES-RFPcMyc (Mus musculus) Roussel
74162pCDNA3-human C-MYC-V394DcMyc (Homo sapiens) Roussel
74164pCDNA3-HA-HA-humanCMYCcMyc (Homo sapiens) Roussel
75124MSCV-Myc-PGK-Puro-IRES-GFPmyelocytomatosis oncogene (Mus musculus) Vakoc
80480PB-TAC-OKMSOKMS (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80481PB-TAC-OSKMOSKM (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80482PB-TAC-OK+9MSOK+9MS (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80484PB-TAC-MKOSMKOS (Mus musculus) Woltjen
80485PB-TAC-EB-C5lin-28 homolog A (C. elegans) (Mus musculus) Woltjen
82084pDONR223_MYC_WTMYC (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82819pDONR223_MYC_p.E366QMYC (Homo sapiens) Boehm
82927pDONR223_MYC_WTMyc (Homo sapiens) Boehm
83107pLenti-PGK-c-myc-2A-CDK4(R24C)-GFP-Puroc-Myc (Homo sapiens), CDK4 (Homo sapiens), eGFP (Other) Brooks
86557pREPROII-attBOct4 (Mus musculus), cMyc (Mus musculus), Sox2 (Mus musculus), Kruppel-like factor 4 (Mus musculus) Kuehn
92046c-myc-PT3EF1aC-MYC (Homo sapiens) Chen
98363MYC_pLX307MYC (Homo sapiens) Rosenbluh
100111pSN26mCerulean-P2A-cMYC fused to a 'strong' VP16 domain (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100112pSN27mCerulean-P2A-cMYC fused to a 'medium' VP16 domain (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100113pSN28mCerulean-P2A-cMYC fused to a 'weak' VP16 domain (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100114pSN29mCerulean-P2A-cMYC fused to full length HP1 alpha (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
100125pSN69mCerulean-P2A-putative cMYC DBD with a HA tag (Homo sapiens) Ptashne
102625pCMV4a-Flag-c-MycMYC (Homo sapiens) Lin
102626pCDH-Flag-c-MycMYC proto-oncogene, bHLH transcription factor (Homo sapiens) Lin
102894PB-GG-OMKSL-PGK-PuroOMKSL-gRNAs-PGK-Puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
102899GG-EBNA-OMKSL-PPOMKSL-gRNAS-PGK-puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
102909PB-EEA-5g-OSK2M2L1-PGK-PuroEEA-5g-OSK2M2L1-gRNAs-PGK-Puro (Homo sapiens) Otonkoski
108924pMIR-REPORT-MYC CDS_WTMYC (Homo sapiens) Chen
109228pT2K-LRL-mouse c-MYC-IRES-Luc2c-Myc (Mus musculus) Roussel
113164pCS OmomycOmomyc (Homo sapiens) Nasi
113168pCbs FlagOmomycOmomyc (Homo sapiens) Nasi
113169pBP OmomerOmomer: a fusion contruct of Omomyc and MER (a mutant estrogen receptor, reponsive to tamoxifen) (Homo sapiens) Nasi
113170pCS Omomyc-MerOmomer: a fusion contruct of Omomyc and MER (a mutant estrogen receptor, reponsive to tamoxifen) (Homo sapiens) Nasi
120461EF1a_MYC_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC (Homo sapiens) Mali
120504EF1a_MYC deltaMBI_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC deltaMBI (Homo sapiens) Mali
120505EF1a_MYC deltaMBII_P2A_Hygro_Barcodec-MYC deltaMBII (Homo sapiens) Mali
120506EF1a_MYC deltaNLS_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC H84NLS (Homo sapiens) Mali
120507EF1a_MYC deltab_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC deltab (Homo sapiens) Mali
120508EF1a_MYC deltaHLH_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC deltaHLH (Homo sapiens) Mali
120509EF1a_MYC deltaLZ_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC deltaLZ (Homo sapiens) Mali
120510EF1a_MYC deltaNTD_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC deltaNTD (Homo sapiens) Mali
120511EF1a_MYC deltaCTD_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC deltaCTD (Homo sapiens) Mali
120512EF1a_MYC Glu39Ala_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC Glu39Ala (Homo sapiens) Mali
120513EF1a_MYC Thr58Ala_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC Thr58Ala (Homo sapiens) Mali
120514EF1a_MYC Ser62Ala_P2A_Hygro_BarcodeMYC Ser62Ala (Homo sapiens) Mali
125770pXPR_BRD003-sgMYCsgMYC (Homo sapiens) Vazquez
127284Myc var1Myc (NM_001177352) (Mus musculus) Milcarek
127285Myc var1 K397RMyc (NM_001177352) (Mus musculus) Milcarek
127286Myc var 1 K396/397 to NQMyc (NM_001177352) (Mus musculus) Milcarek
127287Myc var1 K51/52 to NQMyc (NM_001177352) (Mus musculus) Milcarek
129775pT3-EF1A-MYC-IRES-luchuman MYC (Homo sapiens) Lujambio
129776pT3-EF1A-MYC-IRES-lucOShuman MYC (Homo sapiens) Lujambio
130695pLVH-EF1a-GFP-P2A-MYChuman MYC (Homo sapiens) Hu
135306MSCV-MYC-t2A-BCL2MYC (Homo sapiens), BCL2 (Homo sapiens) Hodson
136541pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OSKMOct4-P2A-Sox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136551pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-SKMSox2-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136553pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-KSMKlf4-IRES-Sox2-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136554pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OKMOct4-T2A-Klf4-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136555pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-OSMOct4-P2A-Sox2-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136578pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-SMSox2-E2A-cMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
136614pHAGE2-TetOminiCMV-cMyccMyc (Mus musculus) Schöler
138324lentiCRISPR v2-sgMyc_1cMyc sgRNA (Synthetic) Zhang
138346lentiCRISPR v2-sgMyc_2cMyc sgRNA (Synthetic) Zhang
138540pIVT-myc-T58A-S62DMyelocytomatosis oncogene T58A S62D (Mus musculus) Williams
140826pPB-C6F/TdTomatoOCT4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), C-MYC (Homo sapiens), KLF2 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), tdTomato Okano
141121pmiRA1-MYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Chen
141902TFORF2069 MYC (Homo sapiens) Zhang
160130GPS-MYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Der
164145pCW57.1 CMYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Possemato
164636sgRNA(MS2)_zeo insert c-MYCtarget sequence for c-Myc activation (Homo sapiens) Schneider
165080pMasterEOCT4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), MYC (Homo sapiens), LRH1 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), LIN28 (Homo sapiens), EGFP (Other), HSV TK (Other) Okano
165081pMasterKOCT4 (Homo sapiens), SOX2 (Homo sapiens), KLF4 (Homo sapiens), MYC (Homo sapiens), LRH1 (Homo sapiens), NANOG (Homo sapiens), lin28 (Homo sapiens), EGFP (Other), HSV TK (Other), KDM4D (Other), GLIS1 (Homo sapiens) Okano
167715BirA-Myc_N_MYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Varjosalo
169419pMiniT:myc-GluA1 TKIT donorMyc (Mus musculus) Huganir
169423pMiniT:myc-GluA2 TKIT donorMyc (Mus musculus) Huganir
177648PIG-MycT58AMyc-T58A (Mus musculus) Oliver
177650PIG-MycMyc (Mus musculus) Oliver
180278ZsGreen1-cMYC/pLVX-PuromycinZsGreen1-cMYC fusion protein MYC (Homo sapiens) Catic
185373pcDNA5-FRT-hMYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Najafov
185374pEBG-hMYC-FLAGMYC (Homo sapiens) Najafov
185375pcDNA5-FRT-GFP-MYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Najafov
185376pX459-puro-hMYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Najafov
188038pMXs-KMSKLF4, MYC, and SOX2 separated by 2A sequences (Homo sapiens) Tang
190618MYC-PGK-blastMYC (Homo sapiens) Shi
192899pPB-cT3G-cERP2-MYCMYC (Homo sapiens) Church
193597pXPR_003 sgMYC guide 2sgMYC guide 2 (Homo sapiens) Hahn
198190CS-TRE-c-Myc-Ubc-rtTAhC-MYC (Homo sapiens) Nakauchi
203424pCbs Flag CMYC (bHLH/LZ)MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203425pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (116-439)MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203426pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (1-170) MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203427pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (1-208)MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203428pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (1-277)MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203429pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (1-357)MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203430pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (170-439)MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203431pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (201-298) MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203432pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (208-300) MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203433pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (208-439) MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203434pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (277-357) MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203435pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC (277-439) MYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203436pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC S62AMYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
203437pCDNA3-HA-HA-human CMYC S62DMYC (Homo sapiens) Ito
205862CL20_mEGFP_MYC_MYCMYC_MYC (Homo sapiens) Kriwacki
206382FUW-tetO-hOKMSOX17FNVOCT4, KLF4, c-MYC, SOX17FNV (Homo sapiens) Jauch
206383FUW-tetO-hOKMminiSOXOCT4, KLF4, c-MYC, miniSOX (Homo sapiens) Jauch
206387pHAGE2-TetO-hcMYCc-MYC (Homo sapiens) Jauch
206398pHAGE2-TetO-ePOUSKMePOU, SOX2, KLF4, c-MYC (Mus musculus) Jauch
211970pKLV2-U6gRNA5(MYC_2)-PGKpuroBFP-WsgRNA targeting MYC (Homo sapiens) Yusa
211971pKLV2-U6gRNA5(MYC_7)-PGKpuroBFP-WsgRNA targeting MYC (Homo sapiens) Yusa