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Vector Database

Welcome to Vector Database!

This is a digital-only collection of vector backbone information compiled by Addgene from third party sources.

Addgene plasmids are not included in this database. Please go to Addgene’s search for empty backbones to search Addgene plasmids.

497 Results for: pBR322

Name Vector Type Resistance Marker Bacterial Resistance Source Sequence Available
cos202 Unspecified ATCC No
EBOpLPP Unspecified ATCC No
lambda ZD31 Unspecified ATCC No
lambda ZD35 Unspecified ATCC No
M13 Unspecified USB Yes
M13m655 Unspecified No
M13mp11 Unspecified Yes
MUA-3 Unspecified ATCC Yes
p426-TEF DualSystems Biotech Yes
p8/3 Unspecified Yes
pA10 Unspecified Yes
pA10CAT Unspecified Yes
pAA3.7X Unspecified Yes
pAA31 Unspecified ATCC No
pAC1 Unspecified ATCC No
pAd10sacBII Unspecified No
pAL19 Unspecified ATCC No
pAL7 Unspecified ATCC No
pALTER-1/pSELECT-1 Unspecified ATCC No
pAR1032 Unspecified Yes
pAR1959 Unspecified Yes
pAR2516 Unspecified Yes
pAR939 Unspecified Yes
pARC13 Unspecified No
pASK22 Unspecified Yes
pAT153 Unspecified Amersham Yes
pATH1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pATH10 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pATH11 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pATH2 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pATH3 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pAU21 Unspecified ATCC No
pAU9 Unspecified ATCC No
pAX4a+ Unspecified USB Yes
pAX4a- Unspecified USB Yes
pAX4b+ Unspecified USB Yes
pAX4b- Unspecified USB Yes
pAX4c+ Unspecified USB Yes
pAX4c- Unspecified USB Yes
pAX5+ Unspecified USB Yes
pAX5- Unspecified USB Yes
pBC12BI Unspecified ATCC No
pBC12MI Unspecified ATCC No
pBend1 Unspecified Yes
pBend2 Unspecified Yes
pBGS9 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBGS9+ Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBGS9- Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBHA-1 Unspecified Yes
pBIIOI Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBK-CMV Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Stratagene Yes
pBK-RSV Unspecified Stratagene Yes
pBPV-1 Unspecified Yes
pBPV-1 8-2 Unspecified ATCC No
pBPV-1 9-1 Unspecified ATCC No
pBPV-beta1 Unspecified ATCC No
pBPV69T 43-1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBR-neo Unspecified Yes
pBR322 Bacterial Expression ATCC Yes
pBR322-6 or pBR322-8 Unspecified Yes
pBR322-sma Unspecified Yes
pBR322-SV Unspecified Yes
pBR322-SV40 Unspecified Yes
pBR322-Tn9 Unspecified Yes
pBR322GLU Unspecified No
pBR322Tn5 Unspecified Yes
pBR325 Unspecified Amersham Yes
pBR327 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBR328 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBR345 Unspecified No
pBRCRMCTAP Unspecified Yes
pBRG1214 Unspecified No
pBRH4 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBRINT Unspecified Yes
pBRM Unspecified ATCC Yes
pBRMU1 Unspecified No
pBRMU2 Unspecified No
pBRMU3 Unspecified No
pBRMUA Unspecified No
pBRMUB Unspecified No
pBRMUC Unspecified No
pBRS188 Unspecified Yes
pBRS206 Unspecified Yes
pBRS240 Unspecified Yes
pBRS242 Unspecified Yes
pBRS2843 Unspecified No
pBRS2846 Unspecified No
pBRS2950 Unspecified No
pBTac1 Unspecified Yes
pBTrp2 Unspecified Boehringer No
pC-delta-104 Unspecified No
pC25 Unspecified No
pCANTAB5 Unspecified Amersham Yes
pCAT-Basic Unspecified Promega Yes
pCAT-Control Unspecified Promega Yes
pCAT-Enhancer Unspecified Promega Yes
pCAT-Promoter Unspecified Promega Yes
pCATF35 Unspecified No
pCB6 (Mammalian Expression) Mammalian Expression Neomycin Ampicillin Yes
pcDL-SRa296 Mammalian Expression No
pcDV1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pCF20 Unspecified USB Yes
pCH110 Unspecified Amersham Yes
pCHL1 Unspecified Yes
pChlorAce-B Unspecified USB No
pChlorAce-C Unspecified USB No
pChlorAce-E Unspecified USB No
pChlorAce-P Unspecified USB No
pCIT30 Unspecified No
pCKSP6 Unspecified Yes
pCMV31 Unspecified No
pCN50 Unspecified ATCC No
pCN51 Unspecified ATCC No
pCN60 Unspecified ATCC No
pCN61 Unspecified ATCC No
pCol Ib-P9 Unspecified No
pColIR515 Unspecified No
pCPOT Unspecified ATCC No
pCS3 Unspecified ATCC No
pCT-1 Bacterial Expression Ampicillin No
pCV1 Unspecified Yes
pCYG97 Unspecified No
pD4 Unspecified Yes
pD9 Unspecified Yes
pDEPO Unspecified Yes
pDMI1 Unspecified Yes
pDO17 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pDO184 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pDO19 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pDO2 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pDO6 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pDPL13 Unspecified Yes
pDR540 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pDR720 Unspecified Yes
pDS1 Unspecified Yes
pDS3 Unspecified Yes
pDS5 Unspecified No
pER33 Unspecified No
pET-2a Unspecified Yes
pET11a Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET11b Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET11c Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET11d Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET12a Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET12b Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET12c Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET3a Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET3ap Unspecified No
pET3b Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET3c Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET3d Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET3xa Unspecified EMD Yes
pET3xb Unspecified EMD Yes
pET3xc Unspecified EMD Yes
pET3xd Unspecified EMD No
pET5a Unspecified EMD Yes
pET5b Unspecified EMD Yes
pET5c Unspecified EMD Yes
pET7a Unspecified EMD No
pET7b Unspecified EMD No
pET7c Unspecified EMD No
pET9a Unspecified EMD Yes
pET9b Unspecified EMD Yes
pET9c Unspecified Novagen Yes
pET9d Unspecified Novagen Yes
pETDuet-1 Bacterial Expression, coexpression Ampicillin EMD Biosciences Yes
pEUK-C1 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pEV-vrf Unspecified Yes
pEV40 Unspecified No
pFL2 Unspecified Yes
pFPCP4 Unspecified No
pFR10 Unspecified Yes
pFR109 Unspecified Yes
pFR97 Unspecified Yes
pFR98 Unspecified Yes
pFS1 Unspecified No
pFXblue Unspecified ATCC Yes
pG1 Unspecified ATCC No
pG6 Unspecified Yes
pG63 Unspecified Yes
pGD56 Unspecified Yes
pGD57 Unspecified Yes
pGEX-1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pGFP Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-1 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-C1 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-C2 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-C3 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-N1 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-N2 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGFP-N3 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pGH6 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pGint102 Unspecified No
pGL101 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pGL2-Basic Luciferase Ampicillin Promega Yes
pGL2-Control Unspecified Ampicillin Promega Yes
pGL2-Enhancer Unspecified Ampicillin Promega Yes
pGL2-Promoter Luciferase Ampicillin Promega Yes
pGPD1 Unspecified No
pGV451 Unspecified Yes
pGW10 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pGW7 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pGX2211 Unspecified No
pHA1 Unspecified Yes
pHA10 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pHC312 Unspecified Yes
pHC314 Unspecified Yes
pHC624 Unspecified Yes
pHC79 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pHC81 Unspecified Yes
pHG134 Unspecified Yes
pHG153 Unspecified Yes
pHG155 Unspecified Yes
pHG163 Unspecified Yes
pHG165 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pHP34 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pHP45 Unspecified Yes
pHP45omega-Cm Unspecified ATCC No
pHP45omega-Hg Unspecified ATCC No
pHP45omega-Km Unspecified ATCC No
pHP45omega-Tc Unspecified ATCC No
pHSV-106 Unspecified BRL Yes
pHY163PLK Unspecified Yes
pi-VX Unspecified ATCC Yes
piAN7 Unspecified New England Biolabs No
pIN-I-A1/pKEN037 Unspecified No
pIN-III-C1 Unspecified No
pIN-III-C2 Unspecified No
pIN-III-C3 Unspecified No
pIN-III-ompA1 Unspecified No
pIN-III-ompA2 Unspecified No
pINIII-A1/pYM061 Unspecified No
pIP1088 Unspecified No
pIRL19 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pITH Unspecified No
pIU12.4.B Unspecified No
pJ3omega Mammalian Expression ATCC No
pJ4omega Unspecified ATCC No
pJ5Eomega Unspecified ATCC No
pJ5omega Unspecified ATCC No
pJ7omega Unspecified ATCC No
pJB61 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pJD220SVHy Unspecified ATCC No
pJH101 Unspecified Yes
pJK14 Unspecified Yes
pJKK3-1 Unspecified ATCC No
pJP1 Unspecified Yes
pJRD215 Unspecified ATCC No
pJY1 Unspecified Yes
pJYM Unspecified Yes
pKA1 Unspecified Yes
pKC16 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKC7 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKF3 Unspecified Yes
pKH80 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKK232-8 Unspecified Amersham Yes
pKK233-2 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pKK353-5 Unspecified Yes
pKK388-1 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pKK9-4 Unspecified Yes
pKM1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKM2 Unspecified Yes
pKMY297 Unspecified No
pko Unspecified Yes
pKO-1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKO-2 Unspecified Yes
pKO-neo Unspecified Yes
pKSM710 Unspecified Yes
pKSM711 Unspecified Yes
pKSM713 Unspecified Yes
pKSM715 Unspecified Yes
pKT287 Unspecified ATCC No
pKTH601 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKTH604 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKTH605 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pKTH606 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pL1 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pL5281 Unspecified Yes
plambdaNM::pBR322 Unspecified No
pLBU3 Unspecified Yes
pLD25 Unspecified ATCC No
pLD55 Unspecified ATCC No
pLG200 Unspecified ATCC No
pLGlacZ7 Unspecified Yes
pLL10 Unspecified Yes
pLR60 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pLTRdhfr26 Unspecified ATCC No
pM5 neo Mammalian Expression Neomycin Ampicillin No
pMAM Unspecified Clontech Yes
pMBC-2T Unspecified Yes
pMBL1 Unspecified Yes
pMBL604 Unspecified Yes
pMC1511 Unspecified Yes
pMC1585 Unspecified No
pMC1871 Unspecified Amersham Yes
pMDSG Unspecified Amersham Yes
pMEX5 Unspecified USB Yes
pMEX6 Unspecified USB Yes
pMEX7 Unspecified USB Yes
pMEX8 Unspecified USB Yes
pMG820 Unspecified Yes
pMGU Unspecified ATCC No
pML Unspecified Yes
pML-1 Unspecified Yes
pML2 Unspecified Yes
pML3/lacOP29 Unspecified Yes
pMON458 Unspecified No
pMP528HRH Unspecified No
pMS2 Unspecified ATCC No
pMSC1 Unspecified ATCC No
pMTL1 Unspecified Yes
pMTL2 Unspecified Yes
pMTL3 Unspecified Yes
pMTL4 Unspecified Yes
pNASSbeta Unspecified ATCC Yes
pNBL3 Unspecified No
pNEO Unspecified Amersham Yes
pNF4 Unspecified ATCC No
pNG16 Unspecified Yes
pNOT322 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pOMPA21 Unspecified No
pON1 Unspecified Yes
pON3 Unspecified Yes
pOPI3 CAT Unspecified Stratagene Yes
pOPRSVI CAT Unspecified Stratagene No
pPB101 Unspecified ATCC No
pPCV Unspecified Yes
pPD1.27 Unspecified Yes
pPD16.01 Unspecified Yes
pPL-lambda Unspecified Amersham Yes
pPLa2311 Unspecified ATCC No
pPLEX Unspecified ATCC No
pPROK-1 Unspecified Clontech No
pPT150 Unspecified ATCC No
pPV4 Unspecified No
pRAJ275 Unspecified Yes
pRBG177 Unspecified No
pRC2 Unspecified Yes
pRC23 Unspecified Yes
pRFS10 Unspecified No
pRK101 Unspecified Yes
pRL271 Unspecified Yes
pRL277 Unspecified Yes
pRL278 Unspecified Yes
pRV216 Unspecified No
pRV245 Unspecified No
pRV310 Unspecified No
pRW1707 Unspecified No
pRW1724 Unspecified No
pRW1725 Unspecified No
pRW777 Unspecified No
pSE100 Unspecified Yes
pSE101 Unspecified Yes
pSE103 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSFV1 Unspecified Invitrogen Yes
pSI4 Unspecified ATCC No
pSKS103 Unspecified Yes
pSKS104 Unspecified Yes
pSKS105 Unspecified Yes
pSKS106 Unspecified Yes
pSluc2 Unspecified ATCC No
pSM17 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSM3 Unspecified Yes
pSM6 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSM7 Unspecified Yes
pSP18 Unspecified Yes
pSP19 Unspecified Yes
pSP6-T3 Unspecified Yes
pSP6-T7-19 Unspecified Yes
pSP65 Unspecified Promega Yes
pSS24 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSS25 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSU240 Unspecified No
pSV1 Unspecified Yes
pSV2 Unspecified Yes
pSV232AL-Adelta5' Unspecified No
pSV2AL-Adelta5' Unspecified No
pSV2neo Mammalian Expression Neomycin Ampicillin ATCC Yes
pSV2RbetaG Unspecified ATCC No
pSV40 Unspecified Yes
pSV5 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSV53 Unspecified Yes
pSVbeta Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSVCA Unspecified No
pSVL Unspecified Amersham Yes
pSZ62 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pSZ7 Unspecified Yes
pT7-0 Unspecified USB Yes
pT7-1 Unspecified USB Yes
pT7-2 Unspecified USB Yes
pT7-7 Unspecified USB No
pT7-7A Unspecified USB No
pT7-SC Unspecified ATCC No
pT7-SCA Unspecified USB No
pT7-SCII Unspecified USB No
pT712 Unspecified Yes
pT713 Unspecified Yes
pT7SP6 Unspecified Yes
pT7T3-18 Unspecified Yes
pT7T3-19 Unspecified Yes
ptac11 Unspecified ATCC Yes
ptac12 Unspecified ATCC Yes
ptac12H Unspecified ATCC Yes
pTacNeo1.2 Unspecified ATCC No
pTacNeo1.3 Unspecified ATCC No
pTacNeo2.1 Unspecified ATCC No
pTacNeo2.2 Unspecified ATCC No
pTacNeo2.3 Unspecified ATCC No
pTacNeo3.1 Unspecified ATCC No
pTacNeo3.2 Unspecified ATCC No
pTK2 Unspecified Yes
pTKbeta Unspecified ATCC Yes
pTL5 Unspecified Yes
pTL61T Unspecified Yes
pTRC97 Unspecified No
pTrc99A Unspecified Yes
pTRP3 Unspecified ATCC No
pTrS3 Unspecified Yes
pTRXN+ Unspecified USB Yes
pTRXN- Unspecified USB Yes
pTUB226 Unspecified No
pUC-f1 Unspecified Yes
pUC12 Unspecified Yes
pUC13 Unspecified Yes
pUC18 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pUC19c Unspecified ATCC Yes
pUC7 Unspecified Yes
pUN121 Unspecified No
pUR1 Unspecified Yes
pUR222 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pUR278 Unspecified Yes
pUR288 Unspecified Yes
pUR289 Unspecified Yes
pUR290 Unspecified Yes
pUR291 Unspecified Yes
pUR292 Unspecified Yes
pUT18 Unspecified Yes
pV34 Unspecified Yes
pWB305 Unspecified Yes
pWE15 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pWE16 Unspecified ATCC No
pWH1266 Unspecified ATCC No
pWM111 Unspecified No
pWM145 Unspecified No
pXf3 Unspecified ATCC Yes
pXmnATG Unspecified No
pXPB Unspecified ATCC No
pXPBg Unspecified ATCC No
pXPRS+/pcDpolyB+ Unspecified ATCC No
pXPRS-/pcDpolyB- Unspecified ATCC No
pXT5 Unspecified Yes
pYACneo Unspecified Clontech Yes
pYEUra3 Unspecified Clontech Yes
pZIP-neoSVX1 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Ampicillin No
R199 Unspecified ATCC Yes
R208 Unspecified ATCC Yes
R229 Unspecified ATCC Yes
RmI Unspecified No
RSV.3 Unspecified Yes
smart2 Unspecified ATCC No
SV40 hrBC1906 Unspecified No
SVHBV-3 Unspecified ATCC No
SVpoly Unspecified Yes
vP-7 Unspecified ATCC No
vP-8 Unspecified ATCC No
YCp50 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YCpGAL1 Unspecified Yes
YCplac111 Unspecified Yes
YCplac22 Unspecified Yes
YCplac33 Unspecified Yes
YEp13 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YEp213 Unspecified Yes
YEp24 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YEp351 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YEp352 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YEp353 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YEp6 Unspecified ATCC No
YEplac112 Unspecified Yes
YEplac181 Unspecified Yes
YEplac195 Unspecified Yes
YG100 Unspecified No
YIp1 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp26 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp27 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp28 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp29 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp30 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YIp31 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YIp32 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp33 Unspecified ATCC No
YIp351 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YIp352 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YIp5 Unspecified ATCC Yes
YIplac128 Unspecified Yes
YIplac204 Unspecified Yes
YIplac211 Unspecified Yes
YRp7 Unspecified ATCC Yes

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