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Name Vector Type Resistance Marker Bacterial Resistance Source Sequence
MBP-FlAsH Bacterial Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
MBP-mCitrine Bacterial Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
pAcGFP1-N In-Fusion® Ready Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pAdEasy 2-GFP beta-gal Mammalian Expression, Adenoviral Kanamycin Addgene  
gRNA_Cloning Vector Mammalian Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
H6-mCherry Bacterial Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
1L Bacterial Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
1N Bacterial Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
pAsRed2-N1 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pDONR-A-HYG Unspecified Kanamycin Addgene  
pDSK509 Unspecified Kanamycin  
pDsRed-Express2-N1 Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pDsRed-Monomer-N1 Unspecified Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pDsRed2-N1 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pE1n Unspecified Kanamycin Addgene  
pE2-Crimson-N1 Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pE2c Unspecified Kanamycin Addgene  
pECFP-N1 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pEF1α-IRES-DsRed-Express2 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pEG545 Kanamycin Addgene  
pEGFP-C3 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pEGFP-N1 Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Clontech  
pBTBX-2 Bacterial Expression Kanamycin Addgene  
pcDNAI neo Mammalian Expression Neomycin Kanamycin Invitrogen  
pCM132 Kanamycin Addgene  
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Mammalian [232]
Bacterial [165]
Yeast [5]
Worm [1]
Insect [0]
Plant [1]
Mouse [0]
Lentiviral [5]
Retroviral [11]
Adenoviral [10]
AAV [0]
RNAi [8]
Cre/Lox [26]
Luciferase [32]
Synthetic Biology [0]
Unspecified [58]
Neomycin [256]
Puromycin [3]
Hygromycin [10]
Zeocin [1]
Blasticidin [3]
Gentamicin [1]
TRP1 [4]
LEU2 [0]
URA3 [0]
HIS3 [1]
Basta [0]
Other [0]
Ampicillin [13]
Kanamycin [592]
Tetracycline [0]
Chloramphenicol [1]
Streptomycin [0]
Hygromycin [0]
Gentamycin [0]
Bleocin(Zeocin) [0]
Spectinomycin [0]
Nourseothricin(clonNat) [0]
Chloramphenicol and Tet... [0]
Spectinomycin and Chlor... [0]
Gentamycin and Chloramp... [0]
Spectinomycin and Strep... [0]
Other [0]